States With The Worst Christmas Spirit, Ranked

Unless you’re a real Scrooge, you probably consider December to be the most wonderful month of the year. That’s because most of it is spent building up to the 25th, where millions of people celebrate Christmas.

There’s a lot to love about this festive holiday, from the mountains of food and cheesy music to the presents under the tree. It’s the perfect time to get together with your loved ones and enjoy each other’s company, no matter how much some of them might annoy you. Of course, not everyone is a fan of this special day.

For each person that loves Christmas, there seems to be someone out there who can’t stand it. They have their reasons for lacking in festive cheer, and it seems where they live might have something to do with it. It appears that some states get into the Christmas spirit a lot more than others.

Washington, D.C.

If there’s anywhere you want to be during the festive season, it’s Washington, D.C. The United States’ capital might not technically be a state, but it contains so much Christmas cheer every year that it doesn’t matter. Although this part of the nation might be better known for its history and politics, it doesn’t shy away from decking the halls come the end of the year.

Washington, D.C. sets a perfect example for other states to follow with all the lights that brighten up the night and a whole host of festive events. You’re never short of things to do here during December, which is precisely why this place tops the list. Unfortunately, things can only go downhill from here.


Considering that Pennsylvania is home to a city named Bethlehem, it makes sense that the state would have a ton of festive cheer. This might not be the same Bethlehem where the nativity story was set, but it still lives up to the Christmas spirit of its namesake. Everywhere you look in Pennsylvania, there seem to be trees decorated with the brightest of lights.

They keep the nights illuminated as carolers go around singing the festive classics. It’s no wonder that people consider this place one of the best to visit during December. More often than not, locals beam with the joy of Christmas, and there’s little that can dampen their spirits. The state has definitely earned its runner-up spot.


We head to the American South next for the state with the third most Christmas spirit. This place might not see as much snow as other parts of the U.S., but it still manages to look magical when December comes around. The state of Tennessee lights up like a candle during year’s end, as many of the locals celebrate the festive season.

Family is hugely important to a lot of people down here, so we can understand why many of them would embrace Christmas. All parts of the state get in on the fun, with the Great Smoky Mountains even showing their seasonal spirit when they get topped with snow. This is definitely somewhere that’s not short of Christmas magic.


Washington might be on the other side of the U.S. from Washington, D.C., but it appears both places rank highly for festive cheer. The state that people often confuse with the capital appears fourth on this list, and it’s pretty clear why. The Christmas spirit is in full force over here, with every other house shining with colorful lights.

There are many events to enjoy here during December, although there’s one that really stands out from the crowd. That’s the Victorian Country Christmas festival, which is now a favorite of most residents. Considering that one of the most famous festive stories is Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ why wouldn’t you want to be transported back to the era it was set in?


If you like the idea of a Dickensian Christmas but don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, have no fear. The state of Ohio celebrates the festive season in a similar way to Washington, giving those closer to the east coast something to really enjoy. There’s so much to see and do at the Dickens Victorian Village, with the attraction popular with locals and tourists alike every year.

Of course, there’s more to a Christmas in Ohio than just this time-traveling wonder. The state truly isn’t afraid to get festive with all the lights and decorations adorning every town and city. You don’t need to be scared of the dark around here because Ohio unashamedly goes overboard with its plethora of lights.


It’s quite impressive that Massachusetts has found itself so high on this list given how things started out for the state. It was here that pilgrims first officially settled all those years ago, a move that helped the U.S. become the great nation it is today. However, because these people were Puritans, they didn’t celebrate Christmas.

In fact, they were so against the most wonderful time of the year that they banned it altogether. Luckily, things have changed a lot since then. After the ban was lifted in the 1800s, people have been working overtime to prove they love Christmas just as much as everyone else. They’ve had a lot of lost time to make up, and we’d say their efforts have been successful.


There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas. Everyone has different traditions when it comes to the festive season, with some people doing things that others would never dream of. Take the residents of Missouri, for instance. The locals here still eat BBQ in the lead-up to the big day because this is a meal that’s celebrated all year round.

Some people from other parts of the U.S. might find it strange, but not those from Missouri. Favored meals aside, though, there’s a lot about this state’s Christmas celebrations that still follows the usual trend. Tons of light shows ensure that the nights here are never dark, while Santa’s Magical Kingdom never fails to put a smile on children’s faces.


We’d hope that Alabama would rank highly in Christmas cheer given that the state was so influential in declaring December 25 a holiday. If they hadn’t decided that the day should be celebrated at home, rather than at work, other states might not have followed their lead. Things would be very different nowadays if that had been the case.

Luckily, thanks to Alabama, we don’t have to worry about what might have been. Instead, we can celebrate what is, and the state knows precisely how to do that. People here really put out all the stops to decorate their homes and ensure that the nights stay bright with lights. They really do their ancestors proud with their efforts to celebrate Christmas.


You’re never short of things to do in Iowa come the final weeks of the year. Something is happening around almost every corner here, whether you’re in one of the small towns or big cities. Obviously, the choice is more limited with the former, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to keep you busy.

Plus, some people prefer more quaint celebrations over the bigger stuff you find in the city. Of course, those who are looking to celebrate Christmas to the max can find everything they’re searching for in places like Iowa City. Everywhere is bustling with activity here during December, including the Animal Care and Adoption Center. Well, no-one said that pets don’t enjoy the festive season too.


When a lot of people think of Christmas, they picture cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. However, for many places around the world, this is something they rarely experience. Not only do they miss out on the White Christmas Bing Crosby famously sung about, but they don’t even have temperatures cold enough for it to happen.

Residents of Mississippi typically enjoy a warmer December than most people are accustomed to in the United States. However, they rarely let this dampen their festive cheer. The state wouldn’t rank so highly on this list if it did. It helps that they have events like Cleveland’s Night of Lights and Gulfport’s Harbor Lights to keep the magic alive when the warm winter comes around.

West Virginia

The further down we go, the less Christmas cheer we experience. However, just because West Virginia missed out on the top ten, that doesn’t mean it’s a miserable place to be during December. After all, there are still 40 states with less festive spirit than the locals have here. As expected, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in West Virginia, from Harpers Ferry to Charleston.

In the former, you can visit the annual Olde Tyme Christmas event where you can enjoy the festivities of the past. In the latter, the Christmas parade is always something that’s not to be missed. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to embracing the seasonal cheer on offer here.

New York

We’re a little surprised that New York didn’t rank higher on this list, given how epic the festive season always seems to be here. New York City is regularly considered one of the most magical places in the world during December because of how bright and colorful everything is. So much money is pumped into setting up stunning decorations, and these rarely disappoint.

Of course, it’s not merely the cost of everything that makes it so magical. The fact that it regularly snows here certainly adds to the seasonal cheer, as do the sub-zero temperatures. There’s nothing like wrapping up warm while you do some Christmas shopping in the Big Apple. We can’t think of any city that’s better for buying gifts than here.


Maine doesn’t hold back when it comes to Christmas cheer. It might have missed out on a top ten spot, but it still offers more than you could possibly dream of. Some of the things that are worth experiencing here include the Boothbay Lights Festival and Gardens Aglow. Seeing Maine’s Botanical Gardens sparkling with so much color can really put you in the festive mood.

This isn’t all that there is to enjoy here, though. You can also attend the Annual Gingerbread Spectacular, where people showcase their gingerbread house creations for everyone to see. Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, you can even take a ride on the North Pole Express, which is bound to put a smile on almost every child’s face.


Considering that Colorado is known for its ski resorts, it makes sense that the state is worth visiting during the festive season. This place sees plenty of snow in the winter months, and that really helps bring Christmas to life here. There’s nothing like seeing the white mountains in the background as you walk around Colorado’s glittering towns and cities.

As these places are accustomed to lots of visitors during winter, they’re well equipped for keeping people entertained around Christmas. That means you can expect lots of lights, music, and hot chocolate both during December and into the new year. That’s good news if you’re someone who hates having to say goodbye to Christmas once the 25th has been and gone.


Oregon is another state that you might not think would get exceptionally festive given it’s known for its Wild West history. However, Oregon has proven countless times that it’s not afraid to embrace the Christmas spirit once December arrives. You can expect to see plenty of people riding sleds around here when the snow falls, particularly in Bend.

Here, you can enjoy the Oregon Trail of Dreams, where a dog sled will take you on a magical trip through the trees. This is truly the icing on the Christmas cake, with the state also offering everything you’d expect to find during the festive seasons. That means lots of flashing lights, cheerful carolers, and Christmas trees almost everywhere that you look.

North Carolina

North Carolina is another state that gets involved whenever Christmas comes around. The residents here can’t help but get into the festive spirit during December, and we think we know why. The Annual National Gingerbread House Competition is enough to make anyone feel seasonal at the end of a long year.

Sure, it might be hard to construct something without wanting to devour it, but that’s just part of the fun. Of course, people in North Carolina aren’t festive just because they get to build things with gingerbread. There’s also the fact that most streets are a Christmas dream come true, with many houses boasting decorations galore. Walking through these places at night must be the most magical experience for the locals.

Rhode Island

Unless you live in Rhode Island, you might not think of the state as much of a festive wonderland. However, while it might not be known as a Christmas haven, you may be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer here. There’s quite a bit to get involved with when the days get shorter and the temperatures start to plummet.

For instance, you could head over to Providence and see their Winter Lights Market, which never fails to impress. You can also check out the Festival Ballet or explore what’s going on in Carousel Village. After just one day here, you’re bound to realize that Rhode Island is up there as one of the very best states to celebrate Christmas in.


Virginia has the perfect blend of old and new when it comes to Christmas. Given the state’s colonial history, it’s no surprise that this is somewhere that traditions are highly valued. You can expect to find all the things that are considered classically Christmassy here, including friends and families going around singing carols.

However, don’t think this means that Virginia is stuck in the past. For all the traditional stuff they have on offer, there’s also plenty of more modern attractions too. The Reston Holiday Parade is a perfect example of this. There probably weren’t people putting on a show like this back in colonial times, but in the present day, it’s one of the most popular festive events in the calendar.


Even though they’re not as festive as some other states, Oklahoma still offers a lot for people to enjoy once winter arrives. It wouldn’t be Christmas without everything covered in lights, and Oklahoma lets you enjoy their twinkling decorations from the back of a water taxi. Seeing everything glimmering on the water truly is a sight to behold, especially when you’re cozied up next to your other half.

Once you’ve finished admiring the lights in Bricktown, you can always give ice skating a go on one of the many rinks dotted around the state. Alternatively, you could visit Yukon’s Christmas Park or even see what North Pole City has to offer. Something tells us that you won’t be disappointed here.


Indiana frequently attracts a lot of visitors who are fans of racing cars. However, the Indy 500 isn’t the only reason that you should consider visiting this state. Come December, it’s actually quite a magical place to be, especially if you find yourself in Indianapolis. The city is a constant hub of activity during the end of the year, what with events like the Festival of Trees and the Circle of Lights.

You also have things to enjoy like the Carmel Christkindlmarkt, which is just north of Indianapolis. Here, the wonder of a European Christmas can be enjoyed without ever having to go overseas. It’s like going on a vacation without having to deal with the hassle of traveling right before Christmas.


It’s perhaps not hugely surprising that Arizona has fallen short of the top 20. Although it’s definitely not the worst state for Christmas spirit, it also doesn’t show the festive season at its best. That’s to be expected, though, given that Arizona is the complete opposite of the seasonal stereotype. Rather than being cold and snowy, it’s hot and covered in sand.

The desert environment certainly doesn’t lend itself to Christmas cheer, but luckily, the locals do what they can to still make things feel festive. That includes swapping the pine trees for cacti and decorating them in all the lights and Santa hats they can find. This state is redefining the image of Christmas, and we can’t help but love that.

South Dakota

There are plenty of great reasons to visit South Dakota, with Mount Rushmore being a pretty big one. However, it’s not just the tourist attractions that make this state popular. South Dakota is also an excellent place to visit towards the end of the year because the locals know how to put on a Christmas party.

At Falls Park, you can enjoy their annual Winter Wonderland, where you can browse the wares in the glimmer of over 350,000 lights. Alternatively, you can just wander the streets and see how people have chosen to decorate their houses. So many people put in the effort around here that you’re bound to encounter some truly magical displays. Just ignore the Scrooges with no festive cheer.


The first thing that usually comes to mind with Arkansas is questioning why the name is spelled the way it is. Why does it end with an “s” and not a “w?” However, that’s not the only thing worth talking about here. Once you’ve put that argument to rest, there’s so much about the state that deserves to be appreciated. That includes how they celebrate the festive season.

No, they might not have as much cheer as 20+ other states out there, but they still don’t disappoint during the holidays. There’s the Morrilton Trail of Holiday Lights to enjoy, or perhaps you can try ice skating on real frozen lakes. Alternatively, you can warm yourself up in one of the hot springs because baby, it’s cold outside.

New Mexico

If you’re looking for a white Christmas this year, you’re not likely to find it in New Mexico. The state isn’t exactly known for its snowfall, given its proximity to the equator. You’re more likely to get a sandstorm than a snowstorm here because so much of the state is desert. However, despite the uncharacteristic winter conditions, the people here still have more Christmas spirit than half of the other states in the U.S..

Why is that? Well, maybe it’s because the locals put in extra effort to make the place feel festive, even though they don’t live somewhere that looks Christmassy. They decorate giant Christmas trees and cover their houses in lights just to remind everyone that they still love the holidays.


There’s definitely a lot that Minnesota could improve if it wants to be considered the place to be at Christmas. However, given it sits around the middle of this list, it’s also not somewhere people would prefer to avoid during the holidays. So, what is there to love about this place during the festive season? Well, for one, it has an incredible light display that’s completely free to visit.

You don’t have to pay a dime to walk around the decorations and marvel at how they brighten up the night. This is the largest free display in the whole of the U.S., so no-one can deny that Minnesota definitely has some things going for it during the festive period.


Chicago is probably one of the best-known cities in the entirety of the United States, so you’d think that Illinois would perhaps be a little higher up on this list. Unfortunately, it seems that other places in this state have yet to match Chicago’s Christmas cheer. Still, the Windy City offers a lot to keep locals and tourists entertained, including the Lightscape and Wonderland Express at the Botanic Garden.

If you’re looking for something festive to do outside of the Chicago area, you can always try the Christkindlmarkt at Belleville, or ride on the Polar Express Railway in Monticello. These events are sure to help you pass the time, and they’re usually a lot of fun for all the family.


Wisconsin’s standing as America’s Dairyland actually comes in pretty handy every time Christmas rolls around. After all, some of the best things to eat during this time of year are made from dairy, including cheese. Unfortunately, manufacturing these festive treats doesn’t really help the state when it comes to seasonal cheer.

Wisconsin finds itself on the lower half of this list, with half of the U.S. considered superior at celebrating Christmas. Of course, the people who live here do try to make an effort every year, especially when it comes to lights and decorations. It probably helps that there are so many forests here that grow Christmas trees, meaning the residents have a near-endless supply to choose from for their homes.


Even though Georgia has found itself quite low down on this list, it’s by no means a disappointment during the festive period. A visit to Dahlonega will make that pretty clear because its markets are some of the best around. The colonial city truly embraces the traditions of old, and that’s something that’s hard not to love at Christmas.

Of course, that’s not something that appeals to everyone. Fortunately, there’s plenty of stuff in Georgia that should suit younger visitors too. Six Flags Over Georgia is one of the state’s most popular attractions, and it always aims to impress during the holidays. How can you not enjoy the Christmas season when you spend it riding roller coasters at a theme park?

North Dakota

In the fight between north and south, it seems that the latter wins for the two Dakota states. At least in terms of Christmas spirit anyway. North Dakota can’t quite compare to its southern neighbor, although it’s not the worst place to spend the festive season. Plenty of residents here still try to bring cheer to those around them, even though there are lots of Scrooges in the mix.

You’ll probably find a few of them in Garrison at the Dickens Village Festival, although hopefully, they’ll just be actors throwing out the odd “bah humbug.” North Dakota also has plenty of craft fairs that you can visit to find some unique gifts, and of course, the state is filled with many incredible decorations too.


For a state that sees a fair amount of snow, you might think that Vermont would rank higher. Unfortunately, Christmas cheer seems to be lacking for a lot of people here. Thankfully, those who do get into the spirit do so with great enthusiasm. Many of these festive fans can be found in Middlebury, which celebrates the holidays throughout December.

There’s a lot for people of all ages to enjoy here, from meeting Santa to buying cheap hot cocoa Alternatively, you can experience a lantern parade at Waterbury’s River of Light celebration, or even enjoy the festivities at Bennington’s local museum. There’s a surprising amount to love about Vermont at this time of the year, despite its relatively low placement.


Texas is another state that doesn’t tend to look stereotypically festive, so we’re not too stunned that it so far down on the list. A lot of people probably don’t think of Christmas when they see the Lone Star State, even in December. However, the people here do typically try to embrace the festivities, despite things being on the warmer side.

For instance, Fort Worth puts on an excellent light show every year that proves how dazzling these decorations can be, whatever the weather. Plus, McAllen’s Holiday Parade is something that definitely shouldn’t be missed when you’re in the area. These things help keep the Christmas cheer alive, even when everything else seems to have turned its back on the holiday season.


Florida might not be as packed with festive cheer as it should be, but it still has one of the most magical places to visit at Christmas. Of course, we’re talking about Disney World. The theme park is absolutely the place to be during the lead-up to the special day because so much money is put into making it heaven on earth.

Every attraction here sparkles with lights, and the Christmas parade is a delight for all the kids and kids at heart. Unfortunately, concentrating so much festive cheer in one place might be why the rest of the state is struggling. There’s not enough Christmas spirit left to make the rest of Florida just as magical as Disney World.


Nevada knows a thing or two about dazzling tourists with bright lights given it’s home to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the place is teeming with Christmas cheer when December comes around. Considering that so much of the state is a desert, it’s hard for people to feel festive when they’re sweating through their clothes.

Fortunately, if you’re willing to deal with the heat, then the state’s Christmas displays will undoubtedly take your breath away. After all, the people here never do things by halves, and their decorations are always so wonderfully over the top. Christmas isn’t a time for subtlety, after all. If you can’t be a bit garish and extravagant during the holidays, then when can you?


When it comes to Christmas dinner, turkey is more often than not the preferred choice for people who eat meat. However, given that Kentucky is famous for its fried chicken, the locals probably have a slight conflict of interest here. We wonder if anyone enjoys some Kentucky fried turkey on December 25, or if they stay loyal to their state’s favored food.

Given the state doesn’t rank too highly for Christmas spirit, we’d be inclined to go with the latter. However, that’s not to say that the people of Kentucky don’t know how to celebrate the holidays. After all, with things like ice skating at Triangle Park, and Lexington’s Southern Lights Holiday Festival, there’s still plenty to enjoy here in December.

South Carolina

The south might have won for Dakota, but it’s the northern state that reigns supreme for Carolina. It ranked within the top 20 for Christmas spirit, which is far higher than its southern counterpart has managed here. It seems that people would much prefer to spend the festive season in North Carolina, even with incredible decorations like this.

There’s no denying that South Carolina knows how to brighten the night up during the holidays, despite supposedly lacking in spirit. It must be quite amazing to walk down the street and see these displays, especially if you’re walking through freshly-fallen snow. Maybe the state is more magical than people give it credit for, especially if everywhere looks as stunning as this.


There truly is no place like home. Unfortunately, when Christmas comes around, that doesn’t necessarily work out in Kansas’ favor. It seems there are quite a few states which are more renowned for their festive spirit than here, although we’re not entirely sure why. There’s a lot to enjoy if you’re here for the holidays, whether you’re at the Winfield Isle of Lights or riding on the Polar Express.

The attractions here might not be as popular as others higher up on the list, but the state still embraces everything people traditionally love about Christmas. Perhaps everyone who enjoys Christmas in Kansas got trapped in a hurricane and whirled away to Oz. The only people who didn’t disappear were the ones who hate the festive season.


When it comes to states that are this far down the list, you might think they’re not worth visiting during the holidays. After all, if you’re looking for festive cheer, surely the places which ranked higher are the ones to go to. However, you shouldn’t immediately discount somewhere merely because it doesn’t promise as much Christmas spirit as somewhere else.

After all, just because a state like Utah might not be as festive as Washington or Pennsylvania, it still has a lot to love. There’s Salt Lake City’s Christmas in Color, for example, or their Dickens Christmas Festival. These events might be smaller by comparison, but once you see all the decorations, they can still get you in the seasonal mood.


When it comes to Maryland’s biggest exports, none of them are particularly festive. Unlike Wisconsin and it’s dairy products, fishing and natural gases don’t really scream Christmas. That perhaps explains why seasonal cheer is lacking around here, although not everyone in Maryland is a grinch. We’d say that this state is still worth a visit during December simply to see the things that are on offer.

This includes Frosty Friday in Downtown Frederick where people can buy all the Christmas gifts they need while enjoying carols and a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. Christmas on the Square at Leonardtown is also worth checking out, as is the Victorian Christmas in Berlin. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the festivities at the “coolest small town in America?”


When you’re a massive fan of Christmas, it’s hard to believe that there are people out there who don’t share your excitement. Unfortunately, the U.S. is full of Scrooges who hate the holidays, and it seems a lot of them can be found in Nebraska. It appears that festive cheer isn’t waiting around every corner here, no matter how much we might wish for it to be.

Obviously, there are plenty of locals who do get into the Christmas spirit by going to local tree farms and decorating their houses. These people understand the joy of the season, and they go to things like the Omaha Lights Festival to spread their cheer. However, there aren’t as many of them doing this as there could be.


Michigan isn’t quite one of the worst ten states in the U.S. for Christmas spirit, and we’re not sure if that’s something to be proud of or not. While it’s great that the locals here have more festive cheer than some places, they’re still pretty low down on the list. Why such a poor placement? Perhaps it’s just because the state doesn’t offer much that can’t be found everywhere else during the holidays.

The decorations are certainly impressive here, but we’re not sure if they compare to other states we’ve already seen. Of course, there is still a lot to admire here, including Potter Park Zoo’s Wonderland of Lights. That’s an attraction that really shouldn’t be missed by anyone.


If anyone ever invites you to spend Christmas in Louisiana, you better bring a lot of festive cheer with you when you go. It seems that the state is lacking in it, hence why it’s ranked so low on this list. It’s not that people in Louisiana don’t put their all into celebrating the holidays. It just that those who are filled with Christmas spirit are distinctly outnumbered by those who are missing it.

These locals obviously don’t spend enough time at any of the state’s festivals of light, or at New Orleans’ Celebration in the Oaks. Perhaps if they attended these holiday events and tried to appreciate the wonder around them, they’d find themselves getting into the Christmas spirit.


There have been some crazy laws passed in the U.S., but Idaho is home to one of the strangest. It’s apparently illegal for a man to gift a woman a box of candy that’s heavier than 50 lbs. Bizarre, right? We’re not sure what inspired this law or why it’s still in place, but we reckon it probably explains a lot. For one, it clears up why Idaho is so far down on this list.

If people are this restricted by giving gifts, it’s no wonder that the Christmas spirit is lacking. The locals are probably too afraid of getting festive lest they get arrested for it. Thankfully, some people still manage to enjoy the holiday season, despite this strange law.


If low temperatures and heavy snowfall are common Christmas clichés, why is Alaska so far down this list? Surely the state that gets snow all the time would be one of the best places to be during the holidays, right? Apparently not. Even though it’s home to a city called the North Pole, and it has the largest fiberglass Santa in the U.S., people still struggle to feel festive here.

Maybe it’s because they’re so exposed to things like snow that they no longer find it magical. We suppose if they have to deal with cold weather all the time, they probably don’t find December any different to the rest of the year. It’s still a shame things have turned out this way, though.


Whereas Alaska is a state we wouldn’t expect to see down here, California is one we could have definitely predicted. That’s because the state is so popular during the summer months when everyone wants to hang out by the beach. Given that California covers most of the west coast, it’s understandably an ideal vacation spot in the middle of the year.

Unfortunately, sunshine and surfing don’t always put people in the festive spirit. So, as the days start moving towards December, visitors tend to bypass California in favor of other states. Although it still attracts tourists, the people who do typically visit here during winter are the ones who hate things being cold and snowy – i.e., the ones without any Christmas cheer.


With all the mountains in Montana, this place is again somewhere that should be full of holiday cheer come December. Many people visit here to enjoy the ski resorts and marvel at the snow-capped mountains. However, despite their excitement, it seems that the locals still can’t muster up enough festive spirit. Again, this might be down to them not viewing December as really being that different from the rest of the year.

When it feels like you spend most of your life living in winter, it’s hard to appreciate it when Christmas comes around. Of course, there are still many festive events to enjoy in Montana during the holiday season, including Lewiston’s Polar Express and the Christmas tree in Whitefish.


It seems like the state of Connecticut might be home to quite a few Scrooges judging by this placement. While there are plenty of people here who always enjoy the festive period, their efforts are being undone by those who hate Christmas. It’s unfortunate, really, but not every state can rank at the top. Some have to be at the bottom, and poor Connecticut is one of them.

Still, despite the lack of seasonal cheer in places, there’s plenty to do here during those last few weeks of the year. If you find yourself in Goodwin Park, for instance, then you can enjoy the Holiday Light Fantasia. Alternatively, you can check out Greenwich’s Reindeer Festival and meet the animals that work hard for Santa.


If Hawaii were any higher on this list, we’d be pretty surprised. In fact, we’re quite amazed that it doesn’t come in at the very bottom. It’s not that we think the locals don’t know how to enjoy Christmas, it’s just that nothing about this island really screams festive. When you picture Hawaii, you tend to think of beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water, not mountains of snow and sub-zero temperatures.

The island’s tropical climate doesn’t lend itself to Christmas cheer, so it takes a lot of effort to get into the seasonal spirit here. Of course, that doesn’t mean people don’t bother celebrating the holidays in Hawaii. The locals might not all love Christmas, but there are plenty here who do.


Children are traditionally told that if they don’t behave during the year, then they’ll only get coal in their stockings. While that might be something parents say to stop their kids from misbehaving, it seems the people of Wyoming might have taken it to heart. The fact that the state ranks so lowly on Christmas spirit may have something to do with it being the United States’ primary source of coal.

How come there’s so much coal here? Well, we don’t want to say it’s because everyone gets on the wrong side of Santa, but the lack of festive cheer seems quite coincidental. It’s lucky there are still some Christmas lovers in Wyoming who’ve stopped the state from being bottom of the list.


It’s quite amazing that Delaware is lacking in Christmas cheer, given how much there is to do here during the festive season. Longwood Gardens, for example, is the definition of Christmas during the holidays thanks to its incredible display. Then, you have places like Cape Henlopen State Park, which is home to the Winter WonderFEST.

Here, you can go on carnival rides, try out ice skating, or simply enjoy being with your friends and family. You can top the whole Delaware Christmas experience off with a trip on the Santa Claus Express because the holidays aren’t the same without it. With all this stuff to keep them busy, how are the people of Delaware not bursting with festive cheer every year?

New Hampshire

Just narrowly missing out on being the state with the least amount of Christmas cheer is New Hampshire. It seems that the people who live here really don’t appreciate the festive season, no matter how much joy it brings around the world. Although some residents love getting into the spirit, others would apparently rather have nothing to do with this time of year.

We’re not sure what it is about Christmas that puts the people of this state off so much. However, maybe things will change in the future. Things can only get better from here; we just need more people to embrace the celebrations. Perhaps in a few years, there will be a lot more festive spirit in the homes of New Hampshire’s residents.

New Jersey

Finishing in last place is, unfortunately, New Jersey. The Scrooges of the Garden State have been successful in their efforts to destroy the Christmas spirit here. We admire those who continue to be filled with festive cheer in New Jersey, despite the poor result. Even though everyone around them refuses to enjoy the holidays, they continue to celebrate in style.

Of course, it’s not like the state is a Christmas wasteland come December. There are still plenty of dazzling decorations and sparkling trees galore to keep the spirit alive. However, when you look at somewhere like Washington, D.C., New Jersey simply can’t compare. Still, as with New Hampshire, the only way is up, so who knows what the future may hold.