What Are “Verminfluencers” And Why Are They Taking Over Social Media?

Let’s face it; it can sometimes feel as though our social media feeds are flooded with all kinds of influencers. They usually have millions of followers and bombarded our feeds with their daily uploads. However, there’s another influencer in town. So what are “Verminfluencers” and why are they taking over social media?

What are Verminfluencers?

Verminfluencers are just like any other influencers. They often have millions of people following their pages and upload daily content to keep their followers hooked. However, these aren’t the fluffy dogs and cats that many of us are so used to seeing. No, Verminfluencers are animal influencers made up from opossums, skunks, and raccoons. They might have once been considered to be vermin, but now these pets are living their best online lives and taking over our social media.

Taking over social media

Many animals have taken over our social media feeds over the years, and now it seems as though they’ve paved the way for a whole new type of pet to take their place. More and more of us are opting for exotic pets, and these Verminfluencers are no exception. The likes of Juniper Fox has more than 2.5 million followers, while Pumpkin The Racoon is sitting on more than 1.5 million. To top it off, Gizmo The Skunk is rapidly catching up to their competitors as they now have almost 35,000 followers.

Growing in popularity

Exotic pets have become one of the latest things to have as people now want a four-legged friend with a difference. That’s right; cats and dogs can sometimes be just a little too basic. In fact, owning a Verminfluencer is now one of the biggest online markets as owners can make a lot of money from their uploads as well as rake in some extra cash with their merchandise, such as mugs and t-shirts. Getting your Verminfluencers a sponsor is one way to make sure that both you and your exotic pet have an income that looks set to last a lifetime.

Building relationships

Traditional pets have been popular on social media for many years. So why is the world now turning to Verminfluencers instead? The Insider reports that many people need a license for these exotic pets, and many spend years on waiting lists before they meet their new friend. However, The Insider believes that pets who are used to spending their day rummaging through trash, eating, and sleeping are much more relatable to many of us than the pampered pooches and well-traveled felines that we have fallen in love with over the years. It turns out that people are falling for the underdogs of the pet world – the ones who look as though they have been kicked out of society.

Verminfluencers look as though they could be the next best thing to take over our social media feeds. We might have been used to other pets filling our stories, but what about the underdogs of the world? It appears that it’s their time to shine at last.