Few Things Cats Hate The Most

Does your cat seem out of sorts? Does it seem anxious or perhaps you have noticed that its toilet habits have deteriorated?

If this is the case, you need to try to get to the bottom of what is causing the anxiety. This is not very difficult to do, as cats are irritated by many of the same things that annoy humans.

Let’s have a look at some of the things that can cause your furry friend to feel unsettled and anxious.


Cats are often portrayed as walking alone, but this is not strictly true. Yes, some cats prefer their own company — just like some humans — but many cats love company and are prone to feeling lonely when they are left alone for extended periods. Cats deal with being on their own better than many dogs, but if you leave your cat alone for protracted periods, you may find it becoming listless, apathetic and depressed.

If you have no choice but to leave your cat on its own, then make sure that you do get to spend some quality time with it every day. You need to give her some undivided attention so she feels the love she gives you is returned.

If you are not able to give her this time, then perhaps you should consider getting her a companion in the form of another cat.

Litter box hygiene

I am sure that using a dirty bathroom would make you miserable, so why would you expect your cat to use a dirty litter box? Dirty litter boxes are one thing that all cats absolutely detest.

If you cannot ensure that the litter box is cleaned every day, consider investing in a self-cleaning box. Remember that it is not enough to scoop out the clumps of dirty litter. You must ensure that the litter is changed on a regular basis — at least every few weeks, depending on the number of cats you have — so that it is kept smelling fresh and clean.

Food that has gone off

It is doubtful that you would enjoy a plate of food that has gone off, so why would you expect your cat to enjoy it? Food that has past its expiry date can be dangerous to the health of your pet and will provide no nutrition, so ensure that the dates for both wet and dry food are checked before you feed it to your cat.

Do not put a huge bowl of dry pellets down and expect your cat to eat them for the coming week. They will dry out and become covered in dust. Instead, give small, appropriate helpings every mealtime so the cat will eat everything on its plate.


Cats are susceptible to loud noises. Things such as thunderstorms and fireworks are sure to cause it a great deal of anxiety, as will loud arguments and shouting. If your cat has been exposed to loud noise over a prolonged period, you will need to find a quiet, calm place for it to recover.

Other cats

Cats are sensitive to other cats in their territory. A cat that is threatened by another cat outside of your home may well manifest its anxiety by misbehaving in the house. This is a difficult situation to handle, but keeping your cat inside may help it overcome its fear.