40+ Unique But Ugly Nail Designs

There’s nothing better than heading to the nail salon and getting pampered, and it’s always good to have a little bit of inspiration for your next set. We wonder whether any of these weird nail trends will float your boat?

Feeling spiky

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who love social interaction and just can’t get enough of being around people and talking their heads off, and then there are the others.

If you’re a part of the latter category, there’s a high chance that you much prefer being at home with a tub of ice, a cozy blanket, and breathing your own air without another human in sight.

Of course, while we wish that we could do this all the time, sometimes we do have to venture into the outside world – and we need a way to keep other human beings at bay. These cactus nails seem like the perfect way to do that because nobody will go near you with those spikes…

Listen closely

Everyone has their own quirks, right? Whether you love eating cheese and chocolate together or whether you just love to wear every single pattern under the sun, we like to think that the world is pretty accepting of all of these quirks and the people who hold them.

However, we do have to question some things – and these nails are some of them.

While we don’t quite know why anyone would want to have tiny ears attached to their nails, we definitely don’t know why anyone would want to have tiny ears attached to their nails that have a huge amount of earwax coming out of them? Of course, we’re not going to stop you from getting them yourself, but maybe keep some q-tips handy just in case.

Like a wrecking ball

If you have a favorite celebrity in the world of show business, there’s a high chance that you want to show off your love for them. After all, once a stan always a stan!

There are many people on this planet who love a bit of Miley Cyrus in their lives, and we have a feeling that the owner of these hands certainly has a soft spot for the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

She has been embodied in the form of some serious claws, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s her with those latex suits. This is a true form of art, and we can’t help but wonder whether Miley herself has seen these. If not, someone needs to get her on the phone ASAP.

Claws upon claws

Did you ever use to watch Xzibit on Pimp My Ride? If you did, you’ll know that that dude just loved to give people who just happened to mention that they liked watching television around 10 television screens in their pimped up ride.

It was just his thing. We have a feeling that Nail Sunny was inspired by Xzibit for this particular look because we can’t imagine why anyone would want tiny witch claws on their own hands for a few weeks.

This person probably loves getting their nails done, but do they really want extra nails on their nails? Well, we’re not sure. On the plus side, we have a feeling that these nails would provide the ultimate relief when you have a scratch you just can’t reach.

Chewing that gum

If the person who has these nails started biting their nails, does that mean that they would be chewing their gum? That’s just too wild for us to even think about.

When we normally head to the nail salon, we choose a color that we like and then roll with it. After all, it’s all about the color, right?

Well, it seems as though that isn’t the only thing that matters. While we absolutely love the blue color on the actual nail of this person, you can’t really see a lot of it, considering it’s covered by a mouth that seems to have transformed into a black hole and a glass of fake teeth. It’s a niche design; we’ll give them that.

Feeling hungry?

Oysters are funny things, really. While they’re pretty slimy and quite weird to look at, many people find them absolutely delicious.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, oysters also produce beautiful pearls and spend anything from five to twenty years of their lives to produce these priceless additions to the world.

Because of this, we have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with oysters, and we also have a love-hate relationship with these oyster nails. They’re unlike anything else we have ever seen, but we have to give Nail Sunny credit for these ones. We actually thought real oysters had been attached to this person’s nails, so kudos to them for creating something so realistic.

A little toasty

Toast is just universally awesome, isn’t it? Not only is it the perfect thing to eat when you are feeling a little peckish and just want a little snackaroo, but it’s also incredibly versatile.

You can make it into a grilled cheese, you can fill it with PB&J, or you could just go for plain ol’ butter if you wanted to.

Because of this, we don’t blame this nail salon for allowing one customer to take toast with them wherever they go in the world. While we are a little upset that this SMEG toaster can’t actually produce tiny little pieces of toast, we guess that we can get over it for the sake of this piece of art.

Keeping them safe

Although Apple provides AirPod users with the chance to keep their headphones in a case, there’s no doubt about the fact that you’ve probably still lost them more times than you can count.

After all, you don’t realize how much the wires of normal headphones are your saving grace until they’re gone, and they’re a bit of a nightmare.

This person was obviously pretty fed up of losing their AirPods, so asked the nail salon go give them a look that showcased their love of music, while also keeping their music safe. Yes, these AirPods really are stuck onto these nails, and they even have some chains attached to them to keep them extra safe. You can never be too careful.

Brace yourself

If you’ve ever had braces before, you’ll know that they are the worst things in the world. Why would we ever like something that means we can’t eat hard candy? It’s a no from us.

However, getting your braces removed is a strange experience, and it can often leave people feeling as though they are missing a limb or a piece of their heart.

We can only imagine that the person who owns these hands has recently got their braces removed and is missing the blocks and wires in their mouths. Of course, they probably also want to devour as much hard candy as they want now, so they’ve opted for some nail braces instead. You know; as you do.

Do you avocado?

We bet the hipsters will be happy with this one. Avocados seem to have become the most popular fruit of the decade (yes, that’s right, they’re a fruit), so we’re not actually surprised to see them popping up everywhere.

They’re tasty, they’re versatile, and they’re also pretty weird – and it seems as though we like the weird things of the world.

Nail Sunny salon probably just couldn’t say no when one of their customers asked to have some avocados on their fingernails, and this was the epic end result. As if 3D nails weren’t enough, these avocados even split in two so you can reveal the pit inside. Oh, man. They just think of everything, don’t they?

On the go

Life can be pretty hectic sometimes, and there have definitely been instances where we’ve exited the bathroom with our skirt tucked into our underwear.

Or when we’ve left a comb in our hair, and even when we’ve forgotten to blend our foundation into our neck.

Rather than looking like they were wearing a white turtleneck, it seems as though the person who owns these hands decided to have a contingency plan in place. While on the go, they can use these tiny little makeup brushes to apply their eye shadow or just powder their shine. We do have to wonder how anyone would be able to type with such nails, though.

Got milk?

While there’s no doubt about the fact that some of the nail trends in this world are weird but wonderful, there are others that are just downright weird.

Yes, it’s not every day you get to see nails that have been transformed into tiny milk bottles, but it seems as though today is that day.

Although we don’t think these bottles actually have milk in them, we wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. After all, Nail Sunny once decorated someone’s nails with cow udders that could actually be squeezed to release the juices inside. So, anything could happen here. At least this person will stay hydrated, we guess.

Creepy crawlies

If you’re thinking of venturing into a new relationship, then you might want to take heed of some advice. You need to make sure that you find someone – like this person – who doesn’t have a fear of bugs.

This means that they can be the designated bug catcher in your relationship and that you won’t have to deal with them in the slightest.

In fact, you can simply run out of the room and pass the buggy baton. After all, anyone who has a fear of creepy crawlies would never in a million years get such huge cockroaches on their fingers. With so many legs, too? It’s a giant no from us.

Keeping them handy

Life throws some curveballs at you sometimes, and no many how much you try to stay prepared and be ready for any eventuality, there are still some events that catch you off guard.

That’s why it’s always best that you keep some tools on you at all times. While you can keep these tools in your purse, what happens if you decide that you don’t want to take a bag out on the town?

Well, you could take a leaf out of this person’s book and have screwdrivers attached to your nails instead. Women’s clothing rarely comes with pockets, anyway, so these will come in handy when you need them most.

Give me a KISS

Okay, these are actually pretty cool. Whether you’re a fan of KISS or not, you’ll know that their appearance is pretty iconic. They’ve got the face paint, they’ve got the big hair, and they’ve even got the huge tongues.

Well, Gene Simmons does, anyway. When looking for something iconic and unique to put on your nails, why not ask Nail Sunny to give you a KISS?

The best thing about this whole design is the fact that these guys aren’t just floating heads. Oh, no. They’ve got so much more substance than that, and they’ve even been gifted with one whole shoe. Wow, right?

Keeping them clean

If you’re the kind of person that just loves to have clean teeth, you probably like to keep a toothbrush in your purse at all times just in case you have to deal with a post-poppy-seed-bagel disaster.

Sure, you could do that, but aren’t full-sized toothbrushes so last season? Apparently, it’s all about the toothbrush nails this season, and we’re not quite sure how we feel about them.

While we understand their use, we can’t understand why you would need too many toothbrushes at the same time? Are you supposed to clean the teeth of others while you’re brushing your own teeth? Perhaps this is more of an aesthetic thing – but even then it’s a little strange.

Trying things out

It’s always fun trying out a new look, but with trying something new comes some serious risks. What happens if it doesn’t suit you and you’re stuck with bangs until they grow out?

What happens if you shave your head and realize you have an egghead? What if you want to try out a new mustache style but can’t quite decide which one suits you best?

Well, you need worry no more. It turns out that your nails could be the best way to decide what style ‘tash you ought to go for. By sticking some (hopefully) fake hair on your nails, you can see which one you dig the best. At the end of your test, you should have your answer.

Needing a shave

It seems as though people just love to add hair to their nails, and while we don’t quite understand why they would do this, we’re not the kind of people to stop others from doing what they want.

You do you, ladies and gents. One of the things we love about these legs is the fact that so much detail has gone into the leg hair.

After all, if you have leg hair of your own, you’ll know that it doesn’t just grow in one direction and at the same lengths. These bad boys love to grow at their own pace and basically all over your legs at once. Yes, even on your toes. We wonder if you could pick between hairy or smooth legs with these nails?

Feeling inspired

It’s amazing to see how far nail designs have come over the years, and there’s no doubt about the fact that these nails – we assume that have been inspired by the spires in St. Petersburg – are absolutely incredible.

Everything from the shape to the colors is magnificent, and we definitely can’t fault the design and the perfection of them all.

However, we do have one teeny weeny query that we would like to air to the world. We want to know how anyone gets anything done with these kinds of nails? Surely one trip to the bathroom would result in all of the spires coming tumbling down? The architecture perhaps needs some more work.

All about the bling

If you’re the kind of understated person that needs to have a phone case that’s covered in diamonds and clothing that sparkles brighter than the sun, then your eyes will probably be pretty bright right now.

That’s because there are some people in this world who love diamonds and all things shiny, and we have a feeling that they may be part-magpie.

Nail Sunny decided to make a sparkly lovers’ dream come true with these nails because they decided to mix up the sparkliness of them. While they could have just gone for the same jewels and the same design for each nail, they decided to go against the groove and try something new for each one. They’re so bright we just had to go and get our sunglasses.

Around the bend

Does this make anyone else feel extremely uncomfortable? While we know that shapes come in all shapes and sizes, we don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like these people. Is this a legitimate trend?

Did someone really ask for these? The typical French manicure has been around for years, and we totally get that style, but the bending is something we haven’t seen before.

We can only imagine that this person has been lying in the sun for a little too long and their nails have melted in the process. Either that or they tapped their nails a little too hard on the table while they were waiting for their food to arrive in the restaurant.

All about size

Some people like to say that size doesn’t matter, but there are many people in this world who judge their nails by the size – so that’s kinda not true. As much as we hate to break it to you.

If you have ever been able to grow your nails without them breaking off in the process, you may have seen that nails don’t just grow in a straight line like some kind of nail swords.

Instead, they twirl and whirl, and they almost bend in on themselves. You know; like these ones! Of course, most people decide that they don’t want long nails because they’re just not very practical, but this person decided they wanted their long nails to be as fabulous as they are.

Colors of the rainbow

Erm, would anyone be so kind as to tell us what is going on here? Is this that challenge where you try and paint your nails will 100 coats of nail polish? If so, we thought that trend came to an end the second it became a trend.

3D nails have become more and more popular over the years, but it’s fair to say that these nails take that to a whole new level – quite literally.

While we appreciate the fact that it gives people the chance to try out all of the colors of the rainbow if they just can’t seem to decide on one color, it does seem to be a little much. However, if you would like to try this yourself, we certainly won’t be stopping you.

Animated anime

If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, there’s a high chance that you’re also a big fan of these nails. After all, they’re pretty epic.

We can’t help but admire the skill and the attention to detail that must go into making these lifelike nail figurines, and we also can’t help but think of all the possibilities.

After all, the owner of these hands could make all kinds of content with these things! They could put on their own Sailor Moon show when they’re bored and waiting for the bus, or they could create their own anime version of the story using just their hands as the props. The possibilities really are endless.

I’m lovin’ it

Are you lovin’ these nails? Well, they kinda do look good enough to eat, you know.

As one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are many people on this planet who just love to eat McDonald’s on a regular basis.

However, when you’re running low on cash or trying to work out whether it’s okay to head to the golden arches for your third meal of the day, you might want to stick with the nails instead of actually eating your sixth cheeseburger. Thankfully, it seems as though Nail Sunny love doing these yellow and red claws, so you’re in luck.

Avengers assemble

Let’s be honest; we all wish that we could be part of the Avengers. However, with so many superheroes to choose from, it can be hard to choose which one you would want to be. Iron Man with his awesome suit?

Captain America, because everyone seems to adore him? The Hulk, because green is your favorite color?

Black Panther because he’s absolutely awesome? Or Thor because he gets to wield a giant hammer? Well, it seems as though this lady just couldn’t decide, so she went for all of them instead. Of course, this was when the Avengers actually had the Infinity Gauntlet and all of the stones within it. Those were the days.

The right measure

If you’re looking at these nails and scratching your head, then we don’t blame you. We’ve been doing the same for the past five minutes and thinking how good a scratch these nails would make.

Of course, one of the biggest things about these nails is the size. Then you’ve got the color to contend with, and then you’ve got the style to think about. What’s really going on?

Well, we don’t really know. We can only assume that the person who owns these hands has to measure things for a living and doesn’t like having to find their tape measure every time they have to do so. With a measure on their nails, they can get the measuring done in seconds, right? Right?

Little toes

Okay, this one is both adorable and creepy at the same time. Nowadays, we live in a world where new parents want to celebrate their babies in various different ways.

There are some moms who eat the umbilical cord. There are others who carry a lock of their hair around in a necklace.

There are even some who create molds of their baby’s feet to hang up on the wall or stand on the fireplace. However, have you ever seen anything like this? The holographic polish is absolutely stunning, and the artwork and the mold of the feet is awesome. While we know that having legs and feet on your nails is an apparent trend, this one is still a little strange.

Getting hitched

If you’re gearing up to get married and you’re searching for a wedding nail trend to get on board with, then we may or may not have just found the perfect thing for you. You’ve heard of wedding cake toppers, but have you ever heard of nail toppers?

Instead of just going for plain ol’ nails with white tips, it could now be your chance to have yourself on your fingernails.

You can get Sunny Nails to transform yourself and your betrothed into miniature and then stuck on your fingers for the whole world – well, your whole guest list – to see. How cool is that?! At least we think it’s cool, anyway. We’re not too sure anymore.

It’s a goal

Soccer is one of those sports that seems to be popular wherever you go in the world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that soccer fans do everything they can to ensure that people know they love it.

They wear shirts wherever they go, they post about their favorite team on a regular basis, and they only seem to pay you any attention if you’re talking about the sport.

Well, it seems as though these guys have found a new way to showcase their love for these balls, as these soccer-inspired nails have everything going for them. In fact, they’re so bright we don’t think anyone could miss these.

Piece of the puzzle

If you’re the kind of person that loves to try out a new nail style every time you make your way to the salon, then you might be interested in these ones.

After all, we don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like them before!

While everyone knows that finding a missing puzzle piece is one of the most stressful things in the world and normally results in some kind of family argument, these seem much easier. What’s even cooler than the colors and the shape of these nails is the fact that all of the nails actually match together. Anyone up for playing a game of puzzle hands?

Looking presentable

It’s always good to try and stay presentable, right? Well, although that’s a good idea in theory, you just never know where life is going to take you.

Without you realizing it, you could find yourself amongst a group of people who offer you the chance to go skydiving for free, so why wouldn’t you want to do that?

If you do decide to jump out of a plane, however, you may find that your hair gets a little messy. Apparently, one of the best ways to deal with this mess is to venture into the world of nail combs. If you just head to Nail Sunny, they will be able to provide you with 10 combs that you can attach to your fingers and bring a whole new meaning to ‘finger brushing.’

Feeling fruity

Nail trends chop and change all the time, and although we may be stretching it a bit here, you could compare them to the changing seasons of fruit.

After all, just as you can’t have holiday-inspired nails during the summer months, you can’t have pineapple nails in the fall.

That’s just not the way the fruiting season works, people. Although we like pineapple as much as the next guy – who just so happens to really love pineapple – we can’t say that we have ever thought to put them on our nails. They’re a little too spiky for our liking, and they take so much preparation!

Saving the environment

Let’s be honest; the environment is kinda struggling under the weight of the humans living on this planet.

Because of this, more and more people seem to be making small changes to their lifestyle to help extend the expiry date of planet Earth before it becomes too late.

People are carrying their groceries in paper bags, they’re planting trees, and they’re even consuming less meat. One other way that people can save the environment is to stop using single-use plastic in the form of plastic cutlery So, why not opt for your own 24/7 cutlery instead? This is kinda genius, and it’s saving the environment at the same time.

Topping it up

If you’re a fan of makeup and love to make sure that your face is looking perfect at all hours of the day, there’s a high chance that you take your products out with you wherever you go.

After all, you never know when you’re going to need to top up your powder or reapply your lipstick.

While you could just stick all of your full-sized products in your purse and leave very little room for anything else, you could opt for these little miniatures instead. Sure, they may be pretty tiny, and we have a feeling that they would fall off in an instant, but it’s worth a try, right?

Feeling dirty

Yeah, you should probably put your sandwich down when looking at this one.

We do have to wonder what goes through the minds of some people sometimes because it baffles us that people really would want a dirty toilet brush on their finger. Yet, here we are.

Nothing about these nails is desirable to us in any way, and everything from the strange white nails to the brown ends is just strange to us. However, this person obviously wanted to go for something different and unique, and that’s certainly what they’ve got. Does the brown stuff really need to be there, though? Like, really? You could have left that idea in your mind.

Teaming up

We have a feeling that this person and the one who opted to have waxy ears on their nails should team up because they’d work perfectly together.

Q-tips are certainly things that we have in abundance, and you could probably find them in every single room of anyone’s house because they come in so handy.

Yes, these bad boys have so many uses, but we don’t think we have ever seen them on someone’s nails before. Although it’s pretty strange, we can’t deny that Nail Sunny has done something special with these ones. The Q-tips are more like an art installation than the things you clean your ears with. Bravo, guys.

Minty fresh

We’ve got another one, ladies and gents! I guess the best thing that we can take from these toothbrush nail trends is that it is promoting oral health.

So many people don’t clean their teeth as often as they should, so maybe this is the toothbrush of the future?

That way, you can clean your teeth wherever you are, and you have absolutely no excuse for not feeling minty fresh. Perhaps Nail Sunny can work on some nail mouthwash and floss next so that you can do the full shebang while on the go. We think it’s a pretty good idea, to be honest. Just remember to credit us, okay?

Under the sea

Okay, who do we need to get into contact with to have these exact same nails? Please? Pretty please?

It’s no secret that most people are intrigued by what lies under the sea, and while science seems to suggest otherwise, we’re never going to give up the idea that there are mermaids living under there.

We’d also like to believe that they are friends with lobsters and fish called Flounder and sing a lot, but we know that’s a lot to ask from the world. Anyway, what we’re saying is that these nails are pretty awesome. We wouldn’t be able to do our jobs with these things, but who cares about that?

Slippery and slimy

Gummy worms are pretty awesome, right?

We bet there’s a huge number of people out there who would hope that they could have a constant supply of these things, but you’d probably need some giant toothbrush nails if you were going to do that.

Of course, we don’t think these are actually gummy worms, but we’re going to pretend that they are rather than thinking they are real, slippery, slimy worms. People put some weird things on their nails, and these worms are some of them. We just have so many questions, so we’ll move on to something that we hope is more normal. We’re not holding out much hope, though.

My little piggy

When you were younger, your parents may have spent their days playing with your toes and telling you about the time that some piggies went to market.

However, Nail Sunny seems to have changed things slightly with their story, as they have made the little piggies fingers instead of toes.

Actually, they’re not little at all. These big pigs are absolutely awesome in terms of their different tails and their general cuteness, but we can’t help but be concerned about the size of mamma pig. While we don’t like to discriminate against size, we just don’t know how anyone would get anything done with her on their thumb. Surely she would just get in the way?

Keeping entertained

If you’re the kind of person that loves to stay busy and hates being bored, there’s a high chance that you often find yourself fiddling with all kinds of things around the surrounding vicinity.

When you’re waiting for the subway, you might twiddle with your hair.

When you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, you might bite your nails. When you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, you might even whip out your nail harmonica and play a tune. Sure, you might annoy the onions out of everyone around you, but this may work in your favor. If they leave the line, that means you get even further to the front of the line…

For the love of IKEA.

Let’s be honest; everyone loves IKEA. This place is more like a day out than anything else, and it’s the kind of place that allows you to buy meatballs, furniture, and stuff you don’t need but really wants.

Of course, this love of IKEA isn’t just something that the odd person has here and there across the globe.

We have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t love the store – but it seems as though this person loves it more than most. On the one hand, they’re sporting the logo of the store, and then, on the other hand, they’re rocking some signature pieces. This should be a service that IKEA actually provides.

Feeling thorny

The cactus was the cute I-don’t-want-to-talk-to-anyone version, but this one is certainly the evil version.

Yes, if you really do not want to interact with another human being and will do literally anything to avoid speaking to another member of this planet, then it might be time to take some drastic action.

While it does mean that you won’t be able to scratch your own face without decapitating yourself in the process, these thorns will certainly help out your situation. Of course, you could probably even just ask for the thorns on your nails and not your whole hand if you wanted to. Every little helps.

A gentle reminder

Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and although we can’t say that we have ever had the problem ourselves, there are many people in this world who do forget to eat on a regular basis.

If this is the case, then you might want to invest in a gentle reminder.

These nails are making us seriously hungry, but we also have to appreciate the art of them. Whether you’re the kind of person who prefers a bar of chocolate to a burger, or if you’re the kind of person that loves a hot dog for lunch, you can rest easy knowing that these things will remind you to eat your green. Yes, the greens in your burger.