How To Stop Your Cat From Ruining Your Furniture

It’s no secret that our favorite furry friends are the masters of destruction. If they’re stressed, they’ll destroy your furniture. If they’re having fun, they’ll destroy your furniture. If they’re angry, they’ll destroy your furniture. Bottom line is, cats just love to ruin your home. We wouldn’t have them any other way, though! However, there are a few ways you can stop them from making a total mess of your place. Here are some of the best and easiest of those ways.

Let them destroy something

Arguably the easiest and most hassle-free way to stop cats ruining furniture is to buy them a scratching post. You can buy a standard free-standing post, or treat them to a more exciting set-up which has platforms for them to sleep on, along with dangling toys. Either way, whatever you choose, giving them their own spot to scratch and destroy will definitely limit how much they want to attack your couch.

Make it less fun

While it may not be a great look, aluminum foil wrapped around places your cat likes to scratch, like the bottom of the couch or your dining room table legs, will stop them from destroying those places. When you’re out, you can use this method to prevent coming back to a shredded house. If you have a scratching post, the foil around your furniture can be used to deter them for just long enough that their go-to destroying spot is their own post – which isn’t covered in foil – and you can stop plastering your house in silver foil.

Use a spray

Although this doesn’t work for every cat, on the whole, a citrus-scented spray is enough to make your cat think twice about turning your couch into their scratching spot. Generally speaking, cats are not a fan of citrus, so a spray which has a strong smell of it, sprayed over their favorite pieces of your furniture, can often be enough to stop them from ruining it.

Small but mighty

Similar to the foil trick, a bit of double-sided sticky tape can work wonders. Stick some to the spots you’re trying to protect, and your cat will most definitely not want to touch it. Leave it for a few months, and by that time your cat will know not to scratch. You can then remove it, and the urge to scratch those places should be gone. If they return to ruining the furniture in the future, just stick some more back up. Job done!

Scratching furniture is a form of communication for cats. They’re telling you that they’re bored, stressed, unhappy or some other emotion they want to convey to you – it just so happens that they do this in a way which we usually don’t appreciate. It’s important to note, however, that if your furniture is new, your cat will know things have changed. This is a huge cause of stress, so don’t put it down to insolence. Stressed cats destroy things, so you could even consider calming devices and scents which might stop them from ruining your furniture.