Step-Dad Catches Son Sneaking A Girl Out Of The House, So He Live Tweets It

While many of us have tried to outsmart our parents, it looked as though one youngster was about to learn that his step-dad had been there before thanks to his hilarious commentary.

Caught in the act

Many of us have been there. We want to stay with our friend, but we live with our parents and know they would never let it happen. What’s life without breaking a few harmless rules along the way, right?

One step-dad was about to find out that his step-son had a plan to stay with a girl, but he needed to get her out of the house without anyone uncovering the truth.

It looked as though he was stuck, especially when his step-dad discovered the truth. Rather than punish his step-son, this step-dad, known as Tricky D on social media, decided to live-tweet his step-son’s attempts to sneak the girl out of the house.

The first clue

Tricky D has been using social media for a while and has built up quite the online following, but it wasn’t long before hundreds of people from across the world found themselves caught up in the action.

They all wanted to see what his step-son had up his sleeve.

The best bit? Tricky-D was sneaking around the house just as his step-son and his friend were trying to do the exact same thing. Tricky’s first clue was a pair of white sneakers that had been left by the door. The sneakers could have been enough to give the whole gig away.

An unusual location

Living with the same people under one roof means that it’s usually not long before you start to pick up on people’s habits.

The white sneakers were the only clue that Tricky D needed. He knew that no one would wear all-white shoes. So who did they belong to?

As if that wasn’t enough, Tricky D added that the shoes were in a strange place in the home. He said that there was a side door that was at the bottom of the stairs and attached to the kitchen. However, the sneakers were on the other side of the house. Tricky D started to upload the snaps to social media.

The perfect opportunity

Ah, the weekend. The time of the week that most of us can kick back and relax. That is except for Trick D’s wife. Apparently, she uses every Saturday as a chance to clean the entire house from top to bottom whatever floats your boat.

However, this accidentally created the perfect opportunity for Tricky D’s step-son.

His wife had turned the music up all the way and was dancing around doing her chores. It was the ideal distraction for any youngsters to get out of the house. Tricky D knew that they needed to take their opportunity, and even snapped a photo of his wife to prove that she wasn’t paying attention.

Not there to help

Although Tricky D was enjoying watching the plan as it unfolded in front of his very eyes, it wasn’t long before people from across the internet started to leave comments.

Some believed that Tricky D should be helping his step-son rather than standing back and taking photos.

However, Tricky D had an answer. He confessed that his step-don was already 18 years old and that he knew the decision he’d made. Now, he needed to figure out his own way to get out of it. The escape plan was in full swing, but things soon got even more interesting for the young pair.

Caught in a trap

The two youngsters decided to take their opportunity and tried to sneak out of the bedroom. That was until Tricky D-s wife finished cleaning the bathroom.

Their chance was gone, and they would have to think of a new plan if they wanted to get away with their slumber party.

Why? Tricky D’s wife was now cleaning the kitchen. Yes, the same kitchen was directly at the bottom of the stairs and would have seen the pair get caught without a moment’s notice. The music might be loud enough to cover their tracks, but there was no way the couple could get out of the house without someone seeing them first.

Caught up in the moment

People were still desperate for more news. Tricky D began to fill everyone in about what had happened while he was waiting in the wings.

It turned out that his wife was completely distracted by her cleaning, it was almost as though she had gone onto autopilot and was making her way around the house.

Plus, most of us have seen the movie montages, right? The ones where people crank up the music and dance the afternoon away only to find that someone has been watching them the entire time? It appeared as though Tricky D’s wife was too caught up in her cleaning to spot the clues.

Picking their team

His step-son might have been caught in one of the most anxious moments of his life as he tried to figure out how to get his friend out of the house without getting caught.

But Tricky D still had time to enjoy the funny side of the situation. He decided to start a poll.

Tricky D asked if people were rooting for “Mama Bear” or “Young Love” and it wasn’t long before he got the results. While many people wanted his wife to find the couple before it was too late, it seemed as though the majority of people caught up in it all wanted to see his step-son and the girl escape without a trace.

Edge of your seat

Many people spend the early hours of the weekend scrolling through social media to check up on the latest with their friends and favorite celebrities.

However, people on this day were in for more of a treat as they stumbled across Tricky D’s thread. It wasn’t long before many people found themselves sucked in.

Everyone wanted to know if his step-son could get out or if Mama Bear was onto their plan. There was no choice but to stick around and see what unraveled. People found themselves on the edge of their seats. It was too tense, and they needed to have an answer.

Trapped in the bedroom

The thread had started out thanks to Tricky D’s comical comments about his step-son and his unplanned sleepover. However, he was now starting to worry about the girl waiting to leave the house.

His wife’s chores had been enough to wake up the entire house, and Tricky D could hear that the pair were walking around in the room above.

Things had changed. Tricky D wrote that it was late and the couple had been trapped in the bedroom all that time. He was worried that the girl upstairs hadn’t had a chance to use the bathroom the entire time. It was too risky.

Worried fans

While many people were starting to tag their friends and watching as the drama continued to unfold, others wanted to know why Tricky D wasn’t helping his wife.

He had already decided that he didn’t want to help his step-son sneak out of the house with his new friend, but why couldn’t he help do the chores?

However, most of the comments were soon lost amongst the thousands of others that came flooding in. People thought that tricky D’s wife might already have an idea about someone being in the house as she was furiously cleaning the bathroom. Did she already know about the guest?

Split opinions

Mama Bears from across the nation came together and spoke about how they hoped the couple got discovered and that she spotted them before they made it out of the house.

However, most of the people watching the thread unfold wanted to see the young lovers escape to freedom.

It was a tough one to call. So what about the shoes? The people who wanted to see the girl make it to freedom worried they might not deserve to get away with their slumber party entirely as they should have thought their plan through and covered their tracks. The jury was out.

Dividing couples

It turns out that the story wasn’t just dividing the internet, but it was also causing a rift between real-life couples.

Some people spoke about how they had voted to see the youngsters make it to freedom while their partners had chosen for Mama Bear to win, and others had the reverse.

It appears as though sneaking in someone to stay the night can cause more of a split decision than first meets the eye. Could the sleepover really be enough to tear couples apart? Ok, it might not go that far, but people were certainly more invested in the chase than they have been in plenty of action movies over the years.

Waiting it out

Tricky D had gone quiet. The rest of the internet was forced to sit back and wait as they hoped for an update.

Thankfully, Tricky D finally had some more news about the grand escape. He typed that it seemed as though the couple were waiting things out.

His step-son knew that Mama Bear always relaxed after her cleaning, and it appeared they would use this moment of quiet to make it out of the house. However, the pair would have to wait for Tricky D’s wife to stop, make lunch, eat her food, and start reading before they could get out the front door. He was worried they couldn’t last that long.

Offering alternatives

Other people soon started to offer up alternatives for the couple to help them get out of the house. Sadly, they weren’t all as simple as they first seemed.

Hundreds of people began talking about how the girl could jump out of the window and take her chances running through their backyard while others attached gifs and videos of escapes gone wrong.

While the results might not have turned out the way the people in the videos had hoped, it might soon be the only option that the couple had left. They were running out of time, and it wouldn’t be long before Mama Bear would try to find out where her son was hiding.

Out of control

It wasn’t long before people started to fear the worst. It had been a long time since Tricky D had posted an update.

What if Mama Bear had discovered their son had a lady friend in his room and had torn the house apart? Perhaps she had lost her temper and ended everyone’s lives?

Maybe Tricky D was in trouble after Mama Bear found out that he had been documenting their escape online without telling her the truth? Whatever the case, people were demanding that they were told about what was going on. Tricky D had accidentally started something that was soon completely out of his control.

All waiting to see

Thankfully, Tricky D was soon back on social media as he told everyone that he was “waiting” and “watching.”

There might have been nothing new to report, but he was still on the edge of his seat as he patiently sat, watching to see how his step-son would get out of this sticky situation.

People were glad to hear that Tricky D was safe, but they were still no closer to getting the result they had been hoping for. The world was right by Tricky D’s side as they also wanted to know the outcome. There were so many things to consider. Would they get caught? Had the girl made it to the bathroom? Did they have a plan?

An unexpected flop

Tricky D started to worry that the end of the story might not live up to the hype that people expected.

Miramax movies have been some of the most iconic over the years. Just take the likes of ‘Halloween,’ ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and ‘Pulp Fiction.’

They have grown to become films with some of the biggest followings over the years. Ben Affleck is another actor who has been in some of the best – and some of the most questionable – movies of all time. Tricky D thought the thread might have the same disappointment to many Ben Affleck Miramax movies over the years.

Ranking the suffering

Other people on social media started to compare the troubles they were all facing at the time. Netflix and streaming services are great.

No longer do you have to sit through all the commercials, and you can spend the time watching shows uninterrupted for hours at a time.

Sure, modern comforts might be great, but many of us have no idea how to sit and wait to see the drama unfold. This was the same. People wanted to learn about the excitement of the couple, but they were forced to sit and wait instead. It looked as though the only person who might be suffering a little bit more was the girl and her bathroom needs.

A sudden appearance

There was soon big news: the girl came down the stairs to use the bathroom. It was almost as though nothing had happened, but it turned out that things might not be as they seemed.

Tricky D confessed that it was a friend of his step-son’s.

Apparently, they had been friends for many years, and they are close friends. Tricky D couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He thought it was a terrible idea – especially as he had heard the couple in the night. He felt that his son and his friend had been up to more than a little more than an innocent slumber party, but there was no way to tell.

Going unnoticed

It appeared as though Mama Bear didn’t even notice that the girl had made her way downstairs. Tricky D started to wonder if he was missing something.

He was used to seeing his step-son’s friend around the house. However, he didn’t know that she had ever stayed over – and now he was starting to question if his wife knew either.

How many other sleepovers had they enjoyed over the years? Plus, when did they seemingly take their relationship to the next level? Mama Bear didn’t say a word about the sudden appearance, and Tricky D had to wait for his chance to ask his wife about their guest.

Another appearance

Tricky D had no idea what to say. He was now caught in a trap as he had no idea if his wife knew about their guest or whether he was the one that had been kept in the dark the entire time.

It wasn’t long before Tricky D spotted someone else walking around their home, only this time it was his step-son.

It appeared as though he wasn’t in the mood to talk as the youngster crept downstairs, grabbed the white sneakers, and headed back up to his room. Tricky D winked at his step-son, and it seemed that he was finally trying to cover his tracks.

Lending a helping hand

Other users who had been following the events soon chimed in with their own ideas about how Tricky D could be the final piece of the puzzle that the young couple needed to make it out of the house without getting caught.

One person suggested that he could hold a ladder up to his step-son’s window and help them climb to safety.

It might be a little tough to hide a ladder from your wife, but Tricky D seemed to be a creative guy; we’re sure he could work it out. Sadly, the step-dad refused as he said that it was cold outside and that his step-son needed to work things out.

Gaining thousands of fans

Tricky D’s thread had taken over social media for the morning. His storytelling skills and drama had kept thousands of people interested for the last few hours.

In fact, more than 80,000 people had shared the story while 400,000 people had liked the thread.

One user spoke about how they were going to start telling the story to their friends while others began to leave reviews about how they had been so entertained by the events. If this young man and his friend can keep thousands of people engrossed with their sleepover, then there must be hope for the rest of us to achieve all of our dreams, right?

Discovering the truth

People were worried that Tricky D’s wife had heard their son and his friend in the night. They might have been close, but it appeared as though their friendship was the start of the next level.

An unplanned sleepover may not be the way that many parents want to find out their children are growing up.

Users started to think that Mama Bear had been cleaning so frantically because she was trying to work off her frustration. That was until Tricky D had a confession. He said that his wife always cleaned each weekend, and she only learned the details when she read the thread.

Reaching the end

After all the suspense of the thread, Tricky D had some more news to share.

The couple made their way to the side door at the bottom of the stairs and escaped into the distance. It’s almost as though they were gone without a trace.

While Tricky D’s step-son had run down to retrieve the sneakers, he had no idea if his wife ever learned the full extent of the story before she found his social media thread. Whatever the case, Tricky D felt as though he needed a break and a drink after he had been through the drama from the sidelines.

Jumping on the train

Not everyone who starts a thread known that it will take over social media. However, the internet is a weird and wonderful place.

It might not be long until the rest of the world has jumped on the bandwagon and catapulted the story to new fame. This was one of those cases.

The best bit? The unexpected attention can be enough for people to share their other social media platforms and any work they have been working on with a brand new audience. Tricky D knew how it all worked. While he didn’t have any other social media platforms himself, he wanted other people to share theirs and jump on the new fame train instead.

Working as a team

That wasn’t all that Tricky D had up his sleeve.

This social media user might have been spying on his step-son and letting his plan fall apart all morning, but he wanted to make sure the rest of the internet got the closure they deserved after so many hours of dedication to the thread.

Tricky D had a reason that he didn’t help around the house with chores. It turned out that he wasn’t a slacker and that people “didn’t know my life.” To top it off, Tricky D confessed that he made incredible sandwiches to make up for his lack of chores.

One last hoorah

Even long after the thread had come to an end, it appeared as though many people still wanted to know all the details they could find.

Apparently, thousands of people were messaging Tricky D to congratulate him on such an amusing thread and handling things so well.

However, he wanted to put a few things to bed. Tricky D announced that if people continued to share his post and comment, then he would reveal more tell-all facts about the events and how his wife reacted. Thankfully, people didn’t disappoint, and Tricky D was soon ready to share more information with the world.

Behind each other’s back

It turns out that Tricky D’s revelation about the girl staying over was nothing new to his wife. Why? Apparently, Mama Bear knew that she would be staying over the entire time! Suddenly, everything started to fall into place.

That was why she had walked downstairs without a care in the world, and why his step-son didn’t seem to be worried about collecting his friend’s shoes.

Mama Bear confessed that she knew they had been close friends for many years and thought that nothing would ever come from their relationship. Little did she know that the pair had other ideas. Tricky D’s wife actually worried that he would find out as he was the one that insisted there were no sleepovers.

Life behind the screen

It turns out that Tricky D has led a pretty adventurous life so far. He previously served in the armed forces before he retired, and has been spending the years with his wife ever since.

His step-son’s antics might have been enough for some parents to lose their minds and ask the internet about how they should punish their child.

Tricky D? He saw the funny side and wanted nothing more than to share the story with the rest of the world. Although he has never had a huge online following, his hilarious commentary was enough to see that all change. All of a sudden, everyone wanted to know about his life.

Spreading the fame

The best bit? It wasn’t long before Tricky D’s viral post meant that he hit the height of fame. Many people who have dominated the internet have taken the chance to spread their reputation far and wide.

Tricky D is no exception. He decided to make more social media profiles, where he now documents the rest of his life.

Of course, it was all thanks to one post about his step-son, and Tricky D appears to remember his fame routes. The unexpected internet star describes himself as “that guy from Twitter” but wants to use his new profile to document his “real life” instead.