The Safest Way To Adopt Another Cat Into The Family

Having a kitty is an incredible blessing that you should enjoy every minute of. The only joy that can match spending time with your furry friend is deciding to expand your four-legged family. Even though the introduction of a new cat may seem like an event that will bring only joy into your day to day life, it’s still a big decision.

The new kitty may be thankful for having a new home, but the resident furball may beg to disagree. Meeting the two cats is a delicate process, one that requires thinking, analysis and sufficient knowledge. Let’s take a look at all the necessary pieces of information you need to know before expanding your household.


Character and temperament

Contrary to popular belief, animals do indeed have their own personalities, making them unique, each in its own way. Kittens are no exception to the rule, as there are various types of feline temperament. Some cats dislike other cats, some are in constant need of human attention and other love cuddling with dogs. It all depends on the genes and the way the cat has grown up.

This aspect becomes important when it comes to placing litter boxes. There are instances where a cat simply refuses to share its litter box with a new cat. They will start relieving themselves on the floor as a form of a protest. This does indeed happen, but as the two animals get used to each other, they will also get used to pooping in the same box.



Cats are not so different from humans after all. Young kittens are full of energy and like to play, while older cats. When thinking about adopting a new member of the family, make sure that the cats are going to be about the same age.

Now, we’re not saying that the older cat will hate the younger one, it’s just that they won’t hang out as much. If you really want the two cats to bond, one should be younger two years or less. That’s the optimal difference.


The introduction

The process can be fast or slow, depending on the temperament of your old cat. When handling the new family member, make sure to allow the resident kitty smell your hands. Afterwards, give it a treat. That way, it will connect the new smell to something nice.

Also, if the two start fighting, separate them immediately, but don’t yell or punish them. It might take some time, but they will get along.