These Rich Pets Probably Have More Money Than You

If you have a pet, there’s a high chance that you don’t give it an allowance each week for doing chores or actually tidying their kennel for once. That’s because pets don’t have any use for money, right? It’s not like they can go to the store and buy a brand new mascara or search online for a cool new purse to add to their collection. However, that hasn’t stopped some animals from raking in the dollar dollar bills. Over the course of their lives, these rich pets have reveled in the fame and fortune of their existence, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they are richer than you.

Grumpy Cat

Although we’re not quite over the fact that Grumpy Cat has passed into the grumpy afterlife, we can rest easy knowing that her legacy will live on in meme form forever. While we know this famous pet sensation by her stage name, her owners actually called her Tardar Sauce. She rocked the internet world in 2012 when a photograph of her looking extremely grumpy caught the attention of people everywhere, and she soon became the spirit animal everyone needed in their lives. She was soon given her own movie, her own merchandise, and more fame than most of us could fathom, and there was even a rumor that she was once worth $100 million.

Luke, Layla, Sadie, Sunny, and Lauren Winfrey

As you can probably tell by the name Luke, Layla, Sadie, Sunny, and Lauren Winfrey are all extremely lucky to be able to call Oprah Winfrey their owner. These dogs have lived an extremely privileged life, and it seems as though they will continue to do is if Oprah Winfrey passed away before them. Yes, the talk show host has not only left her dogs a bit of an inheritance, but she has actually left her dogs a huge inheritance. To be exact, Oprah has reportedly signed a contract to leave them a whopping $30 million!


There’s a high chance that you’ve squealed at the sight of Boo the Pomeranian before because he has built up an impressive fan following over the years. He is owned by Irene Ahn, who has been able to use his cuteness to maintain a business strategy that has earned him a huge amount of money. Not only does he have his own book, but he also earns a hefty wage from his social media posts, as well as the soft toy versions of himself that you can buy online. Thanks to this, it’s believed that he is now worth around $8 million.

Olivia Benson

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, you will definitely know who Olivia Benson is. Although Tay-Tay has a few adorable cats, Olivia is definitely the most famous. That’s because she has not only built up an impressive fan following on social media but also because she has starred in countless television commercials. As if her famous owner wasn’t enough, Olivia Benson is supposedly worth around $97 million.

Well, we wonder if these animals are open to handing out a few loans…