These Objects Have Signs And Symbols Hidden In Plain Sight

Many of us fall into the same patterns. We wake up a the same time, we eat the same things for breakfast, and we take the same route to work every day. It can also be pretty easy to use the same products every day. After all, most of us have brands or items that we like. Why should we try and change?

Although most of us use things without thinking too much about it, they have usually been through hours of design to make sure they are as perfect as can be. Some people want to hide little nods to their company in their logo, while others use symbols and images from the past. Whatever the case, it can be easy to overlook the details that have been hiding right in front of us all this time.

Three letters on US pennies

Various presidents and other significant figures throughout history have found their faces on money over the years. It’s certainly one way to learn that you’ve made it in history. Former President Abraham Lincoln has been on the one-cent coin since back in 1908. Have you ever thought about who created the famous portrait that we have come to recognize?

That was all thanks to Victor David Brenner. It looks as though Victor was so proud of his work, or people really wanted to remember his name. Every penny that has been made by the US Mint since 1918 has three very special letters of Lincoln’s shoulder. You guessed it, they are ‘VDB’ – Victor’s initials. Sometimes, you just need to look a little closer.

The FedEx logo

Would you believe there is a hidden symbol in the logo of one of our favorite delivery companies? That’s right; FedEx has spent years creating the perfect logo. The company was started back in 1971 and delivered just a few parcels. Now, millions of people receive their goods every day thanks to the company. It was initially named Federal Express before the name and the logo were cut down in 1994.

In between the ‘e’ and the ‘x,’ there is a hidden arrow. This is supposed to represent the accuracy and speed used by the company when they deliver goods. Fun fact: the ‘ex’ is a different color on the logo depending on the branch of the business, such as FedEx Freight or FedEx Express.

Objects hidden in Coca-Cola’s polar bear

Ah, Coca-Cola. The soda that has kept many of us quenched over the years. Did you know that it was created by a pharmacist? It never took off until John S. Pemberton passed away, and it was left to Asa Griggs Candler to take control. He decided to hand out coupons for a free serving and knew that people would be back for more.

Coca-Cola has come a long way over the years, including the designs of their bottles and cans. The polar bear is a featured character on their Christmas range, but did you ever know that their eyes are bottle caps? As if that wasn’t enough, the shine on the bear’s nose is also a tiny bottle of Coke.

The colorful NBC logo

Many of us have heard of NBC referred to as the ‘Peacock Network,’ and that’s all thanks to the company’s logo. It’s the oldest broadcasting TV network in the US and was once a radio broadcasting network. Before it took to the small screen, NBC never had a logo. Most of the designs never lasted long.

However, the peacock was first seen back in 1956 before it was adapted in 1986 to the final logo that many of us recognize today. There is a good reason that NBC opted for a peacock. The network was owned by RCA, a company that was also one of the first to sell color TV sets. They hoped the bright logo would be enough to help sell their other products, too.

The Pinterest logo

Social media sites all have their own draws to them as they all offer a unique way to share our ideas and communicate with friends. However, Pinterest does something different. It allowed users to ‘pin’ ideas to their virtual board and create their own mood boards filled with thousands of designs. Amazingly, when the site was first launched, it didn’t do as well as the creators hoped.

It wasn’t until they released a mobile app in 2011 that its numbers started to grow rapidly. The logo has seen a few changes in that time until it settled for the ‘P’ that most of us recognized today. If you look closely, you might just notice that it resembles a push pin.

The color of barber poles

Believe it or not, but barbershop poles have been around since the Middle Ages. However, they weren’t always the stores that many of us know and love today. They were actually barber-surgeons. The Catholic Church banned religious figures from performing many procedures, and other physicians thought that some procedures were beneath their skills. Instead, patients turned to barbers because they knew how to use sharp instruments.

That meant that everything from pulling teeth to setting bones and minor surgery could be performed at the same time as a haircut and shave. The red represents blood, the white represents bandages, and the blue represents non-oxygenated blood. The reason that barbers opted for poles is because most people couldn’t read or write to advertise their skills.

A hidden kiss

Let’s face it; Hershey’s Kisses are a candy that most of us love. Those simple drops of chocolate are oh-so-delicious and too easy to eat. Hershey’s is famous for all kinds of chocolate that comes in a variety of flavors, but most of us still head back to our favorite every time. It turns out that Hershey’s have a hidden kiss or two for their loyal customers, too.

If you look closely in between the ‘k’ and the ‘i,’ you might just recognize the shape. That’s right; everyone gets an extra kiss with their bag! If you still can’t spot it, try turning your head to the side. The brown negative space is an additional little chocolate drop for you to enjoy.

The strange symbol on beauty products

Many of us spend hours browsing through aisles and aisles of beauty products. There are so many on the market that it can be tough to know where to begin. There’s another symbol to look out for on your adventures – especially if you want to get the most from your money. There is a Period After Opening – or PAO – symbol on every one.

It’s a little pot with an open lid that has a number and ‘m’ inside. The figure stands for how many months you can still use your product after it’s opened. It was introduced back in 2005 by the European Commission and applies to any beauty product with a shelf-life of 30 months or more to help keep them fresh.

Hidden advertising in Gillette’s logo

It can be hard to imagine how long it takes to design logos, but they are one of the most essential parts of a brand. They need to be something that people will recognize as well as showing off your brand name and helping people to understand what the company is all about. There is a lot that goes into these designs, and Gillette has learned how to make an impact with theirs.

One of the company’s top-selling products is its razors that they claim gives a closer and cleaner shave than others on the market. They have subtly been able to incorporate this into their logo by making the ‘g’ and ‘i’ look like they have razor-sharp cuts.

The person in Beats’ logo

There are some logos that just ooze superiority. For many, Beats is no exception. The brand was started by Dr. Dre before he later sold the company to Apple, who has expanded the line of products even further over the years. Many music lovers long to have a pair of Beats headphones in their life. The name Beats comes from the beat of the music.

While the logo looks like a simple ‘b’ for the name, there is more to it. The shape of the letter also represents the headphones to make it look as though someone is wearing the product that became so popular in the first place. To top it off, it also sticks with the sleek feel of the products.

The many meanings of the Northwest Airlines

If you take a quick look at Northwest Airlines’ logo, you might think that it’s a circle with an ‘n.’ While that it one of the aspects of the logo, it’s not the final product. In fact, there are no less than three logos in one when it comes to this design. The ‘n’ stands for ‘north.’ However, adding in the arrow at the side of the letter also makes it look like a ‘w’ for ‘west.’

As if that wasn’t enough already, the arrow alone is pointing in the direction of northwest on a compass. It was a standalone company for many years after Northwest Airlines was founded back in 1926, but it merged with Delta Airlines in 2008.

The arrow by gas gauge

There are so many things that come with owning a car. It’s not all about jumping behind the wheel and jetting off to freedom whenever we like. It’s checking the tires, oil, and anything else that might go wrong. Oh, and don’t even get us started on gas and how many times we have to fill the tank.

Even with so many trips to the gas station, it can be easy to forget which side the filler cap is on. Rather than having to get out and check every single time, all you need to do is look at the arrow next to your gas gauge. The arrow points to the side that you need to be to fill up your car.

Arrows on Subway’s logo

Eat fresh. Two words – and the slogan – that has pulled many of us to the fast food chain over the years. Subway tapped into a market that was like no other. It was fast food that we could eat on the go, but there are no burgers or nuggets in sight. While that might be fuel for a nightmare for many, others have fallen for the idea of a sub sandwich at all hours of the day.

The Subway logo looks simple to many. However, there is a good reason there is an arrow at each end of the logo. That’s to show the entrance and exit of the Subway station as you work through the steps to build your sandwich.

The color of bread ties

Many of us want to make sure that we’re doing our bit to cut down on food waste while still getting the freshest food that we can. If this sounds familiar, then you might like to know that stores have allegedly been using a colored bread tie system that many of us never knew about – even though it was right in front of our eyes.

That’s right; there is a way to tell how long your bread should last that doesn’t involve checking the expiration date. Each day is supposedly a different color. Monday is blue, Tuesday is green, Thursday is red, Friday is white, and Saturday is yellow. Some people claim that this varies across different states, while others say that it’s universal.

The accidental addition to Coca-Cola

Some of us spend our time looking for things that just aren’t there. It seems as though the Coca-Cola logo is no exception. Some people thought that they had cracked some kind of code when they spotted an addition hidden in the logo. Many people believed that the white cross in the ‘o’ in ‘Cola’ is the Denmark flag, and there was something more to the logo.

It turned out that the company never intended to include this in their design. However, once they learned about the addition, they decided to use it to their advantage. Denmark is known as the happiest country on Earth, so Coca-Cola set up a media stunt at the country’s busiest airport, where they welcomed people with flags.

The meaning behind Amazon’s logo

Did you know that Amazon was once just an online book store? After four years on the market, the site expanded to sell just about everything you could think. Now, it’s one of the largest companies in the world. The current logo for the company was released in 2000 and has been used ever since. There are many aspects to the design.

The yellow curve under the name is said to represent a customer smiling. The company believes this is “the ultimate expression of customer satisfaction.” The dimple at the end of the smile also links it from a to z. This stands for the fact that you can buy anything – you guessed it – from A to Z on the website.

Unilever’s logo has a lot to it

Of course, at first glance, the Unilever logo is nothing more than a ‘U’ for the company, right? It’s not until we look a little closer than we realize the letter is actually made up of smaller icons. There are 25 different pictures that all stand for various aspects of the company. Unilever has said that all the symbols are a visual representation of how they want to make sustainable living an everyday thing.

The ice cream stands for pleasure and enjoying treats. The lips are a symbol of communication and being open with one another. The bee stands for the community spirit within the company and how they want to reduce people’s environmental footprint. Amazingly, they all have their own meaning.

There’s more to the eight of diamonds

Back in 2018, one social media user set the world on fire when they revealed that there is a secret hidden on the eight of diamonds playing cards. If you look closely at the curved edges of the diamonds, there is an eight in the middle. What started out as a random update to their followers soon turned into a viral sensation.

People from all over the world suddenly realized they had been playing with these cards all their lives, but they had never noticed the addition. Other people were quick to see if the other decks had the same addition. However, it looks as though the eight of diamonds is the only one where the number is so clear to see.

The Hyundai logo

Hyundais aren’t the most popular car manufacturer in the world, but many of us have still fallen for the South Korean company over the years. It has been in business since 1967 and has rated pretty highly when it comes to quality compared to other car companies. The car company started trading in the US in 2005, opening the doors to even more customers.

Most people think their logo stands for the first letter of the company. That’s where we would be wrong. It’s actually supposed to stand for two people shaking hands. More specifically, it’s a company representative and a client shaking hands as they secure a deal. While it might not be obvious, it’s a pretty clever addition.

The power buttons on laptops

Some things we think about every day. Others? They seem to blend into the background and go unnoticed by many. The power button on our laptops is probably one symbol that doesn’t cross our minds on a daily basis. However, it turns out that a lot of thought and design went into making the perfect symbol.

There is a reason that it’s a circle with a line through it, and it’s all thanks to the binary system. Engineers have used the system for years. Zero means that something is fully off, while one means that it’s fully on. The power button is both as it stands for a “standby power state” as it’s never fully turned off when we press the button.

The cyclist in the Tour de France logo

The Tour de France comes around every year as the best and fittest cyclists from across the globe come together to compete for the title. It is a huge honor to come first and something that many athletes spend their entire careers aiming for. It turns out that thought has gone into every aspect of the race.

As well as having fully customized workout plans and diets, the cyclists can also enjoy the logo that has a hidden picture waiting just in front of our eyes. It’s found in the ‘our’ part of ‘tour.’ The ‘o’ is the back wheel of a bike, the ‘u’ is the saddle, and the ‘r’ is meant to be a cyclist giving it their all.

More to the Falcons’ logo

Of course, the Atlanta Falcons logo looks just like a falcon. That’s what we’d expect from a logo, right? It turns out there is more to the cool-looking bird than first meets the eye. This falcon has its talons on the prize – just like the Falcons players. However, the bird’s pose has also been made to look like an ‘F.’

The team has stuck to the things they know and love all these years. The logo has been seen on the field since the beginning, alongside their red or black helmets. Believe it or not, but the team once unveiled a white helmet back in 1974, but for some reason, they decided never to wear the helmet in any games.

The truth behind the BMW logo

For many years, people thought that the blue and white checkered wheel on BMW’s logo was supposed to be an airplane propeller that’s rotating. That was until The New York Times reported that it was a myth in 2010. The myth all started back in 1929 just 12 years after BMWs hit the market. The design was spotted on two aircraft as they were actually trying to boost their aero-engine product range.

Dr. Triebel is one of the many who have researched the history of the logo over the years and believes there is another good reason for the design. He, and many others, think it was inspired by the colors of the Free State of Bavaria – the birthplace of the company.

The Tostito logo

How many times have you sat back with a big bowl and chips and salsa? While there are many brands on the market, some of us can’t help but grab some Tostitos. Many of us spend time choosing our chips and salsa thanks to the flavor and price. However, the companies have a lot to think about when branding their items and often spend a lot of time perfecting their logo.

The two ‘t’s in the middle of the name are lower case, and there’s a good reason. They are actually meant to be two people. The dot on top of the ‘i’ is a bowl of salsa, and, you guessed it, the yellow triangle in the middle of it all is a chip.

The king of hearts’ mustache

The next time you are using a deck of playing cards, take a little look at the king of hearts. You may just notice that he’s the only one that doesn’t have a mustache. There is a likely reason as to why he is the only clean-shaven king of the bunch. The cards were once printed with wooden blocks. This meant that people had to carve out the designs before carefully printing them onto the cards.

They think that unskilled workers distorted the image and lost the king his mustache. The king is supposed to be based on Charles the Great and once carried an ax. This was also later distorted and turned into a sword, making it look like it’s in his head.

Toyota’s logo

Many people have their own ideas about what the Toyota logo stands for, with many people thinking that it’s a cowboy wearing a stetson hat. However, that might be a little strange for a Japanese car company considering the nation isn’t famous for its cowboys. Perhaps that’s why that isn’t the case? It’s actually an image of a needle with a thread passing through it.

This is thanks to the fact that the company used to produce weaving machines. That’s just the beginning. Every aspect of the logo also spells out the letters in Toyota. There is a lot more to this logo than we ever believed. Next time you see a Toyota, you can think about how far the company has come.

The home-cooking style from Wendy’s

When it comes to the battle of fast food restaurants, many people put Wendy’s at the top of the list. After all, while some chains focus on creating new and out-there flavors, Wendy’s often sticks to tastes that we know and love. The famous Frosty has been there since the very beginning.

This is just one of the many things that we have fallen for over the years alongside those delicious french fries and hamburgers. If you look a little closer at the logo, then you might notice it looks like the word ‘mom’ is in her collar. That’s to help suggest that the chain prefers home cooking and meals like momma used to make – if momma ran a fast food chain.

The Bluetooth symbol

Some symbols have become an everyday part of our lives, and plenty of us are used to seeing the Bluetooth symbol. Vikings and technology don’t usually go hand in hand, but they do when it comes to Bluetooth. Bluetooth means that we can wirelessly send data to and from devices. While the teams were working on the tech, Jim Kardach was reading a book all about Vikings.

He learned that King Harald was also nicknamed Bluetooth, but no one knows why. Some believe he loved blueberries, while others think he had a rotten tooth. Jim suggested the name, and it just kind of stuck. The logo is a combination of the ancient runes alphabet used by the Vikings and is made from an ‘H’ and ‘B.’

Numbers in Baskin-Robbins’ logo

There is always time for ice cream, and most of us can’t wait to get our hands on Basin Robbins when we’re in the mood for a sweet treat. Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin were both working on their own ice cream recipes and companies before they decided to merge into one giant brand back in 1953. All of a sudden, they had 31 flavors on the menu.

This was unheard of at the time, and Baskin-Robbins wanted to brag. They used to brandish the number above their stores, but have since incorporated it into the logo as there are even more flavors on offer. The pink parts of the ‘B’ and ‘R’ are more than just a color choice – they represent the number 31, too.

The bite in Apple’s logo

There have been many stories about how Apple’s famous logo was first designed. Rob Yanov, the designer who shot to fame after creating the logo, says there is one good reason that the logo was drawn the way that it ended up. Apparently, he started by purchasing a bag of apples. Rob them got to work drawing them in all kinds of ways as he tried to create a simple yet effective image.

That was until he took a bite out of one. ‘Bite’ and ‘byte’ sounded too similar to miss the opportunity, and Rob eventually included the bite in his design. The logo was also once multicolored to advertise their color monitors until it was later redesigned with monochrome colors.

The many meanings of Pepsi’s logo

It can be tough to imagine that Pepsi spent millions of dollars to create the company’s logo, but when there is so much competition on the market, getting the perfect logo is more important than ever. The Pepsi Globe was first unveiled in World War II. The company wanted to show they were proud of its US roots by using red, white, and blue compared to their main rival, Coca-Cola.

It’s also thought that the globe is supposed to represent the theory of relativity, Pythagoras geodynamics, feng shui, the Earth’s magnetic field, the golden ratio, the Parthenon, the expansion of the universe, and even the Mona Lisa. That’s at least what a leaked report said as they wanted to pull people to their product.

The footrest in a Jeep

Jeeps are famous for their incredible off-road performance. After all, there are not many places that a Jeep has got stuck over the years. Some people love to have them as a fashion statement, while others who love to take their vehicles off-road wouldn’t use any other vehicle. It turns out that the designers have put more time and thought into their designs than many of us ever realized.

Someone noticed that their footrest had something that looked a little like morse code in the pattern. It wasn’t until they looked into it that they realized all of those morse code marks actually stand for “sand snow rivers rock.” Now that is a new level of attention to detail.

The bear in Toblerone’s logo

Toblerone has become the chocolate of choice for people traveling through airports across the world. What is it about traveling that makes so many of us want to grab a bar? Next time you find yourself with a bar of Toblerone, take a look at the mountain. It turns out the Swiss chocolate has been hiding a bear on the package all this time.

Most people thought it was a patch of snow, but it turns out there is a good reason that the bear is there. The bear is on the coat of arms of the town Bern. This is the hometown of the chocolate, and the creators thought it was the perfect way to honor the candy’s roots.

Hidden faces in Goodwill’s logo

Amazingly, people have been able to find all kinds of things in thrift stores over the years. Some have found items they thought were long-gone, while others have been able to uncover things that are worth millions of dollars that have been donated by mistake. Some of us can’t wait to take a trip to thrift stores, with Goodwill being a popular choice for many.

As if that wasn’t enough, the knowledge that we’re helping people a the same time is enough to make most of us feel good. Maybe that’s why the logo is a smiling person? If you look really closely, you might just notice that the ‘G’ in the name is just an even smaller smiling face.

The Stardust casino logo

It was a case of blink, and you miss it when Las Vegas first emerged back at the turn of the 19th century. Casinos were cropping up throughout the strip, and some of them have become pretty iconic over the years. Although it shut down in 2006, many people still have fond memories of the establishment before it shut its doors for good.

There was a good reason that the Stardust’s sign was designed the way it was. That was thanks to the frequent mushroom clouds that were seen across the desert at the time. The Nevada Test Site was set up in the ‘50s. The military would regularly test nuclear weapons in the open, meaning that people were used to the clouds.

The Sony Vaio logo

There are plenty of electronics on the market. It can often be tough to know where to begin when you need something new. That’s where companies have stepped up to create the best logos they can to sell their items to you without you ever realizing the truth. Vaio is a spin-off from the mother company.

It makes and designs laptops and phones, but a lot of thought went into the logo. The ‘Va’ from the logo is supposed to represent an analog symbol. The ‘io’ is to represent the digital signal. Together, the two aspects of the logo go along like a wave and spell out ‘Vaio’ as a result. Now isn’t that just a happy little coincidence?

The stripes on toothpaste tubes

Not all of us spend hours looking at our toothpaste tube, even though it might be a good idea to know what we are putting on our teeth. However, if you do start to look over the packaging, then you might notice there is a colored stripe at the bottom of the tube. They aren’t just there for decoration. In fact, there is a good reason they are there.

They are a code to show what ingredients they use without having to read the entire label. Apparently, black means it’s purely chemicals, red means it’s chemical and natural compositions, green means that it’s all-natural, while blue means that it’s medicinal and natural. Whoever knew there was so much to toothpaste?

Lady Liberty’s spiked crown

There is so much history surrounding Lady Liberty. She has proudly stood in New York Harbor since 1886. It was gifted to former President Grover Cleveland from France to mark the country’s 100th anniversary of independence from the US. It took 214 crates to ship Lady Liberty across the world. Now, she stands at 305 feet and one-inch tall.

No, we don’t know about the one-inch either. The statue now rakes in around 3.5 million visitors a year. If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, then you might notice the crown at the top of her head. There are seven spikes around the crown, and it’s believed that each one represents the seven continents across the world.

A certain number of stars

Paramount Pictures is one of the many film studios that has produced a host of hits over the years. In fact, the studio has produced the likes of ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ over the years. Things weren’t always that way. In fact, when Paramount Pictures first took to Hollywood, it had 24 stars in its logo.

There was one for every movie star they had signed up to their studio at the time. Now, the company has worked with several notable names across the world, but that’s not all that has changed. When the logo was re-released in the 1970s, it only had 22 stars. No one knows whatever happened to the other two stars.

The USB symbol

Most of us spend our lives surrounded by technology. Whether it’s a part of your job or you spend your downtime surrounded by tech, the chances are that we’ve seen a USB or two in our time. USB symbols are found on everything from phone chargers to computers and just about everything in between. Would you believe that the symbol was actually inspired by Neptune’s trident?


The trident represents power, and that’s just what many look for from their USB. The shapes also have their own meaning. The square stands for ground voltage, the circle for 5V – five voltage, aka the voltage that USBs work with – and the arrow represents serial data or bits. We learn something new every day.