Not Bought A Himalayan Salt Lamp Yet? This Is Why You Need One In Your Life

How many lamps do you have in your home? Are any of them Himalayan salt lamps? If not, you should definitely consider adding one (or ten) to your collection! These lamps are so much more than the average lamp you can buy in Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target. A Himalayan salt lamp is carved out of pink Himalayan salt, and of course, provide an extra source of light in your home. More than anything, however, these lamps are thought to have various health benefits. These are just a few of them.

They are natural ionizers

Himalayan salt lamps are completely natural, and carved from salt that can often be hundreds of years old. Thanks to the high salt content, these lamps work as natural ionizers. This means that they change the electrical charge of the air around you, which is often why they are said to rid the air of “negative energy.” If you use electrical items or products that emit radiation, no matter how small or safe it may be, the salt lamp can remove these ions from the air and create a clean and crisp atmosphere for you to enjoy.

They can boost your mood

Because Himalayan salt lamps remove the unnatural and nasty ions from the air, it’s believed that they can help boost your mood and make you feel much happier. This is because air ionization has been linked to rising levels of serotonin, which can almost instantly make you feel happier and more full of life. If you were to place a Himalayan salt lamp in each room, you can almost guarantee that you will start to feel more positive as you make your way through your house.

They can help you to breathe

Of course, most people are able to breathe on their own, but Himalayan salt lamps can enhance this process. This is especially true if you suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties. The Himalayan salt absorbs contaminated water molecules in the air, and these molecules can be contaminated with anything, such as dust, smoke, and even bad smells. Removing these contaminants from the air makes the air much cleaner for everyone.

They can reduce stress

Life can be pretty stressful, and it’s often hard to find a way to reduce stress that works for you. Many people find Himalayan salt lamps especially beneficial when it comes to reducing stress because it acts as a form of color therapy. Thanks to the pink hue of the salt, the light emitted from a Himalayan salt lamp is soft and ambient. The yellow, red, and orange color that comes through has often been linked to relaxation and the balance of bodily energies.

If you’ve always wanted a Himalayan salt lamp, this is probably because they look intriguing in the corner of your room. However, these lamps also have various other benefits that will have you sleeping better, feeling better in yourself, and creating a harmonious space around you and your loved ones.