What Happened To The Women From NCIS

‘NCIS’ has proven to be one of the most popular detective shows of all time and after 16 seasons, it’s still going strong. The show has a loyal fanbase, but it’s also perfect for tuning into randomly and trying to wrap your head around the latest mystery. The show debuted back in 2003 and since then has starred hundreds of actors all looking to make their mark in Hollywood.

There have been tons of amazing female characters to star in the show over the years, and we’re taking a look at those stars right now. This is what the women of ‘NCIS’ are like in the show vs. reality.

Tamara Taylor playing Cassie Yates

Although she only appeared in two episodes of ‘NCIS,’ Tamara Taylor’s character Cassie Yates made quite the impression.

Cassie Yates was a special agent who was a strong character that made a huge impact thanks to a certain red dress. Cassie was in ‘NCIS’ in the early years, and her two episodes came in 2005.

It was clear from the outset that Cassie meant business on the show and even though she didn’t last too long, people knew not to mess with her. Her bangs left a lasting impression on those who watched the show back in the early days.

Tamara Taylor in reality

It was clear that Tamara Taylor was comfortable in front of the camera, and that confidence probably came from her career as a model.

The model moved into acting when she starred in the family drama, ‘Party of Five’ way back in the 1990s.

The show that most people know Taylor from these days is the comedy mystery series ‘Bones,’ where she is still assisting the police with her services. Not afraid to try something new, Taylor got a part in the sci-fi drama ‘Altered Carbon’ in 2018 and has also been cast in the upcoming horror sci-fi ‘October Faction.’

Lauren Holly playing Jenny Shepard

There is always a hierarchy in ‘NCIS,’ and sometimes the characters need someone who is going to whip them into shape. Lauren Holly had that task in 2005 when she was cast as the director of operations in the third season.

The actress played Jenny Shepard, and she made a real statement when she first burst onto the scene.

Holly was convinced by the producers to cut her hair into a pixie cut for the good of her character’s storyline, and the actress agreed. Jenny fell victim to an assassination by a hitman and left the show in season five.

Lauren Holly in reality

After making the bold decision to get her hair chopped for Jenny Shepard in ‘NCIS,’ Lauren Holly has grown her hair out. In the show her hair was bright orange, but since leaving she has made sure to keep it a more natural shade.

Since leaving the show in 2005, Holly has continued finding regular work on the acting circuit.

The actress has appeared in hit TV shows such as ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Designated Survivor,’ and ‘Good Witch.’ Her main role since leaving NCIS came in a familiar format as she starred in the crime mystery series ‘Motive’ as Dr. Betty Rogers.

Juliette Angelo playing Emily Fornell

Child actors can sometimes have trouble sticking around in show business as they get older.

Juliette Angelo broke onto the acting scene when she starred in the Broadway version of ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ when she was just eight years old.

She continued acting on the stage for years until she was cast in ‘NCIS’ as Emily Fornell, the teenage daughter of special agent Tobias Fornell. Emily’s introduction allows fans of ‘NCIS’ to see a different side to special agent Fornell that they might not have expected. Agent Fornell’s daughter has been appearing in the show sporadically since 2013.

Juliette Angelo in reality

Outside of ‘NCIS,’ Juliette Angelo has had plenty of success in her young career. Besides starring on Broadway as a young actress, Angelo has appeared in some of the best-known shows as she made her way into screen acting.

Angelo was cast as Carol in the period drama series ‘Mad Men,’ and starred as Meadow MacIntosh in the family fantasy ‘The Haunted Hathaways.’

Most recently Angelo has been starring in the drama series ‘Shameless,’ portraying Geneva in season nine of the much-loved show. Besides acting, Angelo has a love of horses and spends as much time as possible with them.

Sasha Alexander playing Kate Todd

In the very beginning of ‘NCIS,’ fans were introduced to Kate Todd, who was played by Sasha Alexander.

The character set the tone for the series as she was one of the main cast but was fatally attacked just 18 months into the show. That let everyone watching know that even the characters you think are the main stars aren’t safe.

The show has been pulling the rug from underneath people ever since, and ‘NCIS’ fans know they should expect the unexpected when it comes to storylines. Although she left the show in season two, Kate Todd hasn’t been forgotten.

Sasha Alexander in reality

‘NCIS’ really helped to put Sasha Alexander on the map and in 2006 she was cast to appear alongside Tom Cruise in the action movie sequel ‘Mission: Impossible 3.’

Alexander continued to make her way in Hollywood and starred in hit films such as ‘Yes Man,’ ‘He’s Just Not That Into You,’ and ‘The Girl from Nagasaki.’

She returned to the TV studio in the crime mystery ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ as part of a crime-fighting duo that lasted for a total of seven seasons. Later Alexander was cast in the major hit crime drama ‘Shameless’ in 2015 as Helene Runyon.

Scottie Thompson playing Dr. Jeanne Benoit

Scottie Thompson has starred in the recurring role of Dr. Jeanne Benoit ever since season four of ‘NCIS.’

The character first appears as Tony DiNozzo’s girlfriend, but it’s later revealed she has close ties to French arms dealer, Rene Benoit, as she is his daughter.

Jeanne and Tony’s lives appear to be forever intertwined, and they can’t seem to function without each other, but they also aren’t good for each other either. Jeanne left the show after season five, but she made a comeback several seasons later as she had unfinished business with Tony, the NCIS, and her father’s passing.

Scottie Thompson in reality

She might be best-known for her role in ‘NCIS,’ but Scottie Thompson has been in the acting business ever since 2000. Her big break came in 2006, when she starred in the crime drama ‘Brotherhood,’ alongside Jason Isaacs.

In 2009 Thompson appeared as a lead again in the medical drama Trauma, although it lasted only one season.

Thompson briefly appeared in the crime drama ‘The Blacklist’ in 2014 before returning to a regular role in the sci-fi drama ‘12 Monkeys’ in 2016. The actress starred in the major sci-fi blockbuster ‘Star Trek’ back in 2009, where she played Nero’s wife.

Jennifer Esposito playing Alexandra Quinn

Although she only stuck around for one season, Jennifer Esposito’s character, Alexandra Quinn, made an impression on the characters.

Alexandra Quinn was in season 14 of the show and brought a more casual look to the office. The character joined Gibb’s team after a career spent training federal officers.

Quinn was originally a field agent who left the front line after her partner was brutally attacked. She is immensely talented and has an impressive memory as she never forgets any of the agents she has trained. Quinn leaves the force after committing to looking after her mother, who has Alzheimer’s.

Jennifer Esposito in reality

In reality, it seems as though Jennifer Esposito was born to play a police officer. The actress has been cast as law enforcement several times, but there is more to her career than trying to put away the bad guys.

As an actress, Esposito doesn’t like to stay with anyone show for too long and typically makes her exit after a couple of seasons.

The star has featured in hit TV shows such as ‘Mistresses,’ ‘The Affair,’ and 2019’s superhero drama ‘The Boys.’ She has also appeared on the big screen in blockbusters such as ‘Crash’ and ‘Dracula 2001.’

Stephanie Mello playing Cynthia Sumner

Stephanie Mello portrayed the recurring character of Cynthia Sumner in seasons three and four of ‘NCIS’ before disappearing from the show completely.

The character was the personal assistant to a United States Navy member and was typically only spotted in the show in a professional capacity.

Although she didn’t get much screen time, it was clear from how often that Gibbs would barge into her office that there was some tension between the two of them. Even though it was clear she wasn’t an integral part of the action, it was always pretty clear that Cynthia took her job seriously.

Stephanie Mello in reality

It has been a long time since Stephanie Mello appeared in ‘NCIS’ and she hasn’t appeared in very much since then.

Mello appeared to have left the acting industry behind her after leaving ‘NCIS’ in 2007 as it was years before she featured in anything else.

Then, in 2013, she made a brief return to our screens playing a casting director in the family comedy ‘Big Time Rush.’ Most people will recognize Mello for the commercials that she has appeared in, she has been in over 100 and counting. Commercials are the main roles she gets cast in these days.

Liza Lapira playing Michelle Lee

Liza Lapira’s character, Michelle Lee, was all about blending in as she played a mole. She was acting as a member of a legal team for the NCIS, but eventually the audience learned exactly what she was up to.

Michelle goes down in a blaze of glory as she is revealed to be doing things to try and save her sister Amanda.

The character is busted by Gibbs, who eventually shoots her in season six as he tries to take down The Weatherman. Gibbs has mixed feelings about Michelle and believes she should be considered both a hero and villain.

Liza Lapira in reality

Although Liza Lapira has left an ever-lasting impression on ‘NCIS’ fans for her role as the spy Michelle Lee, the actress has been in a ton of productions.

The actress got her big break in 2004 when she was cast in a main role in the comedy drama ‘Huff’ alongside ‘The Simpsons’ star Hank Azaria.

She made her first major movie appearance in the 2008 coming-of-age comedy ‘21’ and a year later starred in the action movie ‘Fast and Furious.’ More recently Lapira starred in comedy TV series such as ‘9JKL,’ ‘Con Man,’ and ‘Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life.’

Nina Foch playing Mrs. Victoria Mallard

Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard is one of the most beloved characters in ‘NCIS,’ and Nina Foch played the chief medical examiner’s mother, Victoria.

Ducky lived with his mother and her nine corgis for the first six seasons, before she moved out due to her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

It’s later revealed Victoria has passed away and the team only learn this after following Ducky to her grave one day. Ducky is sad she has passed but relieved she no longer has to live with Alzheimer’s. It’s later revealed that Ducky inherits a small fortune from his mother’s estate after she’s gone.

Nina Foch in reality

Nina Foch was no stranger to the set of a production when she played Victoria Mallard. The actress had a long acting career that saw her nominated for an Oscar in 1955 for the drama ‘Executive Suite.’

As an actress, she had 170 credits to her name before sadly passing away in 2008, just one year after she decided to retire.

Victoria was one of her last roles on our screens before passing, but she will always be remembered for her movies in the 1950s. Some of Foch’s biggest movies include ‘An American in Paris,’ ‘Spartacus,’ and ‘The Ten Commandments.’

Jessica Steen playing Paula Cassidy

Jessica Steen plays Paula Cassidy, who is one of NCIS’ best criminal profilers. Her job is to mainly focus on Middle-Eastern terrorists, although she doesn’t avoid the suspicion of Gibbs.

The character was only in six episodes of the crime show in 2015, but she was focused on a major storyline surrounding national security.

Cassidy ends up being caught up in a bomb blast and suffers severe scarring, but that’s not the only trauma she experiences. The profiler develops survivor’s guilt believing she was responsible for leading others into the trap and later sacrifices herself to save other major characters.

Jessica Steen in reality

Although she will not be forgotten for her role in ‘NCIS,’ Jessica Steen has appeared in almost 100 productions during her career.

Some of the movies and hit TV shows she has appeared in include, ‘Monk’ ‘The Outer Limits,’ ‘Earth 2,’ ‘Homefront.’

Steen has had major roles in several TV shows, but her biggest and best-known role comes as Lisa Stillman in the family drama ‘Heartland.’ The actress has played Lisa for over ten years after debuting in 2007, and she’s still making appearances in 2019. Her most recent role came as Devorah Silver in the rebooted magical drama ‘Charmed.’

Maria Bello playing Jackie Sloane

Jackie Sloane, portrayed by Maria Bello, first appeared in the early episodes of the 15th season. She was introduced as a special agent and psychologist whose main role was to profile potential criminals.

Sloane is a former lieutenant in the United States Army and really went through the wars as she was held as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

The character is formidable but is suffering from the after effects of being held captive and unsure if she was going to make it out or not. She uses this experience to connect with people who have suffered similar troubles.

Maria Bello in reality

Maria Bello has only recently joined the cast of ‘NCIS,’ but she has had a prolific acting career up until this point and the actress has been nominated for two Golden Globes.

Her most famous roles came the 2000s as she starred in ‘A History of Violence,’ ‘Coyote Ugly,’ and ‘The Cooler.’

She has also starred in more recent hits such as ‘Lights Out,’ ‘Grown Ups 2,’ and ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.’ Normally fans are more used to seeing Bello with a shorter hairstyle, but she has decided to grow it out for the part of Jackie.

Weronika Rosati playing Rivka David

We are introduced to Rivka David in the show in the form of a flashback. Weronika Rosati plays Rivka, but even though her character is the mother of two adult children, she didn’t need aging up.

Instead, she plays the mother of Tali and Ziva when they were younger, which means Weronika could just be herself on set.

She appeared in season 10 of the series in a flashback while Ziva was on a plane. Rivka might have only been in the show for practically a split-second, but her part was important in developing the romance between Ziva and Tony.

Weronika Rosati in reality

Originally from Poland, Weronika Rosati appears in movies both in Hollywood and in Europe. While living in Poland, the actress has appeared in a host of soap operas and movies but is making the transition to Hollywood.

Some of the Hollywood productions she has been in have been huge successes as far as the critics and fans are concerned.

Rosati has had roles in famed TV series like ‘True Detective’ and ‘Supernatural.’ There is no time to waste for the Polish actress, and she is racking up acting credits as quickly as possible after beginning her career as a teen.

Alicia Coppola playing Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman

You may not know that ‘NCIS’ is a spin-off of ‘JAG,’ making it one of the most successful spin-offs of all time.

Alicia Coppola played Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman in ‘JAG’ before her character crossed over and made an appearance in the spin-off.

She is a prosecutor for the Judge Advocate General’s office and assists Gibbs from time to time on ‘NCIS’ whenever her services are required. Even when she isn’t actually in the show, several of the characters in ‘NCIS’ make references to her. She hasn’t been seen in ‘NCIS’ since season two, but maybe one day she’ll return.

Alicia Coppola in reality

Although Alicia Coppola’s name is similar to a Hollywood legend’s, she is no relation to iconic director Francis Ford Coppola.

Like many in the acting profession, Alicia found herself being typecast and has played detectives or people in law enforcement over the years.

She has appeared in crime dramas such as ‘Common Law,’ ‘Jericho,’ and ‘Lie to Me.’ The actress is still finding regular work despite leaving ‘NCIS’ many years ago and even made a comeback as a new character in ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ as Lisa Rand. Coppola also recently had a brief guest role in the music drama ‘Empire.’

Jamie Lee Curtis playing Dr. Samantha Ryan

It was something of a steal for ‘NCIS’ producers to get the huge Hollywood star Jaime Lee Curtis to appear on their show. Many actors come to ‘NCIS’ because they love it so much and Curtis got to spend a season as Dr. Samantha Ryan.

Samantha is a criminal profiler who begins a romantic relationship with Gibbs after her colleague passes away.

The couple tries to keep their relationship professional in front of the others, but it’s not long before people begin to speculate they are dating. After one season Samantha leaves the show, leaving Gibbs still looking for love.

Jamie Lee Curtis in reality

In reality, Jaime Lee Curtis is a huge movie star whose claim to fame can be traced back to the original ‘Halloween’ horror movie. Some of her other iconic films include ‘Freaky Friday,’ ‘True Lies,’ ‘A Fish Called Wanda,’ and ‘My Girl.’

It’s not just movies that Curtis loves, and she has been known to feature in TV shows too if they are something that interests her.

Besides ‘NCIS,’ Curtis has appeared in shows such as ‘New Girl,’ ‘Scream Queens,’ and ‘Anything but Love.’ She recently put her acting career on hold so she could focus on writing children’s books.

Margo Harshman playing Delilah Fielding

Margo Harshman first played Delilah Fielding in season 11 and has appeared in the series ever since.

Delilah works for the Department of Defense and becomes McGee’s girlfriend before they get married. She becomes a vital ally for the NCIS team, and she continues to help out from time to time.

One of her most memorable scenes is when McGee proposes to her in an elevator, and during the wedding plans we learn that Delilah is pregnant. While Delilah is giving birth to their twins, McGee gets caught up in a hostage situation but eventually make it to the birth.

Margo Harshman in reality

Margo Harshman grew up in the spotlight after being entered into a beauty pageant by her grandmother at two years old. She seemed destined to be a star, and she has appeared on our TV screens regularly.

For a brief period, she was a regular guest on the sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ where she played Sheldon’s assistant Alex Jensen.

Harshman has appeared in several hit TV shows during her career including ‘Gray’s Anatomy,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘90210,’ and ‘Modern Family.’ Her busiest period as an actress came in the 2000s when she starred in teen movies like ‘Sorority Row’ and ‘Keith.’

Jacqueline Obradors playing Paloma Reynosa

If you’re going to have a series about catching bad people, then you’re going to need some villains. Jacqueline Obradors played Paloma Reynosa from season seven to eight.

She was the head of the Reynosa cartel and brought a lot of edge-of-your-seat drama as she vowed to take down those who led to her father’s passing.

Jacqueline is fueled by her quest for vengeance, and she has Gibbs set firmly in her sights. Although Jacqueline has grand plans for revenge, the NCIS team are able to stop her in her tracks every time before she’s fatally wounded by her brother.

Jacqueline Obradors in reality

Although she was unforgettable in ‘NCIS’ as Paloma Reynosa, Jacqueline Obradors is best-known for appearing in ‘NYPD Blue.’ She was on the other side of the law in ‘NYPD Blue,’ before turning to the dark side for ‘NCIS.’

Besides her stand out role in ‘NYPD Blue,’ one of the biggest movies Obradors appeared in was the comedy adventure ‘Six Days Seven Nights.’

Obradors tends to stand out in her roles and has been nominated for three acting awards. Her starring role in family drama ‘Tortilla Soup’ saw her nominated for an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.

Meredith Eaton playing Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson appears intermittently throughout ‘NCIS.’ She is played by Meredith Eaton and works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an immunologist.

Meredith is good friends with Abby Sciuto at NCIS headquarters and in her first appearance we see her asking for a favor.

The two were at the same college, so they go way back. Abby is very happy to help as Carol is desperate to set up a video chat with her mother at Christmas. Carol later appears in ‘NCIS’ spin-off, ‘NCIS: New Orleans,’ where she has to deal with an outbreak of bubonic plague.

Meredith Eaton in reality

When it comes to crime dramas, Meredith Eaton has been around the block a few times and knows what it takes to bring criminals to justice.

Her breakout role came as feisty attorney Bethany Horowitz in ‘Boston Legal,’ before she appeared in ‘Family Law’ and ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.’

After starring as Bethany and Carol, Eaton found success was a little easier to come by, and she was cast in the comedy crime drama Battle Creek in 2015. Then she found herself in a major role in the reboot of MacGuyver, where she has played Matty Webber for three seasons.

Pauley Perrette playing Abby Sciuto

Pauley Perrette is one of the faces that fans of ‘NCIS’ have learned to love over the years. She first made an appearance as the forensic scientist Abby Sciuto in 2003, and starred in a total of 15 seasons.

The detectives lean on Abby to help them solve cases, and without her influence, many of the crimes would have been unsolved.

Her signature look stayed the same throughout her time on the show with the chokers and jet black hair. Fans of Abby were left broken-hearted when the character handed in her resignation in season 15 and left the show.

Pauley Perrette in reality

Although Abby was famed for her spiderweb neck tattoo, in reality Pauley Perrette doesn’t have one. She does have other tattoos that were seen in the show, and outside of ‘NCIS,’ Perrette largely looks the same.

Perrette broke hearts when she left after season 15, and after departing the show, she hasn’t yet appeared in anything else.

Besides acting, Perrette is a published poet photographer, and advocate for civil rights. The star might be taking a break from acting after so much time spent as Abby Sciuto, but the popular actress will no doubt be back sooner rather than later.

Diane Neal playing Special Agent Abigail Borin

Diane Neal has found her services being required both in the main ‘NCIS’ show and also the spin-off ‘NCIS: New Orleans. Her character is a former Marine but left the line of duty after her partner passed away.

She is a strong female character, and her personality is often compared to that of Gibbs as they both love coffee and take it the same way.

We are introduced to her as Special Agent Abigail Borin, a member of the Coast Guard Investigative Service. She rises through the ranks after joining from the Marines and eventually heads up her own team.

Diane Neal in reality

‘NCIS’ is actually one of the last things Diane Neal has been in despite it coming in 2015. Since appearing in ‘NCIS,’ Neal was cast in another two crime mysteries in ‘The Following’ and ‘Blue Bloods.’

She was always going to be familiar with crime drama after spending 11 years as Casey Novak in ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.’

The reason Neal seems to have put acting on the back burner was to pursue a political career after she had plans to run for the House of Representatives. Despite her optimism, she finished with one percent of the vote.

Rena Sofer playing Margaret Allison Hart

It wouldn’t be a crime drama without some kind of attorney, and Rena Sofer starred in season seven as Margaret Allison Hart.

Hart proves to be a tricky customer and she is a match for Gibbs, who is desperately trying to get her clients sent down.

Although she is tough and often one step ahead of Gibbs, the special agent eventually manages to overcome her and finally he gets the results. Still, Gibbs made an enemy in Hart, and she would return periodically to destroy investigations held by the NCIS team as an act of revenge for being outsmarted before.

Rena Sofer in reality

Rena Sofer has worked hard as an actress and has had a very successful career too. The actress had guest roles in TV hits such as ‘24,’ ‘Heroes,’ ‘The Chronicle,’ and ‘Ed,’ but her best role came through daytime television.

She is probably best-known for her part in the long-running soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’

Sofer has made over 600 appearances in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ as Quinn Fuller Forrester, a role she had played since 2013. In 1995 Sofer won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for the much-loved ‘General Hospital.’

Daniela Ruah playing Kensi Blye

Sometimes it takes learning a character’s tough backstory for us to truly understand the way they see the world.

Daniela Ruah plays Kensi Blye in ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ and it’s fair to say the character has had a tough start in life.

Kensi had to deal with the fact that her father’s life was taken from her from an early age, which led to a period of homelessness. She was eventually able to get her life back on track, and the fact she got a job with NCIS just proved that as she is an important part of the team.

Daniela Ruah in reality

One of the most striking things about Daniela Ruah is her eyes, and it’s hard to stop looking at them once you notice there’s something different about them.

The actress has a condition known as Nevus of Ota, which is a birthmark on her iris that makes it almost completely blacked out.

When she was just 16, she began acting in Portugal before moving to the UK to study performing arts at London Metropolitan University. Her character Kensi Byle hasn’t just stuck to the ‘NCIS’ universe, and in 2011 her character was in a special crossover episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0.’

Emily Wickersham playing Ellie Bishop

Emily Wickersham has been playing Ellie Bishop in ‘NCIS’ since season 11 and has grown to be a fan-favorite.

Ellie might have long blonde hair when she’s out of her uniform, but when it’s time for action, she keeps it all tucked under her ‘NCIS’ cap.

The special agent has been in the show since 2013 and she doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, which is terrible news for the bad guys. There has been some drama in Ellie’s life, and it’s not all about busting the bad guys after going through a divorce in the show.

Emily Wickersham in reality

Before getting cast in ‘NCIS,’ Emily Wickersham didn’t really have a regular role on our TV screens. She had minor roles in series such as ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ and ‘Law and Order.’

Besides playing Ellie in ‘NCIS,’ Wickersham also plays her character in the show’s spin-off series set in New Orleans.

While Ellie might largely be all business in the show, the actress typically likes to glam things up a little when she’s hitting the red carpet. The star keeps her blonde hair outside the show and doesn’t go anywhere near an outfit that could be considered a uniform.

Linda Hunt as Henrietta “Hetty” Lange

Hetty Lange proved to us all that size really doesn’t matter, as what she lacked in height she definitely made up for in intelligence and talent.

After making her debut within the NCIS: Los Angeles series, fans were quickly able to come to the conclusion that this Operations Manager certainly knew her stuff.

Her co-workers are intimidated by her, the men of Hollywood and law enforcement are enamored by her, and it seems as though there is nothing she can’t do. Of course, while she may seem strong on the outside, it’s clear to see that the line of duty does often shatter her hard exterior. 

Linda Hunt in reality 

While many people have called out this incredible actress for her small stature, not many people know that she was actually diagnosed with hypopituitary dwarfism when she was just a teenager.

Despite her setbacks, Linda knew that she wanted to make it big in the celebrity world – so that’s exactly what she decided to do.

She landed her first professional movie role in the early 1980s and quickly made a name for herself as one to watch. It’s safe to say that this is still the case, as her character of Hetty Lange is still considered the starring role of this epic television show. 

Cote de Pablo playing Ziva David

Cote de Pablo spend nine straight seasons as Ziva David before leaving the show in season 11. That wasn’t the last that ‘NCIS’ fans got to see of Ziva however as she made a comeback in season 16.

Initially accused of being an undercover terrorist, Ziva actually ends up being taken captive and tortured in Somalia.

She specializes in covert operations and knows how to fight her way out of basically any situation. Ziva was trained in espionage and assassination, and due to her ability to speak many languages she can pass for just about anybody she wants to be.

Cote de Pablo in reality

It seems as though show business was always calling for Cote de Pablo. At just 15 years old she was already hosting the Latin-American chat show ‘Control’ with Carlos Ponce.

She hasn’t appeared in too many productions since hosting ‘Control,’ but she hasn’t had to as she was such a huge part of ‘NCIS.’

One show that she did feature heavily in was crime drama ‘The Jury’ in 2004. She found herself appearing in one of the most touching films of 2015 when starring in ‘The 33’ as one of the wives of a miner in the Chilean mining accident.