These Roller Coasters Are Some Of The Most Terrifying In The World

Some of us prefer to keep our feet on the ground, but thrillseekers might enjoy a ride on the craziest roller coasters in the world.

Many of us prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground. After all, if we were supposed to fly, then we would have wings, right? While some want to stay as grounded as possible, others like to push their personal limits. Yes, this means finding new and exciting ways to get the adrenaline pumping and the blood flowing.

There is nothing quite like the wind in our hair and the feeling that we’re flying. The click of the chain as we get nearer to the top followed by that stomach-turning moment when we go over the edge is a feeling that many of us crave.

Whether you love to get out there and scare yourself silly or you prefer to imagine what it would be like to take a ride, the craziest and most thrilling roller coasters in the world are sure to get your hairs standing on end.

Sky Scream – Haßloch Holiday Park, Germany

German theme parks have become a thing of wonder all across the world. The nation loves to get people’s hearts racing and the adrenaline rushing through their veins. It turns out that Haßloch Holiday Park is no exception as people from across Germany and the planet venture to the park every year. There is one ride that captures many people.

That’s right; we’re talking about Sky Scream. The roller coaster sees guests whizzing along at 62mph. That’s not all. Sky Scream also features some intense drops and crazy turns that are enough to scramble many people’s brains. The rush that most riders feel from a ride on Sky Scream means the roller coaster sees thousands of people take their turn every year.

Kingda Ka – Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey

Six Flags parks are famous for their family-friendly rides as well as their roller coasters that are enough to keep an adrenaline junkie happy for a while. It’s one of the most recognizable parks thanks to the 25 locations that dominate Mexico, Canada, and the US.

New Jersey is just one of the states that welcomes one of these parks. If you’ve visited this location, then you might have seen Kingda Ka. It is the tallest roller coaster in the world thanks to the staggering 456 feet that riders reach at the top. This is before they plummet over the edge at 128mph. It was once the fastest roller coaster in the world before it was knocked to second place.

Dodonpa – Fuji-Q Highland, Japan

Japan has paved the way for many incredible things over the years, and their work on adrenaline-filled rides is no exception. However, Fuji-Q Highland theme park wanted to push things one step further when they unveiled their new roller coaster: Dodonpa. Some rides rely on fancy gimmicks or bells and whistles to raise the tension, but not Dodonpa.

This roller coaster uses simple compressed air to get things going. Riders are in for plenty of action right from the start as the train shoots to 112mph in less than two seconds. You’ll have to hold onto your seat for the 90-degree drop that comes your way as the train falls 170 feet to give a feeling that you’re falling off the planet.

Steel Dragon 2000 – Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Steel Dragon 200. Even the name alone is enough to spike fear into the hearts of many of us. However, a trip to Nagashima Spa Land gives people a chance to try and tame the beast for themselves. The theme park is made entirely from solid steel, offering the perfect atmosphere for people looking for a good time.

One of the most dominating aspects of the park is Steel Dragon 2000 that takes people 318 feet into the air. The lift hill takes longer than modern versions, but it’s worth the wait. Once at the top, you get to rush back to Earth at a mind-boggling 95mph. If that doesn’t scream “adrenaline rush,” then we’re not sure was does anymore.

El Toro – Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey

Roller coasters have come a long way over the years. From new heights to neck-breaking speeds and everything in between, it seems as though there’s no end to the possibilities. Although there are many new ways to push the limits even further, sometimes, the classic roller coasters can be the best.

El Toro is a ride that takes advantage of older designs. Anyone that has ridden a wooden roller coaster probably remembers how noisy and rickety the whole thing feels. El Toro has been specially designed to feel just like an out of control bull. That is if the bull runs off a 76-degree 176-foot drop at 70mph. Now that sounds like an angry bull we’ve come across in the past.

Formula Rossa – Ferrari World, United Arab Emirates

Some of us have dreams of living out our lives with a sports car by our side. You know, those long road trips that instantly get better thanks to all that power lying under the hood? While many of us dream about that feeling, some of us have got to see what that feels like thanks to Ferrari World theme park.

There are many roller coasters in the park, but Formula Rossa takes it to a new level. It’s the fastest coaster in the world as it flies up to 150mph in less than five seconds. As if that wasn’t enough, people experience 4.8 g-forces on the ride, meaning no one is allowed to ride Formula Rossa unless they’re wearing protective eyewear.

Tower of Terror II – Dreamland, Queensland

There are plenty of ways to scare yourself silly in Australia. After all, the terrifying and dangerous wildlife alone is enough to get hearts racing. However, it seems as though people Down Under have even more to enjoy thanks to Dreamland. Of course, there are many roller coasters in the country, but Tower of Terror II takes things to a new level.

It sees people brave enough to take on the ride hurtle back toward the ground from 38 stories in the air. The ride shoots the coaster to the top of the tower before gravity kicks in and drags things back down to the ground at a staggering 100mph. This means riders can feel the effects of up to 4 g-forces.

The Gravity Max – Lihpao Land Discovery World, Taiwan

People look for all kinds of things from a roller coaster. Some want to include stomach-churning twists and turns. Others hope to break the speed record. Some even wish to take riders higher than ever before. Believe it or not, but the majority of The Gravity Max at Lihpao Land Discovery World is rather uneventful compared to other roller coasters.

That is until you get to the money-maker section. People climb up 114 feet of track before they abruptly come to a stop. The rail then flips, making riders feel as though they are hanging off the edge of a cliff before it slams 90 degrees down into the track below and drops the train to carry on its way.

Montu – Busch Gardens, Florida

Of course, Florida is filled with a whole host of theme parks. Most of them are designed to help dreams come true and give families a way to enjoy the parks together. Busch Gardens is one of the most popular parks in the state, but would you believe that Montu was designed to try and make people feel as though they’re losing control?

Yes, every aspect of the roller coaster has been carefully constructed so that riders have no idea about the twists, turns, or drops that are around every corner. The train travels at 60mph, but passengers can’t see any aspect that is coming up, so they have no idea what’s in store. That sure does sound terrifying to us.

Smiler – Alton Towers, UK

It seems as though whoever was behind Smiler’s design really wanted to put their own stamp on the world of roller coasters. Sure, you could try and make the fastest or the tallest ride in the world, but where’s the fun in that? Smiler has the most loops in such a short amount of time as riders go through 14 loops in under three minutes.

As if that wasn’t enough, the coaster cars travel up to 53mph as they spin around every twist and turn. The ride also makes use of special visual effects and noises to make people feel as disoriented as possible. Taking a ride on Smiler sure is enough to leave most people’s head in a spin.

Full Throttle – Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

Six Flags. The parks have seen some of the most dangerous and exhilarating rides over the years, and it seems as though they are always on the lookout for new ways to push people to the edge. The best bit? Many of us can’t help but head back time and time again. Now, there is one ride that’s grabbed many.

That’s right; we’re talking about Full Throttle. The coaster spends most of the time taking people around the track at 6mph. That is until you get to the tallest vertical loop on the planet. All of a sudden, the train flies 160 feet up into the air. In a split second, you go from feeling safe to dangling upside down.

Top Thrill Dragster – Cedar Point, Ohio

Not all of us want to fly through the air as fast as possible. If you prefer to live your life in the slow lane, then you might want to avoid a ride on Top Thrill Dragster. The ride is themed around cars, and that’s just where the need for speed begins. It all starts with some drag racing lights.

From there, a revving motor warns people that they are about to take off on the ride of their life. When it was built back in 2003, it was the tallest in the world. Although it has since lost its title, Top Thrill Dragster certainly hasn’t become any less impressive as the coaster sees people travel at a staggering 120mph.

Alpine Coaster – Glacier 3000, Switzerland

We might not think of the Alps when talking about the most exhilarating roller coasters in the world, but it turns out the mountain range is perfect for thrill-seekers. Alpine Coaster is found in Glacier 3000 – a region that is home to skiing and winter sports throughout the colder months and summer activities throughout the warmer time of the year.

Alpine Coaster sees people wind through the snow-covered mountains on a toboggan, but that’s just where the fun begins. People are entirely in control of their speed as every cart is fitted with its own brake. If you’re in the area, then it might be worth taking a trip down the highest alpine coaster on the planet to experience it for yourself.

Takabisha – Fuji-Q Highland, Japan

Thankfully, roller coasters have come a long way over the years. This means they are now safer than ever thanks to the number of health and safety standards they have to meet before they hit the market. That doesn’t mean that designers have given up hopes of pushing things to the edge.

Takabisha has been designed with one thing in mind. The roller coaster aims to make people feel as though they are on the brink of existence. The 62mph speeds teamed with corkscrew rolls, 121-degree drops, and dark tunnels sweep the rug from under people’s feet. The movements make it feel like people are falling off the coaster, so it might be best to skip food before a ride.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso – Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Texas

If there’s one thing that many people have tried to combine over the years, it’s their passion for roller coasters and superheroes. After all, it would be awesome to know what it’s like to be our favorite heroes, right? While Wonder Woman is on the good guy’s side, her roller coaster might make you question her true intentions.

The entire ride is built with a single rail. It’s not something that many of us are used to seeing, and can be enough to put people off from the get-go. Plus, you can soar with Wonder Woman as the coaster climbs 113 feet into the air before plummeting 100 feet back to the ground at speeds of up to 52mph.

Fury 325 – Carowinds, North Carolina

We’re not sure how we feel about Fury 325 after we learn the real reason it was built. Apparently, the person behind the design wanted to create a psychological experiment and thought a roller coaster was the perfect way to conduct their own research. The ride wraps around the entire park, even taking a trip over to the main gate.

This is to try and help guests feel pumped and excited for the park as soon as they set foot into the grounds. People brave enough to take on the coaster get to fly around Carowinds at 95mph. As if that wasn’t enough, the ride takes people through gaps and under beams even though it looks like it shouldn’t fit.

Baron 1898 – Efteling Theme Park Resort, The Netherlands

Some roller coasters rely on the thrill and danger of the ride. However, Baron 1898 takes it one step further as the ride also comes with a story to set the scene. The entire coaster has been designed to make the story come to life in the best way possible. It all starts by learning that you have to descend into the mines.

You have to find the notorious Gustave Hoogmood and his secret stash of gold before it’s too late. Sadly, you might not have much of a choice as this coaster is plunging you underground, whether you like it or not. Just be sure to hold onto your seat as the train falls as a staggering 56mph. Wowzers.

Intimidator – Kings Dominion, Virginia

Some coasters need a little explaining when it comes to their names. Intimidator does just what it says on the label: intimidates anyone who thinks they are brave enough to take a ride. The twisting metal teamed with the dizzying drops sure is enough to make many people question whether or not they have the guts to take a seat.

If you push on and take a ride, then be prepared to travel at 90mph. That’s not all. This coaster features some of the tallest drops and fastest speeds that make the g-forces all that more intense. The entire ride was designed to leave people feeling a little dizzy. If you get off wondering where you are, then Intimidator has worked.

Hyperion – Energylandia, Poland

Sure, we can have dreams that we’ll make it to outer space, but what if NASA forgets to pick up the phone? Have no fear; a trip to Energylandia in Poland could be all you need to make your dreams come true. Hyperion has been built in a fictitious abandoned space research station as people were studying to make it to Saturn.

Now, it’s your turn to try and make it to a new planet as the 84-degree drop, double turns, and special effects make it feel as though you are taking off for real. The best bit? There are even some zero-gravity sections of the track to really get the adrenaline pumping – all as you fly around at 88mph.

Superman: Escape from Krypton – Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

It seems as though roller coaster designers in California have taken a little inspiration from the movie magic that’s made in the state every day. Superman has been a part of many of our lives over the years. Just what would it be like to be this hero for one day? Wonder no more.

Superman: Escape from Krypton is here to help. Two groups of thrill-seekers can take to the tracks at once thanks to the multiple trains, but there’s one part that has many people squeezing the safety bar. That’s when the trains make it to the top of the 415-foot drop before hurtling down the other side at 100mph. That’s certainly one way to experience what it’s like to be Superman.

Wicked Twister – Cedar Point, Ohio

It might be no surprise that people in Ohio are proud of Cedar Point. It’s one of the most loved parks across the nation thanks to the number of rides on offer within the park. Wicked Twister is just one of the many found within the main gates, but it has taken center stage for many fans of the weird and wonderful.

The bizarre twists sure do make this coaster stand out compared to many others. However, those strange shapes have helped Wicked Twister to become the largest suspended impulse roller coaster. It also has not one but two twists. As if doing it all at 72mph in one direction wasn’t enough, you get to do it all in reverse, too.

Expedition GeForce – Haßloch Holiday Park, Germany

Some names get straight to the point, Expedition GeForce is no exception. The coaster is found at Haßloch Holiday Park, where visitors can enjoy some intense forces on their bodies. In fact, people can reach a staggering 4.5 g-force, all thanks to the speed and angle of this coaster. Whoever would have thought it was possible with a roller coaster?

The track speeds above the trees at 74mph, where it often feels as though you’re just inches away from falling out the side door. To top it off, for seven seconds of the ride, you’ll get to experience complete weightlessness. People often can’t get enough of the coaster thanks to its addictive feeling and how long the whole thing lasts.

Leviathan – Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario

It comes to something when the entire park is so impressive that it’s named after the nation. Thankfully, Canada’s Wonderland doesn’t disappoint as it’s home to Leviathan, one of the most dangerous roller coasters across the country. It’s still the fastest and tallest ride in Canada, but the excitement doesn’t end there.

It also features some impressive moves. Leviathan whizzes through the air at 90mph before it drops people from 306 feet up in the air at 80-degrees. Sure, many of us have been tricked into thinking Canada is filled with beaver tails, poutine, and moose, but it’s all about going hard or going home in this nation. Thrill-seekers certainly won’t want to miss the ride of a lifetime on Leviathan.

Colossus – Thorpe Park, UK

There is more to the UK than just the Royal Family and cups of tea with crumpets. The nation is also filled with some impressive theme parks, and even more adrenaline-filled rides than many of us ever realized. One of the many that have drawn in thousands of people in its lifetime is none other than Colossus found at Thorpe Park.

The impressive coaster has no less than ten inversions throughout the ride, meaning it might be tough to see straight until you get to the end of Colossus. As if that wasn’t enough, all of those twists and turns happen at a staggering 57mph. Just be sure to hold off on lunch before taking a ride on the mighty Colossus.

Fahrenheit – Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Believe it or not, but Hersheypark was first built as a place for Hershey employees to relax and unwind. As the park continued to grow, more and more people wanted to see what lay behind the park gates, and Hersheypark was eventually opened up to the public.

Now, the thought of riding Fahrenheit alone is enough to draw in fans. The roller coaster lasts 85 seconds, but it feels as though it lasts a lifetime as riders fly through the air at 58mph. It all starts with a slow ascent to the top as the chain clicks one link at a time until you’re 121 feet in the air. Here, the 97-degree drop soon makes you wonder why you ever got on board.

Red Force – PortAventura Park, Salou

What comes to mind when you think of Spain? Warm Spanish heat? Flamenco dances? Delicious food? Whatever the case, the chances are that you might not think of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, but we could have been wrong all this time. PortAventura Park has been expanding all these years, especially thanks to the park’s 2017 addition.

Yes, Ferrari Land was born. Red Force roller coaster is the leader of it all as it’s the tallest and fastest roller coaster across all of Europe. People brave enough to take on the ride are shot from zero to 112mph in five seconds before they fly up the tallest part of the coaster – all 367-foot of it. People certainly need a strong stomach for this ride.

The Demon – Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Denmark transforms into a completely different country as the seasons change. Summer sees the nation come to life while the winter spreads a blanket of snowy joy across the land. While some rides are forced to close during the winter months, The Demon is one of the few that keeps its doors open.

Perhaps that’s why Tivoli Gardens has become so famous? The Demon grabbed plenty of fans thanks to the fact that it’s a floorless roller coaster that takes people through plenty of loops and turns. However, that’s not all. People can take their experience to new levels thanks to the recent addition. If you wear virtual reality glasses, then it can feel as though you’re flying a fiery dragon.

Wicker Man – Alton Towers, UK

It has been named as the world’s most immersive roller coaster in the world, and after seeing Wicker Man, it might not be hard to see why. The coaster is found at Alton Towers. The theme park is now one of the best-loved in the UK thanks to the fact its coasters seem to take things to the next level.

Wicker Man is a wooden roller coaster that uses special effects to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The chosen ones can board the train before winding their way through a labyrinth of tracks. That’s all before the train rushes straight through the chest of the burning wicker man at up to 44mph. The Brits really don’t hold back with coasters.

Expedition Everest – Walt Disney World, Florida

Of course, it would be tough to talk about the craziest roller coasters in the world without at least one from Walt Disney World. The parks are probably the most famous in the world. Their theming takes people’s experience to whole new levels while immersing people into the ride more than ever.

So what about the roller coaster Expedition Everest? This guides people to the top of Mount Everest before they pass through the middle of the mountain. So what happens when you get to the top of one part only to find a broken track? There is only one choice: to head back the way you came. Thankfully, there are plenty of dark drops and sudden turns along the way.

Millennium Force – Cedar Point, Ohio

Many people head to Ohio to check out the impressive lakes and natural scenery on offer in the state. However, there’s only one way to enjoy Lake Eerie from all new heights, and that’s mustering the courage to make it to the top of Millennium Force at Cedar Point. There is a good reason this theme park is so famous.

Thankfully, riders get to take in the surrounding scenery as they chug their way to the top of the chain. Just be warned, the peak of the drop doesn’t last too long as it the coaster soon soars at 93mph down the 300-foot drop. Millennium Force is certainly enough to put the wind into most people’s sails if they’re brave enough to ride.

OzIris – Parc Astérix, France

While Disneyland Paris has stolen the limelight in France over the years, Parc Astérix has plenty to offer those who are looking for more of an adrenaline-filled time. The entire park has been influenced by the Asterix comic books, and OzIris is a part of the new Egyptian land. OzIris first started to thrill riders back in 2012 and has been open ever since.

Don’t think that you’re in for a smooth ride with this coaster as people fly around at 55mph. Along the way, you will be thrust through hairpin turns, loops, and tunnels – including an underwater tunnel that corkscrews on the way out. Amazingly, this is to help people feel like birds as the coaster tells the tale of Iris’ hypnotism.

Big Shot – Stratosphere, Las Vegas

A trip to Sin City is unlike any other in the world. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but Vegas is hot on its heels thanks to the all-night parties, shows that are out of this world, and casinos that line every part of the street. If there’s one way to make your hotel stand out, it’s by adding a roller coaster.

The Stratosphere is home to four of the highest rides in the city. One on the list is Big Shot, a ride that takes people even higher into the air than the 1,149-foot-high tower has already achieved. It shoots riders into the air at a staggering 45mph before they fall back to the start.

Hair Raiser – Ocean Park, Hong Kong

What could a name like Hair Raiser possibly mean? We think it’s pretty safe to say that your money would be wasted at the salon if you plan on taking on this coaster. It’s a floorless roller coaster that takes people brave enough to have a ride to a whole new level. The scariest part of the entire ride?

It’s practically been built off the edge of a cliff. Thankfully, you don’t have time to think about that snippet of information as the ride soon shoots you to the first drop of the coaster. If you get the time, then Hair Raiser can be a great way to take in Hong Kong. However, the chances are it will all pass too quickly.

Wildfire – Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden

What could be better than a trip to a wildlife park teamed with a ride on a crazy roller coaster? That’s what we thought. It is the second-tallest wooden coaster in the world and doesn’t hold back when it comes to pushing the limits. Over two minutes, riders get twelve airtime hills and three inversions all at around 71mph.

The train climbs up a whopping 187 feet before it starts the incredible descent back to the ground. The tallest drop on Wildfire is 160 feet long and at 83 degrees. The coaster even has a few moments of weightlessness along the way. Amazingly, Wildfire was closed in 2016. After a year of battling for their permit, it reopened in 2017.

Icon – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK

Believe it or not, but Icon allows riders to experience the same acceleration as a Formula 1 driver. This is all before twisting and turning around the rest of the park as you hang on to make it to the end of the ride. The coaster opened back in 2018 and has been wowing guests at this famous sight ever since.

The entrance of the coaster takes people across the world as it’s been themed around Japanese landscape. However, the amazing part of Icon is the fact that it involves the other rides in the park. Yes, it twists around other roller coasters and ties all the attractions together in one big knot. Just hold on for the double launch along the way.