These Horrible Bosses Would Make Anyone Wanna Quit

While many of us think that we have it tough while at work, it turns out there are bosses in the world that make our look like an unexpected saint.

If there’s one thing that many of us have to suffer through – we mean, enjoy every moment – it’s work. That’s right; whether it’s heading into the office as a part of the nine to five grind or out in the world, there are so many ways that we can make money.

Thankfully, there are many great parts that come with having a job to balance things out. Some of us meet new friends. Others enjoy the monthly paychecks. A few of us are even lucky enough to get some bonuses thanks to our job. Unfortunately, there are many aspects that we have to suffer through, like our boss.

The un-funny jokes, the constant moaning, the deadlines, the meetings that are hours too long – it seems as though there’s no end to the list of things our boss puts us through every day. If you think your boss is bad, it might be time to count your lucky stars that you don’t have to ensure what other people put up with at work.

All suggestions here

There are many different ways to run a workplace. Some hold weekly or monthly meetings to make sure that everyone feels they are listened to and respected.

Others have a suggestion box where people can discreetly leave their comments about the company.

One workplace wanted to make sure that their voices were heard. The great news? Their boss agreed to add a suggestion box to the office. Unfortunately, they should have been a little bit more specific. Yes, some bosses really do need to hear that they want their ideas to go further than the trash can. If only everyone were on one page.

Always watching

Do you ever get that feeling that somebody’s watching you? The one where it feels like a pair of eyes are judging your every move, yet you have no idea where they could be?

Don’t worry; the chances are that you haven’t slipped back in time into the world of ‘Friday the 13th,’ but your feeling might not be as off as it feels.

It could be time to start checking all your mail just in case your boss thinks it’s hilarious to pull this prank. Yes, that’s someone’s paycheck. Yes, that’s someone’s eyes looking through the envelope. Yes, that really is as terrifying as it seems.

Fresh meat

Employers are often looking for a way to make themselves stand out from the crowd. This is everything from flexible working hours to being a place that puts workers first.

Making your job advert sound fun and enticing can be tough, especially when many other companies in the area are all looking for new workers at the same time.

This company thought they would go for a witty pun. No, they’re not hiring. They are actually making room in the firm thanks to the employees who are about to discover they no longer have a job. Out with the old and in with the new.

Freedom of choice

Working at a job with a uniform means our freedom of expression can be stolen before we even have it.

Thankfully, it seems that Walmart has learned to loosen the reins on their employees as they have a range of tops that can be worn on shift. That is if you like picking a shade of blue.

By shade, we mean one of five colors. Employees can enjoy “a lot of freedom” when choosing their uniforms, and no two employees will look the same. If only we could all enjoy the freedom that comes with such a dress code. Perhaps we could all be a bit more individual?

Caught pie-handed

It can be easy to find yourself bombarded with different recipes and meals to take into the office to make sure you’re getting a balanced meal.

What is adult life if we can’t eat an entire pie with our lunch? We’re old enough to make decisions for ourselves, and we will enjoy every single one.

This person thought they’d enjoy a sweet treat with their lunch. That was until their pie was MIA. Every desk was in lockdown, and no one was to be trusted until the pie was safely returned. That was until they looked into their boss’ office and realized someone else thought that pie seemed too good to ignore, too.

Standing out from the crowd

Have you ever felt singled out at work? It might be time to find Cody and start a Singled Out At Work club.

It can be tough to hear that everyone else is getting raises or praise while you are working your fingers to the bone and getting nothing in return.

Sadly, Cody must have had other ideas when they turned up for their shift at work. As well as missing out on the praise, the rest of the world soon learned that Cody needed to buck their ideas up if they didn’t want to make it onto the name and shame board in the future.

The last laugh

Some of us are too hilarious for our own good. Some are even so funny that we end up landing ourselves in a whole host of trouble. It can often feel like our boss has double standards.

We are expected to arrive at work on time every day and be there for all those meetings, yet they can forget all about our one to one without a care in the world.

It looks like Steve thought he’d leave a hilarious note. Little did he know that the one to one that seemed so innocent was actually to talk about him leaving the company – and fast.

Beans for days

Many of us have worked at coffee shops over the years. If not, then the chances are that we have been in one or two over the years.

It can be tough to imagine what it’s like behind the counter when we are the ones ordering the coffee. Thankfully, someone has given us a glimpse into their life.

Their boss forgot to check the coffee beans and threw a ton of used and fresh beans in together. Coffee beans don’t grow on trees – not like that – and the employees needed to save the day. Yes, that did involve sitting there all day picking them out one by one.

A hidden talent

All of us have different strengths at work.

It could be anything from fast typing work to making the best coffee, a great phone speaking voice to keeping things nice and tidy, or always hitting your deadline to knowing how to work the company’s confusing computer system.

There are so many hidden skills, and it seems as though someone’s skill is knowing how to pick a great wire from one that has seen better days. Sadly, that skill was about to be the undoing of their day. Their boss wanted them to choose the best wire for the job out of a twisted pretzel of cables that was working its way to a promotion.

Home sweet home

Going through a divorce usually isn’t an easy time for many of us. Thankfully, heading into the office can be a chance for many of us to take our mind off it all for a few hours a day.

The first thing on many people’s list of things to do each morning is to grab a cup of coffee.

So why does it taste so strange? One employee couldn’t quite put their finger on it – until they learned the truth. Their boss was going through a divorce and was living at the office. That coffee pot apparently doubles up as the perfect noodle cooker in a time of need.

Not their problem

Many of us have been there. We’ve rushed through the online order and accidentally hit the wrong button or ordered the wrong thing.

It’s not until the delivery arrives that most of us realize our mistake. One boss took it upon themselves to make sure that the restaurant was fully stocked with pepper.

They were about to enter burger season, and there would be hundreds of hungry customers waiting for their food. Pepper sachets are alright. That is until you remember the restaurant has pepper shakers instead. That’s no worry for the boss who got their employee to cut open all 6,000 packets instead.

Speak to the hand

Change can be tough for many people.

An employee leaving is something that many of us have to face over the years, but that doesn’t mean that it is ever any easier. It can feel like your best friend is leaving.

Rather than embrace the cold hands of change that came with someone handing in their notice, this boss thought they would go all out on their leaving party. The best bit? This was a leaving party like no other. There were no congratulations to be seen, only the cold reminder that this employee thought it was acceptable to ever leave their job.

Hands off

It can be tough to listen to people’s opinions without making it seem as though we’re picking favorites.

It’s one of the many skills that bosses have learned over the years. Sadly, John had pushed them too far. Apparently, he asked about when there would be any more tickets in the bathroom.

Yes, some people really do call toilet paper sheets tickets, and that was an important fact that was about to see John stand out from the crowd. He didn’t have to worry about anyone else taking his tickets as John was handed a toilet paper holder all of his own, with a special sign to match.

Reaping the rewards

Being the boss of the company means there are often a few benefits that make the longer hours in the office and hard work that much more worthwhile.

A company parking spot is one. No longer do you have to park with the rest of the employees.

No, now it’s time to drive to the door of the office and saunter in without a care in the world. However, it appears as though one boss took their rights a little too far as they didn’t park near the door – they practically parked on it. We’re not sure anyone will be taking their spot anytime soon.

Pushing the boundaries

Office parties have been home to some of the biggest dramas and stories over the years. It can be a chance to let our hair down and mingle with our co-workers.

Sadly, the boss realized they might be paying for other people’s fun time. Apparently, the workers used to take home their leftover food and enjoy it in peace.

People soon learned and started to order enough food for their private party afterward. The result? No one is allowed to take any food. Any extras go straight in the trash, no questions asked. People wonder why we can’t have nice things.

A Christmas bonus

There are many ways that bosses have tried to show their thanks to the workers at the holidays.

Some people don’t get anything more than a “thanks” – if they’re lucky. Others might get a little bit of a bigger pay pack to take home at Christmas.

This employee? A pan, some candy, Post-It notes, and a voucher to wear jeans for one day – with an expiry date. That might not sound too bad, but the employee was less than impressed to learn that other people in the office got handed $500 bonuses the same year. Perhaps it was their boss’ way of politely getting them to quit?

Enough of thieves

Many stores have got used to people stealing their items over the years. Plenty of us have a collection of pencils from Ikea while others have glasses from restaurants across the nation. What about wire cutters?

They aren’t usually the kind of things that people collect, but then there’s often something for everyone.

One boss had enough of people stealing their wire cutters. Rather than leave things to chance, they thought they would keep them strapped down and safe. That is until someone puts two and two together and simply cuts the wire cutters free. Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture.

Charging for charging

As much as we try and deny that our phones are taking over our lives, it can be easy for them to be in our hands all day long.

Many of us need them for work while others rely on our cell phones to act as our alarms in the morning and our entertainment all lunchtime long.

You just better hope your phone is fully charged before you make it to some workplaces. Not all bosses take kindly to being the charging hub of their employees. In fact, these employees better watch their backs if they so much as have their phone switched on, let alone charging on their desk.

Taking control

Many of us have gone to extreme lengths to make sure that we are both stylish and comfortable in the office.

In fact, it can be easy to start the day in full ski outfits before opting for a lighter fall look by lunchtime and a tank top and shorts by the afternoon.

Although Mother Nature might not have made her mind up, one boss sure decided that they wanted to keep the office nice and cool. Rather than let the thermostat do its job, they thought they would take the temperature into their own hands and force that AC to blow all day long.

A needed upgrade

If there is one thing that many of us have learned over the years, it’s that you don’t ask, then you probably don’t get.

One employee thought that it was time they were handed an iMac. They believed that they had been working hard and they deserved an upgrade as a thank you.

Amazingly, it looked as though their boss was on board with the idea! That was until they realized their boss might be a little tighter with money than they ever believed. We’re not quite sure where they found and an iMac monitor without the screen, but they sure put their strange object to good use.

An interior overhaul

Some bosses want to stay hip and down with the kids. This can mean a few interior upgrades over the years.

However, it might be best to hold an official vote before you make significant decisions next time. One boss thought that it would be a great idea to throw away all of the desks and replace them with glass and dressers instead.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also threw out the chairs and replaced with saddle chairs instead. We’re not sure what kind of health and safety rules this is breaking, but we’re sure the list is pretty long.

Someone else’s work

One of the best things about being an employer is knowing that you are in control of your own career destiny.

The other benefits? Apparently one of those is having a group of people who will run around and clean up after you have destroyed the work van.

Sure, teamwork is all about working together and making sure that everyone pulls their weight. Sadly, it seems this boss has things to do and places to be. One of those places isn’t at the back of the van clearing up their mess. Instead, that was a job for a disgruntled employee.

Practice makes perfect

It once seemed that having a company tablet was like being in a workplace of the future.

That was until the world realized that times are changing and it could be time to keep up. One boss knew just what they needed to do: invest in a company tablet.

However, they didn’t want to take any chances with it getting damaged, so decided to buy a screen protector for their new toy. The worst bit? It turns out their boss was determined to put it on with no help – and resulted in something looking more like bubble wrap than a sleek bit of tech.

Blending into the environment

The internet is a fantastic place.

Many of us have found just what we needed over the years, including all of those DIY videos that show us just what we need to do to save some money and make something incredible as a result. It can be tough to imagine what we did before we had a doorstop in our lives.

The best bit? This one seems to blend into the office atmosphere without any worries. All it took was a computer monitor and all the problems were solved at once. If only we had thought of a better way to hold the door instead of those cheap weighted animal characters all these years.

The perfect solution

There are many ways to keep files in order. Some of us have a color-coded, alphabetical, and amazingly organized filing system that means nothing is ever found out of place.

Others? They prefer to have a little bit of organized chaos in their life. So long as they know where everything is, then nothing else matters, right?

This boss apparently had enough of watching their employee stand there and try to figure out how to organize their folders. Instead, they left a not-so-subtle hint that alphabetical might be the way forward. That alphabet song can finally be put to rest in this office.

Too much work

There are some days that we need fictional characters by our sides more than others. Where was the Lorax when someone thought this was going down?

Yes, those are innocent trees being cut to their doom. Apparently, the manager thought the trees cost too much to take care of and decided the easiest thing to do would be cut them down and end the argument.

Thankfully, it’s not like we need trees to help clean the environment, make the oxygen that we breathe, or provide homes for nature. Oh wait, we might have got our wires crossed a little with this one…

See you on the other side

Walking into the office can feel like a home away from home for many of us. That is if your home is filled with people looking for ways to cut corners and save as much money as possible.

Now that we think of it, we never noticed the similarities before! It can be tough to budget for office supplies, especially when it comes to bathroom needs.

It appears one boss went for a simple answer that involved buying as much toilet paper as possible while saving as much money as they could. The result? Well, we’re not sure that we’d like to see that one.

All but the middle

Once you notice an unusual habit about someone, it can be tough to ignore it – especially when it’s something as strange as eating every part of the donut apart from the hole.

Office donut day in this workplace must be a little odd compared to others.

That’s all thanks to one strange boss who wants to leave the part of the donut that comes with no flavor or calories. Maybe they use the hole as a way to hold their donut? Perhaps they like to wear them as a decorative ring once they have finished? We’re not sure anything can make us forget this behavior.

Welcome back to the office

While being stung by a bee might not be something that many of us have laughed about over the years, there are times that others might find it funny.

Sadly, one employee was about to learn the hard way that getting stung in the mouth by a bee hurts – a lot. Don’t ask.

Many employers would be worried about how the accident could affect their team. What about if they need time off work? Suppose they try to blame the company and sue? The possibilities are endless. This boss wasn’t worried. They had the perfect welcome back gift lines up, complete with the stinger from the bee and a little reminder to work more and talk less.

Replacing the need

Not every boss is willing to take the chance that their employees could get a little distracted along the way.

If the distractions aren’t there, then it might be a little it more difficult to find something else to do other than work. All this boss needed to do was remove social media.

Sadly for them, their workers soon learned to find a way around the ban and made their own social media wall instead. While it might not have been the use of time this boss was hoping for, there’s no denying the creativity oozing out of this office.

One step further

An office fridge is a place where people often head to do battle. It seems as though all rules head out the window when it comes to whose food belongs to who and keeping your hands to yourself.

Sure, you might have bought that milk for yourself, but it now belongs to everyone else in the office.

That was until someone had enough of everyone else taking their delicious drink. There are ways to make your point, and then there’s placing a padlock through the lid of your milk to make sure that no one else gets a drop. Hopefully, no one ever invested in a lock cutter.

A sizable problem

At first glance, it seems as though this is nothing more than a snap of someone’s desk. That is until we learn the story behind the photo.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. It turns out that one employee left the office and returned to find their boss had decided to redecorate the office.

One of those significant changes included the computer monitor and its size. Their job might have involved designing intricate inventions on a huge monitor, but now they had to get used to straining their eyes and working on a smaller space if they were going to adapt to the office changes.

One chunk or two?

Birthdays, weddings, leaving parties, announcements. It seems as though most of us don’t need much of an excuse before we head out and buy a cake for the office.

They are the sweet treats that can make any situation that little bit better. That is until you take a look at how your boss cuts the cake.

This could be one of the worst times to question how they cut their delicious treat as they are wielding a sharp knife, but we’re not sure that many would be able to stand back and think this is acceptable. Where’s the uniformity? Where’s the order?

Now you see him

Being a boss is great until you find that people have all kinds of questions that are urgent and need to be asked asap. Yes, people really do need things spelled out for them every now and then.

Sadly, it appears that Karl has listened to one complaint too many or answered a question that has pushed him over the edge.

While our imaginations have been known to run wild with us over the years, we’re not sure that we’ve ever created an entire person, learned their lives, and talked about their imaginary ski vacations around the water cooler before.

Keep the change

Many of us have headed to a meal or a drink over the years. If you like your server and they’ve done an excellent job, it’s polite to leave a tip, right?

Sure, it might be the right thing in most countries, but this place doesn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression.

Those tips aren’t anyone’s other than the employers. We have to hand it to them. At least they didn’t try to hide their almost stealing ways. We’re just not sure that many people would have been pleased to learn the news after they left a tip.