Hilariously Inappropriate Kids Drawings

Kids are pretty hilarious, right? These tiny humans just seem to have no filter when it comes to social cues and norms – and that’s exactly why we love them. In fact, that’s why we find these totally inappropriate kids’ drawings absolutely incredible.

If you have kids, you’ll know that they say the darndest things sometimes. They’re constantly coming up with weird and wonderful stories in their minds, they’re making up their own languages, and their imaginations are running wild 24/7. This makes for some pretty hilarious interactions between adults and children, but of course, this isn’t just limited to vocal interaction. Kids also love to draw pictures, and some of them are pretty questionable.

Drawing is a fun and creative pastime for kids young and old, and most parents love to stick these drawings on their refrigerator, or just keep them in a memory box so they can look back on them for years to come. However, we have a feeling that most parents wouldn’t be sticking these inappropriate drawings up in their kitchen. Without any filter and some serious imagination, these kids have drawn some pictures that you just couldn’t make up if you tried. We bet the parents of these children had to put their bossy boots on for some serious conversations when these drawings came to light…

Stacking that paper

It’s good to have goals in life, isn’t it?

Most kids spend their childhood dreaming of the day that they get to zoom off into space as an astronaut, cuddle kittens every single day as a professional cat cuddler, or fill their mouths with candy as they work as the ultimate candy taster.

Of course, many kids also dream of being just like their parents when they are older – and it seems as though this kid’s mother is seriously stacking some paper. When this little one grows up they want to be just like their mommy, but at least she seems to be doing well for herself, right? You can’t have a business without customers, after all.

All day, every day

When you were at school, you may have been asked to tell your classmates and your teacher all about your parents.

You may have been asked to explain what they do for their career, what hobbies they have, or how they spend their day.

While there’s nothing wrong with this mom enjoying a tipple or two every now and then, we have a feeling that they wouldn’t have been too impressed with their child choosing this as her defining feature. What makes this image even more hilarious is the fact that this child seems to have drawn her mother, hovering on the chair by herself, drinking a large glass on her own. That’s gotta be tough to see.

Get out and stay out

Although most kids are innocent little creatures that wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly, their soft hearts can be broken pretty easily.

One wrong move from another person can leave them feeling hurt and upset, and this can cause them to act out and let out their feelings in the form of their words or their drawings.

Don’t believe us? Just check out this drawing. Valerie must have done something pretty terrible to be drawn in such a way, but we can’t help but think that this little kid may have exaggerated just a little bit. Perhaps a conversation about violence may be in order for this kid and their parents.

Dear Santa

There was nothing better than writing your letter to Santa when you were younger.

While the novelty may have worn off a little now that you’re adults, there’s no doubt about the fact that it was the highlight of your year when you were a kid.

After all, this was your chance to ask Santa for something that you really, really wanted – and he couldn’t say no, could he? Well, this kid decided to make sure that they got exactly what they wanted because they wouldn’t be content with anything other than a pony. They left this drawing and these words on their letter to make sure that the message really sunk in. Or else.

Getting hands-on

If you have ever tried to draw human hands, you’ll know that they aren’t easy. They aren’t easy for even the best artists to perfect, so how do we expect kids to be perfectly hands-on?

While we have to forgive them for their pictures every now and then, we have a feeling that the parents of this child would have been a little shocked to see this one land up in their kitchen.

From where we’re looking, this particular hand is a little inappropriate for our liking. Maybe this little kid got so fed up with the fact that their hands just weren’t looking how they wanted to, they decided to give it a little what-for…

A new storyline

While this story might be a little inappropriate for a child to think up, we kinda think that it’s hilarious.

After all, it takes some serious creativity to master a cross-over that we didn’t even realize we needed. The Hulk and the Kardashians in one storyline?

That’s an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that we would definitely watch. What’s even more hilarious about this drawing is the shade that this kid has created. They obviously think that there’s more to life than getting a tan or getting married for 72 whole minutes, and we have a feeling they don’t particularly like the Kardashians.

All in the details

One of the best things about having children is the fact that you can see their creativity flourish before your very eyes. You can hear them make up their own words.

You can see them make up characters as they play with their dolls. You can even see them embrace the art world and practice their drawing skills.

While most parents will encourage their kids to draw as much as possible and become as detailed in their artwork as possible, we have a feeling that this isn’t what most parents are talking about. In this kid’s defense, they may have been teaching themselves the inner workings of the human body. Gaseous exchange is a big part of our bodily ecosystem, you know.

The best words

Phew, we bet this was a confusing situation for the parents and teachers who got to see this masterpiece in the flesh.

It was a little dangerous for the teacher at this kindergarten to provide the kids with a task like this one. Asking them to think of F words? That’s just asking for trouble.

The teacher and parents of this particular child were probably over the moon to see that their kid had kept things PG and not instantly made their way to a curse word, but the graphic detail in this other F word is a little disturbing. What’s the yellow stuff coming out of this person? Is that a gas, liquid, or solid? Actually, we don’t really think that we want to know.

I love mom

There’s nothing better than receiving a card from your kids, is there?

Although most of the time you can’t quite read their writing or understand what they’re saying, there’s just something about the thought that goes into this card that makes your heart so full.

However, we don’t know whether to be happy for this mom or not. While we love the fact that her kids decided to write her a card and state just how much they love her, the picture they have drawn is a little misleading. Are they putting their fingers up to say that she’s their number one mom? Or are they flipping her off? Who knows in this world.

What a good day

It’s always a good day when you have a fun time with your mom and dad, and it’s even cooler when your cat comes along for the ride.

However, do you know what makes this kid happier than anything else? When the demon leaves them alone. Wait, what?

There’s no doubt about the fact that kids have a pretty wild imagination, but it’s no secret that many kids say that they can see beings from other worlds. While we have a feeling that these parents didn’t know anything about a demon, they do now. At least the spooky demon decided to leave them alone for one day, though. That’s a good demon.

Walking with dinosaurs

We don’t think anyone grows out of their fascination with dinosaurs, but most adults find a way to keep their obsession with these ancient creatures under wraps until they get home at least.

However, we can’t expect the same from kids, and they are more than happy to go about their day pretending to be a T-Rex or drawing various different species of dino.

While we’re not quite sure about the classification of this one, this is supposed to be a dinosaur. No, that’s definitely what you’re thinking it is. Yes, that really is a dinosaur. Okay, it’s a bit of an inappropriate dinosaur.

A creative genius

Children are the future, and it’s sometimes quite comforting to know that these kids have some of the weirdest and most wonderful brains that we have ever seen.

Sure, they may be a little wild here and there, but their noggins are actually pretty smart.

We have a feeling that this little kid’s idea of bringing dinosaurs back to life and using them as furniture won’t come to fruition, but just think of the other ideas that could be in their mind! With kids like this in our future, we’re excited to see what’s next. Fish tank chairs? Toys made from plants? The opportunities are endless where kids are concerned.

A backup plan

Although most parents have no doubt about the fact that their children love them unconditionally, they have a funny way of showing it sometimes.

It’s always nice to see that your kids appreciate those who look after them when they are not at home, but would this mom really like to know that her daughter wants her teacher to be her mom when she passes away?

While it’s always good to have a backup plan in place in this world, let’s just hope that Miss Mac didn’t send this particular drawing home with Nina to show her actual mom. That would have been awkward.

Getting it wrong

Learning to draw and spell can be difficult for children, which is why you often need to bear with them.

After all, the English language can be difficult to perfect, and there are so many letters and numbers that look so similar to each other. So, we can kinda forgive this inappropriate kids’ drawing.

While the person in the blue jumpsuit certainly shouldn’t have been wearing the wrong outfit with their two feet coming out of one pant leg in the first place, it’s pretty easy to put the letters you want to put into a word in the wrong order. It’s hilarious, but it’s also not hard to do.

Likes and dislikes

It’s always good for teachers to know what goes on behind closed doors, and many teachers love to learn everything they can about a students’ parents.

When asked about their father, this student decided to get a lil’ creative and draw a picture of their daddy. It’s pretty innocent, right?

Well, cast your eyes down to the writing. While it’s good to know that their dad has a stable job as an employee, we bet the teacher raised their eyebrows for the last bit. Let’s just hope that the kid means that their dad loves to drink water. You have to stay hydrated, after all.

Aiming for the best

If you have children, it’s important to let them know that they can be anyone they want to be in this world.

They can be the president if they want to, they can climb Mount Everest if they put their mind to it, and they can even break out of their tomb in 100 years if they want to.

Yes, it’s always a good idea to raise a confident child who believes in their abilities and their impact on this world. So, we can’t knock Graham for drawing himself coming back to life. After all, anything is possible if you just believe. We can’t help but wonder that this was a bit of a loaded question from the teacher, though…

A great use of time

Teachers really want to know about the mothers of their students, huh?

When this child was asked to draw a picture of their mom and then write about what she does all day, their mom probably didn’t expect them to be just so honest.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling the truth and being as honest as possible, but we have a feeling that this mom probably hoped that this moment would be the time for a white lie. After all, the whole world knows that she now spends her whole day watching Ellen. We don’t blame her, though. It’s a great use of time.

The truth brush

Well, this is a disturbing thought. Most of us pay no attention to the fact that we have to clean our teeth on a regular basis, and we do so without really thinking about what we’re doing or why we’re doing it.

It’s just a way of life, right? Well, what if that toothbrush turned into a truth brush?

This inappropriate kids drawing has shown us just what would happen if this happened in our own lives, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s pretty scary. We would be steering well clear of a truth brush if we can. It’s a no from us.

It’s no wonder

Kids love to be surrounded by animals, and that’s why so many parents choose to welcome pets into their lives.

It gives kids the chance to look after something and gain responsibility for a living thing, it gives kids the chance to connect with something, and it gives them the chance to love them unconditionally.

However, that doesn’t stop them from pointing out their flaws. When this kid had to write about their bunny for a school project, she decided to call her bunny out for being a little too overweight. Of course, if you’re going to eat that much cabbage then it’s no wonder it’s overweight.

Be a good boy

We’re going to be totally honest here. We have a lot of questions about this particular kids’ drawing.

While we love the fact that this child has decided to suck up their pride and apologize for what they have done to Camron, there are many things about this particular apology that has left us scratching our heads.

For starters, why was this child smacking Camron there in the first place? Secondly, what’s with the star at the bottom of the apology? This looks like something straight out of the Dark Arts guidebooks, so we’re going to move swiftly on, despite the fact that he’s been a good boy…

What a threat

It’s fair to say that kids can be pretty mean when they want to be, so it’s best that you try to avoid upsetting them at all costs.

When they feel as though they have been wronged, they will do anything to get their own back – and this inappropriate kid’s drawing is a true testament to that.

We don’t know what horror movies they were watching or what video games they were playing to get this kind of message across, but it’s kinda scary. This threat is something that we know isn’t exactly going to happen, but there’s no doubt about the fact that we wouldn’t like to receive it ourselves.

The super trophy

Ah, kids are so innocent sometimes, aren’t they?

They love nothing more than to draw the day away, and while they aren’t the best drawers at such a tender young age, that doesn’t mean that they can’t show off their artistic license.

When this kid was asked to draw something shiny, they knew that they had to draw a super trophy that someone would win after taking part in a competition. Of course, now we know that it’s a trophy; it all makes sense, but it’s fair to say that our first thought was that it was something different. We’re sure the adults of the world would have also thought the same.

Going to go far

Have you ever come across a child and realized almost instantly that they’re going to go far in life? Well, we think this kid is one of them.

It seems as though this child could think of nothing worse than having 100 friends and them trying to phone them, so they decided to answer this question as honestly as possible.

We’ve never seen anything as relatable as this answer, and we have a feeling that this kid is going to become the next president or the next leader of the free world. After all, the answer to everyone’s problems is just to ignore it and pretend it’s not happening, right?

A true thank you

When you were younger, you may have just felt a rush of gratitude for your parents every now and then. When this happened, what did you do? Did you make your way over to them and give them a big hug?

Did you tell them that you loved them? Or did you make a card to show off your wonderful drawings?

This kid decided to do the latter option, and alongside their wonderfully shaded picture of a heart, they also thanked their mom for just being them. Oh, they also thanked their mom for not making her meatloaf anymore, because they weren’t a fan of that.

A rush of gratitude

Of course, there are other ways to show your family that you love them.

This little girl knew that she wanted to make something special for her family, so she whipped out her whiteboard and drew a lovely smiling face – because she smiles every day with her family around her.

With some smaller smiley faces and some stars thrown into the mix, she then took her design one step further by writing a little note to all of them. This little one had no idea that she had got her letters a little mixed up, but it seems as though the recipient knew exactly what they had to do. It will be fun to dig this photo up as the years go by…

Getting the authorities involved

Children are adorable, and although they tell the odd white lie here and there, it’s their honesty that often gets them in trouble.

In fact, their honesty can sometimes get other people in trouble – which is why we can only assume that the kid who drew this photo had to clarify what they meant when they wrote this about their teacher.

Unless Mrs. Edwards was the worst teacher to ever roam this planet, we have a feeling that she was a math teacher, and this particular student just happened to love their lessons with this particular teaching. Mrs. Edwards was probably sweating a little after seeing this picture go in their student’s bag.

Her favorite person

Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge difference, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to Santa.

Judging by the Christmas hat on her head, we have a feeling that this little girl was simply professing her love to the man who falls down her chimney on Christmas Eve and leaves presents under the tree.

However, scrambling the letters slightly results in something a little scarier. Of course, we don’t know the full story behind this little kid. There could actually be a chance that this child loves Satan rather than Santa, but we’re gonna go ahead and hope that this isn’t the case.

Heading to the beach

If you had to read this a few times to work out what this kid had written, then you’re not alone. We just spent the past five minutes trying to understand the words and the context, but we think we finally have it solved.

After all, everyone loves the beach, right? There’s sand, there’s the ocean, and there’s a whole load of fun to be had here.

Of course, the fact that you love the beach can come undone when the spelling becomes a little different, and it seems as though this kid has had a few problems with their spelling. Because of this, it seems as though they actually love something else.

The ultimate president

This kid’s drawing isn’t exactly inappropriate, but it’s certainly hilarious. You probably don’t remember the days when you were learning to spell, but most kids do so by spelling each word as it sounds.

If you say “Abraham Lincoln” out loud, it does kinda sound like “April Ham Lincon.”

So, we really don’t blame this kid for going all out and just risking it for a chocolate biscuit. After all, we have a feeling that anyone would know what they meant anyway. Unless they were actually talking about something called April Ham Lincon of course. In that case, they were absolutely perfect.

A little scary

It’s always a good idea for teachers and educators to get an insight into what a child’s home life is like, but this can sometimes be much harder than it seems.

That’s because kids can get a little creative, and their minds can also go into overdrive.

While we have a feeling that this student doesn’t live with a vampire, a tadpole, and whatever else those beings are supposed to be, teachers have got to take this as the truth. Perhaps this student really does live in a red house with a vampire in the downstairs bedroom? You never know in today’s day and age.

Thank you very much

Children often struggle to get out their words and what they really want to say, which is why so many decide to draw their feelings instead.

That’s exactly what this child decided to do when they opted to thank the firefighter who was brave enough to save him.

The fire must have been a scary time for this child, but they were over the moon when the firefighter came along with his hose and was able to put it out. While there’s nothing really inappropriate about the sentiment of this drawing, most people can’t help but chuckle over the hose itself. You know what we mean, right? You must know what we mean.

A lovely drawing

If your child has ever come to you with a drawing that’s a little questionable, there’s no doubt about the fact that you have struggled to keep a straight face.

It’s a natural instinct to just laugh out loud or stifle a giggle when you see things like this – and sometimes it’s the most innocent drawings that hit you the hardest.

After all, this is supposed to be a lovely drawing of some scissors. While this probably looked exactly like a pair of scissors to the child that was drawing this, it looks a little different to any adult looking upon it. Were you able to keep a straight face?

A true likeness

Kids seem to love drawing pictures of the people around them, and this particular kid knew that they wanted to draw a picture of their teacher on their first day at school. So, that’s exactly what they did.

While this was supposed to be a momentous day for the child and their parents, we have a feeling that the parents probably didn’t put this one on the refrigerator.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that this drawing painted a true likeness of the kids’ teacher, this isn’t something you want up in the house. It’s perhaps a little too uncanny, and could have been a bit less detailed maybe…

So many questions

Okay, we don’t really know what’s going on here. Who is Emma? Why did she use to be a carrot? This is just one of the many examples of kids and their imaginations.

When they get an idea in their head, they start to run wild with the idea and ultimately end up believing it themselves.

Because of this, we can only assume that’s what happened with this child. Maybe their parents told them that their little sister grew as a carrot and then was plucked by the stork, and then decided to roll with this idea for their afternoon drawing session.

Giving it up

Children can be unintentionally mean sometimes, and there’s no doubt about the fact that their words can sometimes hurt your feelings. However, their drawings can also cause a bit of conflict.

When this little girl decided to draw herself giving up her younger siblings to the aliens, it’s safe to say that her parents weren’t too pleased.

After all, the last thing they want is for their youngest child to be zapped into space with some little green beings. Of course, you can never be too upset with your kids when they are just sparking their creativity because we’re sure they don’t really want to trust their sibling into the atmosphere. Let’s hope not, anyway.

A pod of dolphins

Kids just love to get their creative juices flowing, and most of the time, these creative juices surround the animals of this world. They’re fun to draw, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they’re just pretty adorable.

Because of this, we can’t blame this kid for drawing a pod of dolphins during their crafting session.

They look like dolphins now that we know they are dolphins, but there’s no doubt about the fact that we had to double-take when we first looked at this picture. After all, the dolphins don’t exactly look like the ones we’ve seen in the ocean. The shape is a little different.

The biggest hat

You can bet your bottom dollar that kids are going to get well and truly stuck into the Christmas spirit when the holidays come around, and children just love to draw things associated with this holiday.

This kid isn’t the first child to draw Santa on their letter, and they certainly won’t be the last, but there’s something about this particular drawing that’s a little different.

Actually, it might have something to do with the giant hat that Santa is wearing. We can’t imagine that this hat would be too practical when jumping down the chimney, but perhaps this is a new look that he’s trying out.

A match made in heaven

If you can’t quite read the words on this picture, Evan has drawn a picture of his mommy and daddy and the things that make their relationship work.

His mommy provides the love in their relationship, and his daddy provides the gas. Yes, that’s why this word is in a different kind of speech bubble.

We have to admire Evan’s honesty in his drawing sessions, but we have a feeling that his daddy wouldn’t have been too impressed when he saw this drawing. At least Evan’s teacher gave him a stickler for his hard work though, right? That makes it all worth it.

The talking boy

Children often scare their parents with the news that there’s a ghost in their house, and we have a feeling that this kid’s parents would have been a little freaked out by this drawing.

After all, they were probably expecting Julian to draw a lovely drawing of their family and their health, and they probably weren’t expecting Julian to draw “the talking boy.”

This drawing probably would have sparked a rather stern conversation and one that asked their kid a little more about the supposed talking boy in their house. In fact, they may have been talking to Julian while having the ghost hunter on speed dial…

One last thing

Christmas is a great time to spread Christmas cheer, and it seems as though this kid was more than happy to do that during this particular festive period.

They wanted to write a card to one of the people in their lives, but they also wanted to draw a little picture to show off their drawing skills.

They certainly did that, but we’re not sure that the person who received the card would have appreciated such a thing. After all, not many people like to be called fat, and we have a feeling that they even fewer people like to have a drawing of such a thing besides the horrid words. Kids say the darndest things.