Halle Berry’s 4-Move Tire Workout Will Blow Your Mind

Halle Berry is one of those women that just seems to have it all. She has the fame, she has the fortune, and she has a whole host of fans who think that she is perfect. Berry is often regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she puts in the hard work to ensure she is always in top physical form. Not only does she have an intense beauty ritual that ensures her skin and makeup always look flawless, but she always makes sure that she is working out.

Sharing her technique

Thankfully, Halle Berry isn’t one of those celebrities that chooses to keep their workout routine a secret. She often posts photographs, videos, and information about her exercise regime on Instagram for her followers to watch. This has inspired many people across the globe, but it’s also blown many people away. After all, Halle Berry doesn’t just go to the gym and make her way across all of the machines that are in there. She goes hard with her personal trainer, and she makes sure that she works every part of her body. That’s why her trainer just couldn’t ignore the tire that they found in a junkyard. Instead of leaving it there, they decided to incorporate it into her routine.

Four moves

When they realized that they had a whole new piece of equipment to work with, Halle and her trainer put together a 4-move workout that would work every single part of her body. It would target her strength, it would target her stamina, and it would definitely work up a sweat. So, what are these four moves?

Tire Plyo Jump

To begin with, Halle fits in 20 reps of tire plyo jumps. This is a pretty simple move, as they are basically the same as a normal box jump. Halle just happened to have a tire in front of her, so they decided to work with what they had.

Tricep dips and kicks

Once she has completed these reps, Halle uses her arms to keep her body off the ground to complete tricep dips and kicks. Similar to a normal tricep dip, this move incorporate an added kick to work the body as a whole. She doesn’t miss anything out.

Jump in and over

Next, Halle completes another fairly simple move. She swings her arms up to gain momentum, and then she crouches down and jumps up and into the tire. Without taking a break, she then does the same again, so she jumps out of the tire.

Squat and jump

To finish her workout, Halle then stands in the tire, before jumping up so that her feet rest on either side of it. She then squats down into a low squat, before standing back up and jumping back into the middle of the tire.