Should You Feed Your Pets Insects To Save The Planet?

There are many debates about the food we should – and shouldn’t – be giving to our pets, but what about if critters were about to become an option. That’s right; some people have been asking the question: should you feed your pets insects to save the planet?

Reading the stats

Would you believe that pet food is thought to take up 20% of the world’s meat production? It seems as though our four-legged friends are taking a fifth of the meat on offer, which means their diets are contributing to around 25% of the pollution caused by meat farming. In a world that’s more eco-conscious than ever, many people have now started to look at alternatives for food. So what about if the change involved feeding your pets insects to save the planet?

Looking for alternatives

Many of us couldn’t imagine a life without our pets by our side, but their environmental impact can leave many of us looking for ways to reduce their carbon pawprint. Thankfully, a company has just released their new line of dog food that is made from natural botanicals, potatoes, oats, and… Insects? Yes, the meat seems to have been replaced with black soldier flies that are fed on food waste found in the Netherlands before they become our pet’s meal.

Worries about health

Although many pet owners have jumped at the chance to reduce their pet’s carbon impact on the planet, many vets warn that they might want to hold off before investing in a brand new diet for life. Most agree there needs to be more research into the new food and the effects on our pets before we can safely feed this alternative meal. For example, cats need plenty of taurine to ensure they are kept healthy, and little is known about the quantities in the new food.

Seeking advice

Most experts advise that anyone looking to switch out their pet’s diet should seek professional help before making the change. As with any major overhaul, the change should be made gradually to give our pet the time they need to adjust to their new diet, but that’s not all. Many are also waiting on results to see how well our pets are able to absorb any nutrients from this alternative food before they are willing to suggest the change.

Thinking about the change

Some people can’t wait to make the change to their pet’s diet as they embrace the impact it will have on our environment. In fact, some experts believe that dogs are versatile to change and should be able to cope with an insect-based diet instead of their usual meat. However, other pet owners are still trying to wrap their heads around the bizarre new trend taking the world by storm.

Pets can quickly become a huge part of the family, and keeping them happy and fed is an important part of being an owner. Could it really soon be time to start feeding our pets insects to save the planet? It seems as though the jury is out for now.