Get Ahold Of These Brands And Products Before They Disappear

When you think of your childhood, there are probably a few memories that come to mind. So what about the brands that we miss? That’s right; many of our childhoods were filled with products that we once couldn’t live without, but now seem to have been pushed to the back of our shelf. Perhaps you have recently fallen for a product and can’t get enough? It turns out that we might need to grab some things while we can as many of our favorite brands are disappearing.

Amazon, McDonald’s, Apple, and Disney are some of the most favorite brands in the world. What if we told you that some of your beloved brands could soon be heading out the door for the final time? Not many of us like change – no matter how much we are told that it’s good to embrace something new. We know what we like, and we want it to stay that way. It could be time to invest in a storage unit and stock up before they are gone.

Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s Soup cans once filled pantries across the nation, but now it looks as though they could be disappearing.

The cans are lasting longer and longer on grocery store shelves, and it might not be long before the company is forced to call it quits. Why? It turns out it could be to do with that famous label.

Many shoppers now love to make their soup from scratch or opt for organic options instead. Campbell’s Soup has tried to keep up with the demand thanks to their organic range, but it could be too little too late for this delicious bowl of goodness.

Old Country Buffet

It can be tough to know what to have for dinner. There are just so many options out there that we’re starting to wonder how anyone is ever able to make a decision.

Thankfully, we always had Old Country Buffet as a fallback.

The restaurant chain served up just about every kind of cuisine you could imagine and offered an ice cream buffet that was out of this world. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. In 2016 and ‘17, the chain closed the majority of its locations. Now, it’s thought there are around 20 spots still open, but they might not last too long.


If you’re looking for a compact car that still shows that you have plenty of style, then it could be time to welcome a Fiat into your life.

Sadly, it seems that could be just what has seen the undoing of Fiats in the U.S. The Italian car company recently announced they have plans to pretty much halt sales across the nation.

However, their cars are still selling like hotcakes in Europe, so you might be able to import one of these beauties if you can’t live without the car brand. It turns out the American market prefers SUVs and pickup trucks over smaller city cars.


Whether you spent hours adding all of your new albums to your account or used iTunes to buy songs that you had never heard before, iTunes was at the heart of many of our teenage years.

Thankfully, iTunes is the perfect place to find some sad songs as we come to terms with the news.

The latest iOS update will no longer include iTunes as Apple has decided to call time on the service. Instead, we will be greeted with Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, and Apple Music. Sure, there are alternatives that promise to be even better, but it’s just not the same as the classic service.


Those iconic blue bags and that delicate jewelry line could soon be given the boot if the reports are true. That’s because figures show that their stock has reduced by 20%, while their sales haven’t come close to matching up to previous years.

With so many people wanting our money, it seems that fewer people are now opting to spend their wages on luxury brands.

Thankfully, all might not be lost. The company currently has new management to try and rebrand Tiffany’s as well as boosting its internet presence. If you have the money, then it could be time to grab some Tiffany classics while you can.


Aéropostale has been on many of our minds for years as people wonder if it will make it through another downfall. So far, it looks as though the clothing brand has always been able to pull it back from the edge.

Back in 2016, Aéropostale announced it would be closing 154 stores as it filed for bankruptcy.

However, that all changed after a few months when the reopened 500 previously shut stores. It’s all thanks to the competition. There are many stores aimed at the same target audience, and the bigwigs such as American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch seem to have their claws firmly in the market.


Surely we can’t be in a time where Costco is on the way out? After all, it’s such a great attraction, that many of us could spend all day finding out just what 200 pizza rolls really looks like.

While many of us can’t imagine letting a month go by that we don’t head to Costco…

It seems that many have lived their whole lives without a trip to the store – and they won’t be starting anytime soon. Young consumers are typically shopping for just themselves and no longer have the need – or space – to buy in bulk. It turns out we might not need all of those supplies after all.

GPS devices

The release of the smartphone was about to change the world in more ways than many of us ever believed.

Not only do we now have access to our favorite games and the internet whenever we like, but there are many features that have changed the way we get around, too.

Many of us once headed out to the store to buy the latest GPS unit whenever we were about to head on a road trip. Now, most people use maps on their phone instead. In fact, with access to maps of the world at our fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to rely on one tech device for all of our needs.


Do you remember the days when you had to carry your phone in one hand and your iPod in the other if you wanted to text and listen to music at the same time?

They have been over for a long time, and now, it looks as though the next generation may never learn the struggle.

Many music players have been brought back to life over the years, with record players being more popular than ever. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the iPod. Apple has already discontinued some of the major models from the line, with the rest expected to follow any day soon.


Whether you love them or hate them, Crocs were once just about everywhere we looked.

While they might not have taken the fashion world by storm, they were a huge hit for people gardening or camping while nurses around the world would often opt for the shoe.

Sadly, the company announced that 180 stores would close in 2018. There are a handful of reasons that Crocs have stepped out of the limelight. There are many cheaper alternative brands that have grabbed people. Plus, Crocs are also a little too durable as people buy one pair and don’t need another for many years.


Many tweenagers throughout the generations have enjoyed drawers full of Claire’s Accessories.

As if that wasn’t enough, they were once one of the top ear piercers in the world as the company claims to have pierced 100 million ears since it opened in 1978.

Unfortunately, the next generation might need to find a new place to stock up on all of those bedazzled earrings headbands as the company announced that it had gone bankrupt in 2018. Claire’s had already shut down many stores across the nation, with more expected to follow any time soon. It could be time to make room for all of those neon accessories before they are gone!

Chevrolet Cruze

Some cars have taken over the world, and it once seemed impossible to drive along the street without seeing Chevrolet Cruzes at every turn. Do you know why?

The Cruze was Chevrolet’s most popular model for many years as they sold thousands across the nation. That was until now.

That’s right; the Chevy Cruze is coming to an end. As soon as the Cruze started to become popular, other companies began to catch on and created their own version of the model. The competition drove down Chevrolet’s sales, and it wasn’t long before the car company decided to pull the Cruze from the market.

iPhone X

It feels as though the iPhone X has only been on the market for moments, and now we’re hearing that it will soon be booted from the lineup.

Apple has always tried to stay on top of its game and often removes older products from its production lines to make way for new models.

It turns out the iPhone X is one of the latest products that will be removed from stores. There were many reports that it was due to falling sales, but it turns out the X was a top-selling phone. Now, it will be replaced with the XR, XS, and XS Max instead.


It once seemed a day didn’t go by without someone reminding us to eat our Wheaties. Those days are long gone – and it might not be long before the cereal follows, too.

This was once the start of many people’s day across the nation. Now, it’s believed that alternative breakfast options are one of the biggest reasons their sales have started to fall.

It turns out that homes across the U.S. now prefer to have a variety of breakfasts throughout the week, with oats and breakfast burritos being at the top of the list. Plus, there are now a host more cereal brands all battling for the top spot.

Cash registers

Ok, plenty of stores still use cash registers, but it might not be long before they are a thing of the past if we continue to develop new spending habits each year.

Many cash registers have to be replaced every few years to make sure they are up to date, especially as some don’t connect to the internet.

Retailers are no longer confined to one payment method as there are so many different systems on the market. In fact, many researchers believe that it might not be long before money has no meaning altogether. That’s right; we could live in a digital currency world before we know it.

Fabric softener

Many of us can’t imagine anything better than climbing into a fresh set of soft clothes. Unfortunately, we might have to search high and low if we want to find some fabric softener in the future.

From 2007 to 2015, studies show that sales of the stuff in the U.S. fell by 15% – and it looks as though it’s set to continue declining.

Many researchers believe it’s thanks to the public’s perception of fabric softener. A lot of people say they have no idea what it is for, while others look for ways to save costs, and fabric softener is one of the first things to get the ax from the list.

Harley Davidson

Who would have thought the day would come where one of the leading motorcycle companies could disappear? Sadly, there is no hiding from the truth.

Harley Davidson could be on the way out. It turns out that the younger generations aren’t as keen to jump on the back of a bike as the older generations.

This has significantly hurt Harley Davidson’s sales. As if that wasn’t enough, many people now opt for public transport or Ubers over owning a vehicle altogether or purchase an electric scooter to try and reduce their carbon footprint. Harley Davidson might be forced to rethink its designs if it wants to keep a spot on the market.


The name Kodak is likely to make most people think of cameras. That’s because the company dominated the photography world for many years. Believe it or not, but it has since moved toward another kind of market: cryptocurrency.

That’s right; Kodak created KodakCoin as they hoped that photographers could earn some online currency if other people used their images.

Sadly, the move didn’t quite go to plan. Investors have been left disappointed, and the company has already sold the patents for their cameras. Nowadays, it looks as though Kodak cameras might soon be more common in the used electrical section rather than in the windows of leading photography stores.

E-book readers

E-book readers divided the world. Many loved the idea of having access to thousands of great novels at their fingertips while others couldn’t give up the feel of a good book in their hands.

Although there has been a battle for years, it seems as though e-books might have lost.

However, it’s not to real-life books. No, it’s all thanks to the fact that smartphones are getting larger and more people own tablets than ever before. Now, it seems as though there’s no need to have an e-book when there are already other ways we can enjoy our stories that mean we don’t need another electronic device.


All kings must end their reign at some point, and it seems as though the king of drinks might soon have to hand over the crown.

It’s all thanks to the number of different options out there on the market. After all, there are so many flavors, sizes, and low-calorie alternatives that it can be hard for companies to keep up.

Now, even the greats have started to suffer. Another reason that Budweiser is suffering is thought to be thanks to the alternative drinks on the market that allow people to get creative and mix their own flavors. Hopefully, the brand soon finds a way to keep up with the demand.


There are so many subscription services that it can be tough to know just what we are paying for anymore. MoviePass is a theater subscription that allows people to buy a certain number of tickets each month for one price.

Unfortunately, the company dropped from 3 million subscribers all the way to 225,000 over the years.

The company decided to temporarily suspend the service as they wanted to work on improvements. However, MoviePass hasn’t released how long it will take to complete the changes, and the mobile app is down for the foreseeable future. Could this be their way of calling the whole thing off?

Chef Boyardee

Many people longed to get home, open a can of Chef Boyardee, and be ready to enjoy their dinner in just a few minutes. That was until people started to become more conscious about what goes into their food.

Sure, many people still want quick meals that are simple to make and don’t require too much clearing up afterward, but canned food seems to have missed the mark.

Shoppers now typically prefer fresh options instead. Chef Boyardee did alter the recipe to include healthier ingredients, but that meant the company had to increase the price of the cans – and say goodbye to some buyers as a result.


There have been so many weight loss products and diets on the market over the year that it can be hard to keep up with them all.

Maybe that’s why the diet market is one of the largest in the world? It takes a great brand to survive the test of time, but somehow SlimFast made it through.

That was until recently. It looks like the company has a lot of fresh competition. Back in 2000, SlimFast was sold for $2 billion. 2018? It fetched just £350 million. It seems that SilmFast’s time in the limelight could finally be coming to an end.


Let’s face it; it was always going to be tough for any social media sites to compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

However, that didn’t stop some from signing up to Google+ as they wanted to be a part of the new trend in 2011.

Sadly, if you were one of the many who tried to break the mold, then you have to kiss your account goodbye as it has since been closed down for good. All of those photos and videos that were uploaded are stored on an archive album, but Google says that it was the steep competition that led to its closure.

Landline phones

It might be a while before we see the end of the landline phone, but many believe that it could happen within the next few years.

We once relied on them to help us contact people across the nation – even when our parents moaned about the long-distance charges.

It could be time to wave goodbye to those days of twiddling a cord around your finger and talking to your friends. More households than ever now rely solely on cell phones instead. To top it off, even businesses now typically use internet-based services instead of landline phones as they are cheaper and often more convenient.

Bars of soap

There are many products that spring to mind when we think of the bathroom. What about a bar of soap?

It might have been a long time since we got to see one of these, and it seems as though it’s set to continue heading in the same direction.

Instead, we are greeted with a whole range of other alternatives, such as liquid soap and body wash. Studies have shown that sales are dropping faster than many believed as people now state that bars of soap could be covered in germs and are often a lot more inconvenient than other options.


Many of us still have room for Jell-O. Sadly, it turns out that others now have room for other desserts instead. Jell-O used to fill people’s pantries before the world started to shop for fresher and healthier options.

It once felt as though Jell-O went hand in hand with being a child, but it looks as though some could have to search far and wide to find a packet in the aisles.

Thankfully, the company continues to release new products to the next generation, such as edible slime that can be played with before consumed. Yes, things really have gone that far.

Department stores

It once felt as though anything could be achieved with a trip to the department store. After all, they have everything we need from clothing to makeup and home goods to perfume with just about everything in between.

While many of us once loved to browse the aisles and get our products there and then, it seems as though the internet has stepped up to take the place of many locations.

Many online stores now sell just about everything and have forced department stores to close their doors for the final time. In fact, many have tried to host pop-up options for designers, but soon, it looks as even those will be gone.

Digital cameras

We usually have our own reason for buying smartphones. Perhaps you like to have access to the web in your pocket? Maybe you love to play games in your spare time?

If there’s one feature that many smartphone owners have fallen for over the years, it’s their cameras.

Amazingly, point-and-shoot digital camera sales have been declining since 2007 thanks to the release of the iPhone. Of course, many avid photographers love to carry their full-size equipment with them. However, many others prefer to keep their electronics to a minimum as people now primarily use their smartphone cameras for photos and videos instead.

Dial-up internet

For some, it’s been years since we heard that tell-tale screech of dial-up getting ready to give us access to the world of the internet.

There was no using the phone, or it could be the end for your online adventures. Believe it or not, but some households still rely on the service.

It seems as though dial-up internet is walking a thin line as the majority of the nation is now greeted with high-speed internet. No longer do we need to rely on telephone lines. Plus, dial-up is now one of the most expensive ways to get online thanks to internet provider’s deals.

Volkswagen Beetle

Of course, many people have fallen for VW Camper Vans over the years, but there is another contender that has stolen people’s hearts: the Beetle. They have been seen in social media snaps for years. Sadly, that could soon change.

The U.S. has always shared a tumultuous relationship with the vehicle as sales have gone up and down since the 1940s.

However, in 2019, VW announced they would be releasing a Final Edition of the Beetle. The company has had breaks from sales over the years. Hopefully, this is just another one before the bug returns to our showroom floors a few years down the line.


We never thought we would hear the day that an entire food could disappear from the market, but that day has come.

Yes, cereal could soon be gone. People just aren’t eating as much as they used to, and it seems as though every cereal brand on the market is feeling the burn.

It turns out that younger consumers don’t want the inconvenience of eating cereal. Apparently, many believe that it’s because you can’t eat cereal on the go and it takes longer to clear up after the meal. It appears as though washing a spoon and bowl is a little too much for some.


If you looked around any kitchen at one point in time, it would have been tough to miss a Kenmore product.

The company had its fingers in plenty of pies as they sold everything from small appliances to larger refrigerators. So what happened?

The drop in Kenmore sales was all thanks to Sears shrinking the number of stores as they lost plenty of passing sales. However, there’s more. It appears that many now want all the latest smart tech in their homes, with smart refrigerators being one of the latest trends to sweep the world – leaving the likes of Kenmore in their dust.


If you love coffee, then you might need to take a moment. Yes, those coffee beans could be in danger.

Amazingly, it’s thought that two billion cups of coffee are consumed all around the world each day, but what if that caffeinated cup of goodness was taken away from us?

It could soon be a reality if diseases, flooding, and droughts continue to rip through the land. The change in conditions means that it’s now harder than ever to grow the plants, and coffee shortages are becoming more likely. We may no longer have the luxury of coffee shops every few steps if something doesn’t change.

Diet Pepsi

As the world continues to turn, the number of healthier alternatives on the market continue to rise.

Diet Pepsi was once at the top of its game as many opted for the drink over their full-sugar options to cut calories and reduce their sugar intake.

However, the world has come a long way, and it seems that many consumers are now worried about the effect that sugar alternatives could be having on their health instead. It’s not just Diet Pepsi that is at risk. It turns out that Diet Coke could also be on the way out. Thankfully, both companies already have other alternatives on the market.