Everyone Wants To Know What Happened To Beyoncé

Everyone wants to know who bit Beyoncé after Tiffany Haddish told GQ magazine that she was bitten at a party she held last year. Since the Girls Trip star made the revelation, speculation has been rife. People have been playing the guessing game to try to find out who the unnamed actress could be.

Obviously, the A-list stars were not going to give up the culprit.

The only clue Haddish gave was that she is an actress who is famous enough to be invited to one of Beyonce’s parties. That means that Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Sanaa Lathan and Sara Foster are all in the running. One can hardly imagine either Queen Latifah or Rihanna committing such an act, so they have been left out of the speculation.


Shots Fired star Sanaa Lathan took to Twitter to say that if she had bitten Beyonce, it would have been a “love bite.” Empire star Taraji P. Henson was cleared when Haddish said she was not involved. Sara Foster, who starred in the series 90210, claimed it was flattering that anyone would think she could get that close to Beyoncé.

Haddish said that she was at the party and witnessed Beyoncé storming off toward Jay-Z and telling him something, after which they went to the back of the room. She asked one of Beyoncé’s friends what happened and was told that she had been bitten in the face. She said that Beyoncé later confirmed to her that she had been bitten, but when Haddish offered to fight for her, the singer told her to have fun and forget about it. When she offered again, Beyoncé told her not to because the guilty party was on drugs and wasn’t like that all the time. She told her to chill.

Model and Lip Sync Battle co-host Chrissy Teigen got involved in the story when she started tweeting about it. She said she couldn’t leave the planet until she knew who bit Beyoncé. She had someone in mind. Later, when she found out who the culprit really was, she admitted she had pegged the wrong person. She later tweeted that she was scared she had said too much and would never tell.


Bey and Jay have been completely quiet. They are busy preparing for a second worldwide tour together that kicks off in June in the UK. Beyonce’s publicist said she had no comment because she had no knowledge of the incident.

Some of Beyoncé’s fans are not happy that Haddish shared the story. She defended herself by saying that Beyoncé kept her from doing what many others would have wanted to do. She said that Beyoncé is a great person, she has learned so much from her and would always have her back. She would also always continue to speak her truth.

The latest news is that Lathan could definitely be the one despite her denial. This has been confirmed by a number of sources. Another clue came out when Haddish said it was someone who had dated French Montana last summer. Sanaa’s tweet wasn’t exactly an outright denial either. Case closed…unless Tiffany, Chrissy or Beyoncé decide to reveal the culprit.