Why Donkeys Are Rising In Popularity As Pets

Why are donkeys suddenly such popular pets? Is this even a question that we need to ask ourselves? Those long ears teamed with their adorable faces, and unique Eeyores are a real thing to behold. However, there are plenty of reasons that so many people want to welcome a donkey into their lives.

They love affection

If you want an animal that will love you and love every moment they get to spend with you, then it could be time to get a donkey. Most donkeys will appreciate being fussed for hours as you learn all of their favorite scratching spots. Plus, they are social creatures. This means they will often love it whenever their owner turns up – especially if they have a treat or two in their pocket. And who could resist donkey cuddles?

They get on with most animals

Some people worry about bringing a new animal into the family, especially if they already have a number of pets and don’t want to disrupt the peace. Thankfully, donkeys make perfect additions as they are able to get on with most other animals. Yes, this includes our family dogs and cats, too. They love to spend time stretching their legs in the field with horses, sheep, or alpacas, as well as other donkey friends. It’s almost like donkeys don’t have enough love to go around.

They’re great for kids

As well as getting on with the rest of our animals, donkeys are great additions for families with young children. This is because they are gentle creatures. Thankfully, they are also pretty small, which means they aren’t usually too much of a threat to kids. As if that wasn’t enough, many have been broken to ride, which means that as well as enjoying your donkey from the ground, young children can also spend many hours riding their new friend.

They’re easy to train

Believe it or not, but donkeys are highly intelligent creatures. It’s not long before they learn their new routine as well as who always carries the carrots and how to get a little more food from their owners. Have you ever wondered why people say that donkeys are stubborn? That’s because they have a flawless memory as they never forget. That means they’ll always know how to perform any tricks you teach them over the years.

They have long lifespans

Some people want a pet that will last a lifetime. Sound familiar? It could be time to welcome a donkey into your life. Many donkeys can live well into their mid-30s, with the oldest donkey in the world living until they were 55 years old. However, this also means that you have to be prepared for a lifetime of commitments to make sure that you’re always able to give your donkey friend the love they need and deserve.

There is no end to the number of benefits that donkeys can bring to our lives. However, we have another question: why stop at just one donkey? Why not open your arms to a whole herd of new long-eared friends?