Inside Dr. Phil McGraw’s Mansion

With a net worth of $400 million, it comes as no surprise that the daytime TV legend, Dr. Phil, has a pretty impressive house. Let’s take a sneak peek inside his $6.25 million mansion!

Behind the scenes

Many of us have grown up with Dr. Phil as part of our daily TV viewing. Here, we get to see the host work his magic as he seems able to solve just about any issue that comes his way.

However, it can be tough to remember that Phil has a life away from our screens, too. When he’s not hosting his show, Phil is often kept busy with Robin, his wife, as the pair live out their days in their Beverly Hills mansion.

The year of change

It was back in 2002 that Dr. Phil’s life was about to change forever. As well as getting a guest slot on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the star was about to land his very own series. It seemed as though it couldn’t get any better.

Thankfully, his new career meant Phil had the chance to upgrade his house. Phil and Robin took one look at the $6.25 million mansion on the prestigious Lexington Road and knew all seven bathrooms and eight bedrooms had to be theirs.

Expanding their lives

It seemed as though Phil was signing on the dotted line almost as soon as he saw the mansion. The star wanted a way to spend his wealth and knew investing in a new family home would be one of the smartest investments.

Although the inside of the house was breathtaking, it was the outside that really caught the couple’s attention. Dotted within the flowerbeds lay several statues and columns that gave a new surprise around every corner – all while surrounding a crystal-clear pool.

Stairs to success

While Dr. Phil has earned a reputation for his humble and modest personality, it seems as though his home is enough to do all the talking.

Guests are hit with an impressive double-staircase as soon as they walk through the entranceway, and can stand back in awe as they take in the beauty of the Mediterranean-themed interior. The tiled floor is complete with a wrought-iron banister twisted into plenty of elegant shapes. Still not enough? People can take in the view from above thanks to the interior windows.

A grand office

Perhaps it’s all those years as a psychologist that has given Dr. Phil such a love of a brown couch? That or there was a really good offer on at the furniture store. Either way, it seems as though the star has worked hard to kit out his office.

Here, Phil can keep himself busy with any kind of work that comes his way. Whether it’s catching up on emails or researching stories for the show – this sure is the perfect room to get serious.

Faking the space

It seems as though it’s not all brown in this mansion as the dining room adds a touch of class to the home. Not only does the room feature a stunning table, but it’s also surrounded by a number of plush dining chairs, too.

That’s not all. The room is completely decorated with mirrored panels. Not only do these add a new spin on the room, but they also help to make the space feel much larger. Sometimes, all it takes is a few minor details.

The heart of the home

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms for many of us. Here, families can come together to enjoy a home-cooked meal no matter the weather. It seems as though Dr. Phil also had this room high up on his list of priorities.

Over the years, Phil has shown off his passion for cooking, and now he can enjoy plenty of space to create thanks to the many marble countertops. The entire area is complete with the huge selection of gold cabinets to bring it to life.

Plenty of threads

Many of us are used to seeing Dr. Phil in his typical suit and tie thanks to his many years in the same outfit on our screens. So what about when he’s done filming for the day?

Does he spend his time around the home in the same threads, or is there an entirely new wardrobe we are yet to see? It looks as though this star has everything he needs in all the right places as this walk-in closet goes to prove. We never knew clothes could be so organized.

Matching her style

Robin has risen to fame along with her husband over the years. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s the fact that she has an incredible sense of style.

Maybe it’s no wonder she is able to choose such coordinated outfits after seeing the astonishing closet she is greeted with at home? Robin gets to enjoy rails upon rails of clothes and shoes in a closet that most of us could only ever dream of experiencing. Oh, to spend a day in this room…

Coming to an end

Although it seemed as though this house ticked every box any celeb could need, Phil and Robin soon decided it was time for an upgrade. All those balconies overlooking the incredibly well-tendered yard just weren’t cutting it anymore.

After several swims in the pool, many cookouts at the outdoor barbecue, and the chance to watch the sunset from their bed – it seemed as though the celebrity couple needed an upgrade to celebrate the next chapter in their life. Now, they just needed to find it.

Room for toys

While Dr. Phil might not be the biggest gearhead on the planet, the star has been spotted in a selection of vehicles over the years – and even on some as Phil also owns a motorcycle or two.

Thankfully, his old property was the perfect place to keep all his vehicles safe as the large driveway and three-car garage offered up plenty of space. The best bit? Phil and Robin would have been able to see their home disappear in the rearview mirror one last time when they left.

On the market

After eight years in their home, Phil and Robin decided that 2010 was the perfect time to put their mansion on the market. It seemed as though it was finally time to say “goodbye” to their family home. After just one year on the market, the house was eventually sold.

Thankfully, it seemed as though the TV star had made a wise investment as his $6 million mansion soon turned into a $12 million property. Now, they could set their sights on the new home being built on the hill.

Watching it unfold

Phil and Robin were more than content with their Mediterranean home. That was until they noticed a property being built up the hill. The couple watched as every day the house of their dreams came to life more and more before their very eyes.

It was a tough decision to make, but both knew they needed to make an offer before it was gone for good. Unfortunately, the $29.5 million price tag was more than they had ever spent on a home.

Tucked away

One of the best things about their new dream house on the hill was the fact the home was hidden into the landscape. Beverly Hills was living up to its name as the rolling hills surrounded the house.

Phil and Robin knew there was no worry of nosey neighbors. Plus, they would be able to come and go from the home without the media being able to snap a photo. It seemed like the perfect investment – so much so that the McGraws still live there to date.

A similar theme

It appears as though the couple have a theme when it comes to choosing a home. That’s right; Phil and Robin seem to enjoy a Mediterranean-style home judging by their new pad.

The bright white paint teamed with the iron balconies and terracotta roof tiles make it look as though the home has been whisked straight from a Greek island and placed in the middle of Beverly Hills. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s now home to one of the most famous hosts on TV.

A closer view

From far away, this home is impressive. Up close? Well, it’s almost indescribable. The fresh, clean look appears right at home in the landscape, and we’re sure that many would be happy to call it “home.”

The couple have been busy making their own mark on the property ever since they stepped foot through the door. The driveway was once just an open space. Now, it is home to an animal-filled water feature to break up the landscape – a small addition that goes a long way.

Back to nature

One of the photographs from the home’s construction shows just how in touch with nature this property really is. While it can be easy to assume that houses in Beverly Hills are filled with glitz and glamor, it seems as though it’s quite the opposite.

The property is filled with times and arched doors and windows all made of wood and stone. To top it off, many of the walls don’t need any fancy additions as the exposed brick adds the perfect amount of detail.

Secrets below

It seems as though Dr. Phil has wanted to keep his new home away from the media’s eyes. However, we have still been able to sneak a peek at some of the room over the years.

It appears as though the basement has been transformed into an area fit for a top talk show host thanks to the stone stairs and extravagant water feature. Perhaps this could be the perfect space to convert into a wine cellar? At least there is plenty of room for a bottle or two.

Room for guests

While Dr. Phil spends most of his time loving his wife, it seems as though he still has plenty of time for his extended family, too. Thankfully, there is plenty of room for any extra guests who want to stay the night.

As if all of the bedrooms in the main property weren’t enough already, there is also a huge guest house that comes complete with all its own living facilities. The view over the water feature is just an added bonus for any visitors.

Plenty of greenery

Phil spends most of his day under the bright spotlight of his TV set. It seems as though coming home is the escape that many of us would need away from the bright lights.

Thankfully, Phil has been able to find a house complete with plenty of lush vegetation. The best bit? His view out over the hills means Phil can sit back and watch nature whenever he wants without the worry of neighbors of the paps getting a quick look into his home.

Everything they need

While their first Beverly Hills home might have been substantial, it seems as though things couldn’t get much more impressive for Phil and Robin now they have their brand new mansion.

All in all, the home measure in at around 15,000-square-feet, and features no less than 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and 2 half-baths. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a gated entranceway, a pool, and a sunken tennis court. Any fan of Phil’s probably knows how much he loves to play tennis.

Feeling festive

Being protective of their home means Phil and Robin never usually share snaps of their house online. However, Robin made an exception with this festive upload. The star was seen showing off her spiral staircase that seems to take guests to the grand upper level.

These also appear to be the perfect setting for those holiday decorations – and we can’t blame the couple for going all-out on their festive theme. Who else can say they have all nine of Santa’s reindeer?

Upping the game

Some of us like to keep our festive decorations to a minimum. Others? Well, it looks as though some can imagine nothing better than leaving no space untouched by an ornament – or five.

This tree is one of the most intricately decorated pieces we have ever seen thanks to the hundreds of twinkling lights, various glistening decorations, and a perfect star to top it all off. As if that wasn’t enough, Phil and Robin have even laid out some Christmas stockings for the family.

A new adventure

Living up in the hills might seem as though it comes with some downsides, but all that extra driving is merely an added bonus for this TV host.

That’s right; Dr. Phil can often be spotted in his leathers as he cruises around the winding hills on the lead up to his home. As well as taking in the breathtaking views, this can be the perfect way to enjoy some fresh air before returning to his house upon the hill. Could life get any better?

Another lavish build

It appears as though it’s not just Dr. Phil that enjoys a lavish home – Jordan, his 32-year-old son, also has a Los Angeles mansion of his own. However, this is a far cry from the Mediterranean home we are so used to seeing.

Instead, it looks as though Jordan has opted for a more gothic vibe to fill his house. In fact, Jordan’s mansion almost looks like a building that could have been plucked out of a Tim Burton movie and placed within the hills.

A warm welcome

Some of us have understated water features; others have a giant serpent to welcome their guests. Tim Burton fans of the world might think this would look perfectly at home in one of the director’s movies, and they wouldn’t be wrong as it’s a replica from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

It certainly seems as though Jordan is hoping to stand out with his unique feature. We’re sure there won’t be another like it in the neighborhood. We wonder where you find fountains like these?

Cooking up darkness

The theme for this house appears to have crept into every aspect so far. The kitchen is filled with perfectly carved cabinets that surround the marble countertops.

The hidden blue lighting in the cupboards and around the walls only help to highlight the darkness of the black bricks and dark tiles on the floor. The best bit? That’s something that’s hidden in plain sight. If you look closely, then you might just see the three golden skulls on the island counter.

Time to unwind

Now that looks like a couch we could settle down on to watch a film. We’re just in luck; it seems as though Jordan is busy taking in his giant Edward Scissorhands still at the end of the room.

Perhaps Tim Burton had more of an influence on the property than we once thought? While it might look simple at first glance, it seems as though the secrets are in the details. The wallpaper has a subtle yet classy pattern while the texture of the couch adds some depth to the room.

A comfortable view

It appears as though every aspect of this mansion has been carefully thought out and planned to meet the musician’s needs. As well as paying tribute to Burton, Jordan has also incorporated another of his loves to this room: Disneyland Resort.

As if that wasn’t enough, the chairs are all custom made to fit with the theme. The grand piano and drum kit scattered at the edge of the room are just added bonuses to living the life of a rock star.

Time to jam

Being a musician means Jordan needs to find time to practice, right? Thankfully, he has incorporated his love of music into this jam room. There is no end to the number of guitars that bring the entire space to life.

Nowadays, Jordan is best known as the frontman of Hundred Handed, but he has also been in a number of other bands over the years. To top it off, the space has even become a semi-recording studio for the group.

Musical man

Believe it or not, but Jordan often describes his property as a “carnival” thanks to all the wonderful sights and sounds that can be found within the walls. As well as his love of the guitar, Jordan also knows how to craft a tune or two on the piano.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems as though this musician has some help thanks to his hairless cat, Zero, who spends a lot of their day hanging out with Jordan’s pet French bulldog, Pigg.

A whizz at pinball

This home really does seem to be a place made of dreams. As if all the other collectibles weren’t enough, the property is also complete with no less than three pinball machines. Jordan admits that Phil will always call ahead before he arrives at the home, so there are no surprise visits.

However, once here, Phil apparently loves to spend hours playing with the animals and trying to beat the top scores on the arcade machines. It seems as though many have an inner kid inside after all.

A different table

Why opt for a standard pool table when you could have one to match Jordan’s instead? That’s right; even the table legs have been specially crafted to feature the head of a lion on each.

The entire table is covered by black felt that is illuminated by candle-esque light bulbs hanging from above. It looks as though there are a number of decorative skulls and individual pieces lining the shelves in the background to keep guests entertained while they wait for their shot.

Time for a drink

One of the main talking points of the entranceway is the large bar that sits positioned underneath the stairs. Thankfully, this isn’t the only way to have fun in Jordan’s mansion.

The property also comes with an outdoor pool that has been fitted with floating mini golf. Yup, that really is a thing. Thankfully, Jordan has a deal with his neighbor that neither will call the cops on each other, and instead send a text message when one of them is being too loud or planning a party.