These Are The Cuddliest Rodents You Should Keep As Pets

There are many cute animals in this world, but we’ve had enough of the dogs and the cats, right? Now, there is a whole new hole in our lives for the cuddliest rodents you should keep as pets.


These rodents are just like their larger chinchilla cousins, but degus much prefer to hang around with their owners. They have their own language that can often seem as though they are chattering away to one another, and love to be kept with other degus. Their big ears and long tails make them the perfect addition to many homes as they love to whizz around on their exercise wheels when they’re not cuddling up to humans. The best bit? You can even watch as they throw themselves around in a dust bath every now and then.

Fancy rats

There are rats, and then there are fancy rats. These little critters can be a little tougher to find, but they have often been compared to puppies thanks to their friendly personalities. In fact, they have even been seen running to greet their owners at the edge of the cage whenever they get home. There are many mutations that have become popular over the years, such as those with dumbo-like ears that sit on the side of their heads. Amazingly, fancy rats can also be trained to perform a number of tricks and can recognize up to 500 other rats.

Guinea pigs

A guinea pig squeak is one of the sweetest noises many of us have ever heard, and only help add to the reason that many of us look to these rodents as a choice of pet. They tend to be relatively docile and will enjoy spending hours with their owners as a result. Guinea pigs also come in a variety of fur lengths meaning you can find any from a short-haired breed all the way up to a long-haired version. Thankfully, guinea pigs also happily live with others meaning we can surround ourselves with these little additions.


Yes, these are the exotic version of a gerbil that many of us have fallen in love with over the years. They have incredibly soft fur that makes them a draw for many, and even seem as though they are purring while they snuggle down in the hands of their owners. While we might not be able to hear it, jirds will vibrate to let us humans know they are happy. Like many other rodents, they love a sand bath every now and then and will spend hours just hanging around with their friends as we watch TV or read a book.

Although not all of us imagine that rodents are the friendliest choice of pets, it seems as though there are some of the cuddliest rodents you should keep as pets that can make the perfect addition to many homes. In fact, you might soon find yourself a new addition to the household who can’t wait to snuggle up after a long day at work. Sounds pretty perfect to us.