Staff Share The Dirtiest Secrets They’ve Learned Working On A Cruise Ship

Cruising is becoming more and more popular with travelers of all ages, but most people don’t know what dirty little secrets go on behind the scenes…

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to travel the world. You can hop on a plane and be on the other side of the world in less than 24 hours, you can board a train and chug through the mountains, you can put the pedal to the metal in the ultimate road trip, and you can even sail the seven seas on a cruise ship. Cruising has often been associated with the older generation, but with new and exciting boats and destinations to enjoy, it seems as though anyone can check out life on deck.

One of the biggest draws of going on a cruise is the fact that you don’t have to think about anything. You’re taken from one destination to the next each day without having to use a GPS or work out the controls in a hire car, food and drink are on tap, and there’s oodles of entertainment to enjoy. However, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on a cruise ship?

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What happens on a cruise ship stays on a cruise ship, right? That’s the motto that most crew members adopt when they set sail on the seven seas. That’s not to say that they get up to mischief when they’re away from their families, but they do keep their secrets to themselves. Rather than share their life stories with their coworkers and their roommates, they instead avoid talking about their personal lives at all.

This is to prevent things from getting complicated, but it’s also to help those who work on the ships. After all, it can be hard to be away from your family, so avoiding the topic of your loved ones can be hugely beneficial in warding off the homesickness. Seasickness is bad enough without adding homesickness into the mix.

Open for business

Like any establishment that features staff and behind-the-scenes areas, most of these places are separated from the main bulk of the cruise ship. Staff areas are normally pretty obvious thanks to the giant doors and signs that showcase it’s a no-passenger zone, and most of these doors even come with locks that are extremely visible. However, if a passenger did try to make their way through these doors, there’s a high chance that they would be able to get in without needing a key.

That’s because most cruise ship captains like to keep their doors open for business at all times, just in case they have an emergency that requires passengers to find members of staff. While this rarely happens, it’s good to know that you can also head into the kitchen for a midnight snack if you’re careful enough not to get caught…

The dirty secrets

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. This is no different when you make your way onto a cruise ship, and some passengers even find that they need to use the bathroom more often than they usually would when they head onboard. With thousands of passengers doing their business on one ship, there’s no doubt about the fact that there’s going to be a lot of human waste. However, have you ever wondered where it all goes?

Over the course of a week, a cruise ship will produce, on average, around 210,000 gallons of waste that needs to be disposed of. When you’re in the middle of the ocean, you can’t just head over to the nearest waste plant and get rid of it. Because of this, the waste has to be dumped into the water. Of course, they can’t just dump it in its natural form. The waste needs to be treated and dumped over twelve miles away from civilization.

A negative effect

It’s a well-known fact that non-renewable fuels have a negative effect on the environment, but did you know that the fuel used to propel cruise ships is actually the worst of them all? Often called “Bunker Fuel” by those in the business, cruise companies have to fill up their ships with an incredibly large amount of fuel every time they venture out into the ocean. Because of this, they try and keep things as cheap as possible, and this is why it’s so bad for the environment.

With a whopping 5,000 times more sulfur in this type of fuel than the gasoline you put in your car, it’s fair to say that these are not good numbers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that cruise companies aren’t doing anything about this. Many of them have purchased fuel filters that hope to reduce the pollution and the fumes that make their way into the atmosphere.

What a bonus

If you have been on a cruise, you’ll know that the workers on these ships cannot do enough for you. They are constantly looking after your every need, and they go out of their way to provide you with the best experience they can possibly offer. While this is mostly out of the goodness of their hearts, they also do this because their livelihoods rely on passengers leaving good reviews.

The crew who work on these ships do have a base salary, but this is often not enough for many workers who send money back to their families at home. Thankfully, they do have an option to earn bonuses, and having passengers leave good reviews about them is a surefire way to get a bonus and bump up their paycheck. This is like your way of providing them with tips.

Different laws

Cruise ships spend the large majority of their time in the middle of the ocean and away from land, and there are certain people who would never work in such circumstances. However, cruise ships always require staff – and large numbers of staff at that – which means that it can be guaranteed work for those who don’t have many other options.

A large portion of the crew members who work on cruise ships are from developing countries, and their paychecks are a welcome addition to their lives and the lives of their families. However, the pay is minimal, and these workers often have to work in difficult conditions. Many of them don’t work in customer-facing roles, but instead, have to work below deck for many hours on end. In fact, did you know that there are different employment laws for cruise ships?

Fraternizing is forbidden

With nothing but ocean between them and the nearest slice of civilization, the people who work on cruise ships get pretty close to each other. They share the same quarters, they spend hours upon hours in each other’s company, and they even get to know the passengers with each other. While crew-and-crew relationships do occasionally rear their heads, crew members are forbidden to fraternize with the passengers.

Strict rules are in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen, and certain members of staff are actually brought in to make sure that these rules are being abided by at all times. While this rule certainly stops passengers from feeling the strain of a broken heart after a vacation romance, it’s also to protect the staff members from potential abuse claims and complaints. Any crew member caught getting intimate with a passenger will be thrown off the ship.

Letting loose

Although the staff who work on cruise ships certainly work long hours and have tough conditions to contend with, that doesn’t mean that they can’t let loose every now and then. In fact, one of the main reasons why these staff members have such large smiles on their faces is because they have the chance to party the night away once their shift has ended, and they have some free time.

They have their own section of the ship to bust some shapes and hang out with their friends, and they also get some serious discount. While a normal passenger would have to pay between $11 and $20 on a drink at the bar, staff would be able to sip on a much larger discount of around $1 to $2 per drink. With this in mind, we understand why so many workers continue their stint on ships for years.

A short fling

While there are strict rules in place when it comes to a crew member’s relationship with their passengers, the rulebook is empty when it comes to relationships with other workers. When people spend a huge amount of time together in cramped conditions – and especially away from home – they often find themselves falling into the arms of others. Crew members can go about their business and have relations with whoever they want onboard the ship, as long as their love interest is also an employee.

Alongside this, it’s important for these workers to realize the unspoken agreement that they are entering into. Cruise ships aren’t the kind of place to create long-lasting relationships that are fully committed and intense. Most of the time, they last until they reach the next port, or until they have to go home.

Staying behind bars

Passenger cabins are normally full of everything you could possibly need, and while you may be in the middle of the ocean, there’s no shortage of home luxuries. However, if you don’t abide by the general rules and regulations of the cruise ship and everyday law, you may find yourself staying behind bars until you reach your next destination. Yes, almost every single cruise ship will come with its own little prison, or somewhere else to keep those who break the law.

Passengers who get in fights, become too rowdy while enjoying cocktails, or even take part in extreme criminal activity will end up behind bars. This prison is known as the “Brig” to all of those who work on the ships, and it’s the kind of place where you don’t want to end up. So, keep yourself in check.

Saying goodbye

While it might not surprise you to learn that there’s a place to keep the rulebreakers on a cruise ship, it may surprise you to know that these giant vessels also come complete with their own morgues. While there’s no doubt about the fact that more and more young people are venturing onto the seven seas and enjoying a cruise, this type of vacation is most common with those who are much older.

These people, alongside those who are unwell before boarding or during the cruise, are more susceptible to passing away. Fatalities on cruises are actually more common than most people would believe, and it’s been suggested that around three people pass away each month while in the middle of the ocean. When this happens, the crew needs to be prepared. When the cause of their passing has been determined, they keep the bodies in the morgue until they reach the next port of call.

Keeping things healthy

Although you’d like to believe that cruise liners bring some of the best doctors onto their ships, that just isn’t the case. Finding medical professionals who want to work in the middle of the ocean for months on end is a struggle, which means that medical care isn’t always the best. Medical regulations aren’t as strict as they are on land, and this can cause a few problems.

Not only have many of the doctors on cruise ships obtained their qualifications in countries where the rules aren’t as tight, and certain practices are carried out differently, but they are technically classed as independent contractors. This means that they cannot be sued for their work on the ship and that they can work in rooms and makeshift surgeries that aren’t up to the standards that most of us are used to.

Laughing along the way

If you’ve ever wondered how cruise ship staff can work for months on end away from their family and in the middle of the ocean, then it might have something to do with the bar. Because these crew members get the chance to buy drinks at reduced prices, many of them spend their free time hitting up the bars and drinking with their ship buddies.

After all, it’s not like they can leave the ship and explore the surrounding areas on a sea day. Many guests have often wondered whether the staff continue their drinking antics while still on their shift, but most cruise liners have noted that they subject their staff to checks. They have confirmed that they often have their staff tested at random to ensure that they aren’t drinking on the job, but they don’t get tested every day. This leaves them a little wiggle room.

Feeling a little sick

While it’s not uncommon for cruise passengers to feel seasick, it’s also not uncommon for them to feel sick in other ways. This normally comes in the form of colds and flu, and even vomiting and extreme trips to the bathroom. One of the main reasons for this is because a cruise ship involves a large number of people – and a large number of germs – in one confined space. With nowhere for these germs to go and a whole load of surfaces to be spread across, it doesn’t take long for colds and flu to make its way around the ship.

Alongside this, the food that is made and consumed on the ship can also make people ill. While this is not something that happens regularly, it is something that has happened in the past. In 2014, an outbreak of norovirus affected a whopping eight cruise ships at one time. Medical professionals had to go on board, and passengers were quarantined.

Smile, you’re on camera

We live in a world where security and CCTV cameras are everywhere. While we are used to these things following our every move, some would think that security is much laxer on a cruise ship. After all, any potential criminals wouldn’t be able to go very far if they were caught doing something they weren’t supposed to. However, it seems as though the opposite is true.

Security is heightened on these cruise liners, and there are cameras strewn across every inch of the social areas, the dining halls, the bars, the outside decks, and even in the corridors. This is to help out the authorities if any maritime crimes take place, but it can often make some passengers feel comfortable. The only saving grace is the fact that the cameras do not extend to the cabins. That’s the one place where you have some privacy.

A pirate’s life

When you think of pirates, there’s a high chance that you think of the likes of Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow. However, pirates are a much bigger threat than most people realize, and they aren’t just characters within storybooks and movies. These pirates are different from the pirates that we are used to, and they are no strangers to using force and violence to take command of other vessels.

While most pirates tend to avoid cruise ships because of the sheer number of individuals on deck, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened. In 2005, one particular cruise ship had to put all of its pirate training to good use and fend off their boat by firing a long-range acoustic device in their direction. Every staff member on a cruise ship is also trained in how to react in a pirate attack, which is great for passengers’ peace of mind.

Doing the math

Without the ability to pop to the grocery store when they run out of food to feed their passengers, cruise ships have to ensure that they have all of the food they need for each trip. However, they also need to be careful and avoid as much wastage as they can – and this proves to be a huge problem.

How do you ensure that you are ordering enough food to be in the kitchens at one time, but that this food won’t go to waste? Well, it seems as though cruise ships have got it down to a fine art. They do the math every time they set sail, and they make sure that their purchases are as precise as can be. They order what they need, and they are almost always accurate. It’s even been suggested that each passenger is just two meals away from not having any food by the end of their trip. That’s pretty impressive.

Not a cheap deal

Anyone who has been on a cruise will know that it’s not the cheapest vacation in the world. However, when you factor in the fact that a cruise will take care of your accommodation, your transport, and your food, it seems like a pretty good deal, right? While there’s no doubt about the fact that cruises offer passengers a huge amount for their money, most people don’t realize until they get home and check their onboard account that cruises also have hidden charges.

Rather than just paying the upfront cost and then not having to worry, passengers are later charged for extras they didn’t even know about. Many liners charge their passengers for things like the internet, specific drink options, tender boats, and even fun activities on deck. These charges are not made readily available to passengers, and many get caught out.

Finding a loophole

Of course, when you know about these hidden charges, it’s easy to steer clear of them and just pay what needs to be paid in terms of the overall ticket. When you think about these tickets, they aren’t such a bad price after all. Cruise liners are constantly in competition with themselves, and this means that tickets are getting cheaper.

Yet, what’s really making these tickets cheaper is the fact that they are able to find loopholes in terms of tax exemption. Most cruise ships are built and registered in various countries outside of the United States, and this allows them to bypass the general rules of tax in the US. Because of this, they are not only able to run each cruise at a lower cost, but this benefit also makes its way to the customers and the passengers who are looking to buy tickets for that cruise.

Throwing things overboard

While there’s no doubt about the fact that cruise ships avoid people falling into the ocean as much as they possibly can, that doesn’t stop these accidents from happening. It’s a scary time when this happens, but crew members and other passengers are taught how to deal with such a situation – and the general rule of thumb might surprise you.

Instead of jumping in after the person who goes overboard or just screaming at the top of their lungs, people are actually encouraged to throw as much into the water as they can. This includes things like life vests, towels, furniture, and whatever they can get their hands on. That’s because cruise ships aren’t easy to maneuver, and being able to spot the person and the debris in the water is useful for the captain.

Following procedure

You now know how to cope with someone falling overboard, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you were the one to fall over the side of the ship and into the depths below? Many people find themselves going into shock when their body hits the water, but it’s important that you try to stay as calm as possible, and follow the procedures that are put in place.

How you behave in the water will determine whether you survive or not, so it’s crucial that you try and keep yourself visible and above the water at all times. If you can, wearing something like a hat or bright clothing while on deck will help you out if you do unfortunately fall overboard. This will make you more visible in the water, especially if you wave your hands and shout at the same time. If you fall in with other people, link your arms together and form a circle.

Sneaking the system

Most cruise ships offer you the chance to either pay an extra amount of money for an unlimited drinks package, or you can simply pay-as-you-drink. While many people choose the cheaper option, that doesn’t mean that they have to give in to the hefty prices that cruise bars offer them. In fact, there are certain ways to sneak the system, and it seems as though more and more people are catching on to the fact that they can save money.

Instead of spending all of your vacation money at the bar, you can instead take your own drinks onto the ship. Although ships try and avoid this from happening, there are ways to bypass the x-rays of your luggage that occur before you head to your cabin. Simply fill up plastic bladders with the drink of your choice, or make use of mouthwash. Of course, you need to make sure that you empty the mouthwash out before adding in your own drink.

Every name counts

Because of the astronomical amount of money it takes to run a cruise ship and take it across the world, companies like to make sure that they are booked up and that they haven’t got too many empty cabins. Alongside this, they also make it incredibly difficult for people to cancel their cruise – even if they’re booked up for months in advance.

There are many cruise liners that will not let potential passengers cancel their booking if it’s under 120 days before they are due to embark, and this can cause a huge amount of hassle for those who need to cancel for various personal reasons. As if that wasn’t enough, changing a name on the booking can also result in some serious fines and admin charges. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure that you definitely want to go on the cruise you book.

A whole load of nationalities

There are hundreds of workers on every single cruise ship, and these crew members normally make their way to the ship from across the world. This creates a whole conglomeration of workers from a wide range of nationalities, and it’s amazing for them and passengers to interact as a whole. However, anyone who has been on a cruise will know that there are very few crew members from the United States.

It’s long been held that those from America aren’t the greatest additions to a cruise ship, and it seems as though liners will try to avoid hiring Americans if they can. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s been suggested that they don’t work as hard. While those from other countries will happily work hundreds of hours that are required of them every single month, those from the US aren’t as happy to work over the standard 40 hours a week.

Pulling some pranks

While there’s no doubt about the fact that there are so many different activities to enjoy on a cruise ship, we have a feeling that these activities can get pretty boring after a while. Many crew members spend months on the same ship, so how do they keep themselves entertained? Well, it seems as though many crew members spend their days pranking their guests – but these pranks are always done in good humor.

They will never go out of their way to mess with the passengers in a way that would be considered cruel, but a few pranks here and there certainly helps them pass the time. On one particular occasion, one crew member spoke to another worker in the presence of a passenger and spoke to them about the bowling alley on the ship. The only problem was that the ship didn’t have a bowling alley, and the passenger spent a few minutes looking for something that wasn’t there.

In tight spaces

As well as getting pretty bored, it seems as though the crew members who work on these ships also find themselves struggling in their tight spaces. While passengers have relatively spacious cabins – and some people even shell out for luxurious suites – the workers who spend months on end on cruise ships have to deal with a different situation.

The employees’ quarters are much smaller than passenger quarters, and this means that they have to get pretty up close and personal with their fellow coworkers. Normally, there are a few bunk beds in every room, and there is limited space in terms of storage and closets. While this space is certainly a squeeze, it seems as though most workers only head to their rooms to sleep and get dressed, so they don’t need too much room.

All-inclusive or sometimes-inclusive?

Everyone loves an all-inclusive vacation, right? You know that everything you could possibly need is already paid for and included in the overall price, and you don’t have to worry about taking any extra cash. However, when these cruises offer an “All-Inclusive” option, they actually have a few stipulations that they don’t make you aware of.

For example, a trip to the spa for a couples massage will set you back some serious cash, and that’s because you mention the specialty restaurants that aren’t included in the all-inclusive option. These surcharges can add some serious debt to your vacation, and these charges can often ruin the whole thing for those who weren’t aware of them in the first place. With this in mind, it’s important that you research all of the hidden costs before you head off on your cruise.

A secret language

Although the crew on cruise ships have their own quarters, they spend most of their time in customer-facing roles. Because of this, they have to be careful about what they say in front of passengers. The wrong word here and there can create some serious complaints, and dealing with these complaints and be long and tiresome.

In order to talk to each other without panicking or upsetting any of the passengers, most crew members utilize a secret language that they have created amongst themselves. They use the word “Bravo” to indicate that there has been a fire on board, they use “Alpha” to share the information that there has been a medical emergency, and “30-30” indicates that someone has been vomited on deck. The secret word you don’t want to hear is “Oscar,” as this is the secret code for someone who has fallen overboard.

The ultimate genie

There’s no doubt about the fact that the crew members on every cruise ship try to cater to your every need, but with so many passengers to look after, they can’t tend to everyone’s needs. However, there are many people in this world who want this kind of special treatment, and they can get that if they have the cash to pay for it. Some of the major cruise liners in the business offer passengers the chance to pay for a cruise “Genie.”

This is a dedicated member of staff who will act as somewhat of a butler during your vacation. They can be called upon at all hours of the day if you require them, and they will do everything in their power to treat you as their favorite guests. You will spend your vacation feeling like the ultimate VIP, but being a very important person comes at a price. Because of this, only those who can pay the extra fee get to make use of this genie.

An overcrowded pool

Although you’re surrounded by the water on a cruise ship, the ocean doesn’t exactly make the best swimming pool. Because of this, passengers crowd into the swimming pools on these ships. While there are normally a few of these pools, they are also quite small – and this means they can get pretty crowded. If you don’t want a face-full of water every time someone moves in this pool, then it might be worth schmoozing the crew.

On certain occasions, the workers on cruise ships have taken their favorite guests away from the busy passenger pools and led them to a much quieter pool. This is normally found in the staff quarters, but the staff rarely use the pool because they are always so busy. As if that wasn’t enough, the staff also have a hot tub, which you could also make use of.

Peace and quiet

As more and more families and young people make their way onto cruise ships, the noise levels normally increase. While there are many people in this world who relish in this hubbub and love the fact that there’s always something going on, there are others who prefer to have a little peace and quiet every now and then.

Schmoozing the staff and checking out their secret pool will definitely help you out in that situation, but you could also ask them about the secret adults-only section. Most cruise ships will offer a section of the vessel that only allows adults, and this normally means that the people here also want some peace and quiet. If you’re not quite sure where this adults-only section is, then simply ask one of the crew members to point you in the right direction.

Fire on deck

With so many things piecing together to make the cruise ship run like clockwork, it should come as no surprise to learn that some of these mechanisms often malfunction. These mechanisms, coupled with the fact that a huge amount of fuel is used to keep the cruise ship heading forward, means that there is always going to be a fire risk. While these instances aren’t exactly that common, it’s important for crew members and passengers to be prepared if this situation arises.

Passengers are given instructions to follow on the day of embarkation, but it’s very unlikely that they will have to put this training into action over the course of their vacation. Over the past 15 years, there have been just 79 fires on cruise ships, which is a fairly small number when you consider the number of cruise ships sailing around the world.

Enjoying the food

One of the greatest features of any vacation is the fact that you can try new and delicious food that you don’t have to cook. This becomes even more impressive when you head off on a cruise, and buffet food is spread out in front of you at all hours of the day. With so much selection and so many foods before you, it can be hard to resist it – and why should you? Your vacation is the chance to relax and unwind, and enjoy what life has in store for you.

Of course, most cruises also allow you the chance to sit around in the sun and not move for hours on end. Many people find that they put on weight over the course of their cruise, and by the time it’s over, most passengers put on an average of around five to ten pounds. While some people combat this weight gain by a trip to the cruise gym, others simply embrace their vacation.

A change in direction

When booking a cruise, most people choose their liner and their vacation based on the ports that the ship has on its itinerary. These are normally destinations that people want to visit, and they are destinations that people have on their bucket lists. However, it’s important for all cruise passengers to know that these port stops are not always guaranteed – despite the fact that they are on the itinerary.

Ports are subjected to change, and it’s down to the ship’s captain to decide whether the ship is going to dock in the port or not. Weather changes such as high winds and natural disasters can cause a ship to bypass certain ports, and the number of cruise liners already in the port can cause the captain to change their mind. Of course, this rarely happens.

Waving from ashore

Most cruise ships do stop at the ports that are in their itinerary, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not holding on to a tight schedule. Cruise ships come and go from ports every single day, and they have strict docking times. They are rarely allowed to stick around longer than their designated times, which means that passengers also need to stick to these strict rules.

If you don’t, there’s a very high chance that the cruise ship will leave without you. Yes, while crew members do search for those who are close to missing the ship, their efforts come to an end after a while. It’s up to passengers to be the keepers of their own time, and captains have every right to leave without the passengers who don’t abide by these timings. Just in case this happens to you, it’s important to ensure that you take your passport with you every time you leave the ship.

Going missing

Many people don’t get back on their cruise ship because they have simply forgotten about the time and mismanaged their day out, but that isn’t the only reason why people don’t return. Over the years, a substantial number of passengers have simply gone missing – and nobody quite knows why. To be exact, it’s estimated that around 165 people have gone missing between 1995 and 2011, but there are others who believe this number to be much higher.

These passengers have disembarked the ship to check out the surrounding area and the port destination, but they have not returned to the ship, their family, their friends, or their home. It’s been suggested that there could be many reasons for these disappearances, from kidnappings to fatal accidents. Many people also reportedly take their own lives while in these destinations.

Use of the Brig

We’ve already heard of the Brig – or the cruise ship jail – but it might surprise you to learn that this makeshift prison gets used more often than not. Many people make their way onto cruise ships with the intention of breaking the law, and there are others who find themselves mixed up in crime when they are in the moment. More often than not, the criminals who end up in the Brig are those who have stolen from other passengers, the ship, or the crew.

With so many security cameras around the vessel, and with so many staff members around them, these people rarely get away with it. However, some crimes are much more serious. In the past, many crew members have had to deal with passengers who have assaulted others onboard the ship, as well as people making false bomb threats.

The struggle of gambling

If you’re the kind of person that loves a good gamble and are seriously contemplating a cruise vacation, then it’s best to do some research into your itinerary before you go. While most cruise ships offer passengers the chance to gamble to their heart’s content, your chances of winning may work in or against your favor as you go about your journey.

That’s because there are different rules and regulations when it comes to gambling on a cruise ship. When they are traveling in international waters, the ship must abide by the laws of the nearest coastline. This means that the rules are the legislation is constantly changing. This means that your odds are constantly changing, which can get annoying for some people if these laws normally work in favor of the house.

A carbon footprint

If you’ve been keeping up with the climate change activists of the world, you’ll know that most people have an issue with the number of planes in this world. They criticize celebrities for using private jets, and they urge people to use other modes of transport. However, you might want to think twice about booking a cruise to go from one destination to the next.

The fuel burned in the process of one trip is astronomical, and that’s before you mention the trash and the waste that makes its way into the ocean below. In fact, the carbon footprint of a cruise liner is much higher than your average commercial aircraft. To be precise, your average cruise ship releases around seven times more carbon than a plane making the same journey. This can be detrimental to the health of the planet, but also of those who are breathing in the fumes.

Standing out from the crowd

There are countless companies out there who all offer cruises to the same destinations, so they must all be the same, right? Well, that’s just not the case. Because so many people are now interested in the world of cruises, it has become a hugely competitive market. This has allowed companies the chance to try and stand out from the crowd, and they have all done this in different ways.

Because of this, no cruise is the same, and they are all different. Some companies will offer passengers the chance to add a drinks package onto their ticket for no extra charge, while others will offer other perks such as free Wifi. It’s best to shop around for the best deal when you are looking to book your cruise because you always want to get more bang for your buck. Yet, ultimately, the cruise is what you make it.

Taking note

Anyone who has worked in a customer-facing role will know that the customer is always right – even if they’re not. Keeping your customers happy and keeping a smile on their faces is of paramount importance, even if you don’t want to be polite or kind to them because they have been rude to you. Because they deal with hundreds and even thousands of passengers every single day, the workers on cruise ships experience all kinds of people, day in and out day.

Rather than telling their coworkers about these people in front of other customers, they instead take note of the silly things that happen over the course of their shift or the cruise as a whole. In fact, they have a logbook to record all of these things, and they then pass this on to the crew members who take over from them to make them aware.

Rough seas

Most people have been on a boat before, but those who make their way onto a cruise ship for the first time soon realize that it’s unlike any other boat they have ever been on. For starters, it’s much larger. Secondly, this boat goes into much deeper shores, and they still sail in some of the rockiest seas that the ocean can produce. While a cruise ship’s robust nature does help when it comes to these rocky seas, those onboard still feel much of the movement below them.

It can often be scary when cruise ships are caught up in storms, as the boat rocks from side to side. It can be hard for passengers to stand up straight or walk in a straight line, and it can even make them feel sick. Alongside this, they are reminded of the rocking by the items that fall on the floor in the process.

A lot of responsibility

Just like a pilot, train driver, or bus driver, a cruise ship captain has a huge amount of responsibility thrust into their hands every time passengers board their ship. Thousands of lives are looking to this person to get them to their next destination safely and securely, and for the most part, this happens without any error.

However, that doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t happen. There have been various events over the course of history that have put passengers and other people in danger because of mistakes that the captain has made. While some of these mistakes could have been avoided, there have been other situations where the damage has occurred by accident. Of course, in both of these instances, many people worry and try to find someone to blame – and the captain will always go down with their ship.