Cool Treats for Dogs

Once in a while, we love to surprise our dogs with some treats or even share the foods we love with them. Most pet parents will give a treat when their puppy has finally mastered a fun trick that you have been teaching them for a long time or because you simply love them. Whatever the reason may be, dog treats are not only for that very special occasion. Make them a frequent snack.

Summer doggie treats

All of us can get uncomfortable during the hot season. Your dog also gets overheated at this time of the year. Here are the best ways to treat your dog and help it cope better with this weather.

1. Puppy ice pops

These pops can easily be made by freezing chicken or beef overnight in ice cubes. To make it even sweeter, you may add lean mean or finely diced carrots and apples.

2. Doggie ice cream

It’s probably a hot afternoon in the summer, and you are planning to have a walk with your dog. You are planning to have ice cream as you stroll and are wondering what to get your dog too. The best treat for your dog on such a walk is doggie ‘ice cream,’ as it is specially prepared to be ideal for dogs.

Cold-season treats

Here are a few treats to make the cold season a bit cozier for your dog.

1. Peanut butter and banana balls

You can make these simple treats by mushing ripe bananas, oats and peanut butter together. To break the monotony in making the balls, try mixing in other flavors such as dates, cinnamon, milk or even almonds.

2. Peanut butter

This is arguably one of the most common treats given to dogs. You could be having your peanut butter, and you’d just scoop a spoon to your dog only to realize that he loves it. To make your dog love this treat even more, try out peanut butter cookies or mash a ripe banana into the peanut butter.

3. Steamed broccoli florets

It is a well-known fact that broccoli is rich in vitamins. In the cold season, try steaming the broccoli not only as a treat but also for its nutritional value.

Other dog treats to explore

Dog treats must not only be about foods but also some fun outdoor activities. In fact, getting you and your dog to do some activities together is a great treat.

1. Early-morning walk

You should avoid afternoon walks in summer. However, do not deny your dog this beloved treat. Substitute the afternoon walk with a morning one. After summer, you can resume the afternoon walks.

2. Shaving

If your dog is one of the species that are endowed with heavy coats, do not let them get all overheated. Spare some time to shave them and give them that bath they so long for.

3. Warm bath

Train your dog to love having a bath, and they will always look forward to it. Bathing your dog once a month is ideal. Notably, a bath plays a great role in your dog’s healthy skin.