This Company Is Offering ‘Fur-ternity’ Leave For Employees And Their New Pets

You might have heard of maternity and paternity leave, but what about fur-ternity leave? That’s right; it turns out this company is offering their employees a once in a lifetime opportunity to be with their new pets, and we can’t get enough.

A love of pets

It seems as though many of us couldn’t live without our pets by our side, and companies are finally starting to take notice. Many major companies all around the world allow their employees to bring their dogs with them to the office while others have one day a week or month when four-legged friends are allowed into the building. So what about if you got to spend your time at home with your pet instead?

Starting the trend

Connor McCarthy works at Nina Hale as one of their senior account managers. Although he was excited to welcome his new Goldendoodle into the home, Connor also worried about his new dog being left at home all alone. Bentley was just 2 months old, and now Connor panicked that he wouldn’t cope with a huge change to his lifestyle. Instead, he asked to work from home for a week to spend time with the new arrival.

The importance of it all

It wasn’t long before Connor noticed the difference it made being at home with his new dog. As well as helping to start Bentley’s house training and obedience skills, Connor was able to get his pooch used to being in a kennel as well as introduce him to all the new surroundings one by one. Now, it seems as though Bentley is house trained, sociable, and learning all the tricks he needs after just three months with his new family.

An annual event

Nina Hale admits that Connor’s unique leave was such a success that they are now thinking of bringing fur-ternity leave as part of their package. There are currently more than 80 people working for the company, and the bosses know the importance of getting to spend the time with your new pet, it took just two months of discussions until Nina Hale officially offered all of their employees the chance to take fur-ternity leave.

A similar deal

It looks as though Nina Hale isn’t the only company to try and help out both pets and owners. mParticle, a business based in New York, recently announced their employees are all welcome to take paw-ternity leave. This is on offer for anyone looking to adopt a rescue dog, but what’ the benefit? They’ll get two weeks paid time with their animals as they both settle into their new lives.

It looks as though we could all soon be in store for a few more perks that come with the job. Many of us love our animals as though they are our children, so why shouldn’t they get the same rights? It seems that dog and cat parents everywhere could soon be in for a treat of their own.