The Famous Grandchildren Of Celebrities

Sarah Sutherland – Donald Sutherland’s granddaughter

There are many families in Hollywood that seem to make it their mission to show their worth, and the Sutherland family have certainly done that. Sarah Sutherland may have only just made her acting debut, but there’s no doubt about the fact that she is on course to become the next big name in the Sutherland family.

The actress may be proud of the fact that Kiefer Sutherland is her father, but it’s even cooler that she gets to call Donald Sutherland her grandfather. That’s because these two look extremely similar, and their piercing eyes are enough to make anyone fall in love with them.

Quinn Tivey – Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson

There’s no doubt about the fact that Elizabeth Taylor will forever go down in history as one of the most talented, but also one of the most stunning, actresses to ever walk this earth. As if her acting talent wasn’t enough to win her over, a genetic mutation that caused her to have violet eyes and two layers of eyelashes made her seem even more charming.

It seems as though she has since passed on these charming looks to her grandson, Quinn Tivey. Although Elizabeth welcomed eight grandchildren into her life before she passed away, Quinn seems to have inherited her striking features more than the others.

Charlotte Casiraghi – Grace Kelly’s granddaughter

It’s fair to say that Grace Kelly lived the ultimate fairytale. Not only was she a hugely talented actress, but her life soon took a turn when she married Prince Rainier III to become the Princess Consort of Monaco. Grace welcomed three children into her world before her life was cut short, and one of them was Caroline, Princess of Hanover.

Caroline has since welcomed four children of her own, including Grace Kelly’s doppelganger, Charlotte Casiraghi. With the same impressive bone structure and striking eyes, there’s no doubt about the fact that these two women share wonderful genes.

Anjelica Huston – Walter Huston’s granddaughter

Over the course of her career, Anjelica Huston has used her acting talent, her husky voice, and her dark features to take on some of the most iconic roles that Hollywood has to offer. After all, we’ve all seen her in The Addams Family!

While most people know that Anjelica’s father was also a famous actor and film director, many people forget that her grandfather was also big in the game. In fact, he appeared in numerous movies almost a century ago and even won an Academy Award for his efforts. When you look at them, it’s clear to see that they are related.

Pablo Dylan – Bob Dylan’s grandson

The Dylan family is another family within the world of popular culture that seems to be on a roll, and we bet Pablo Dylan is pretty happy about that fact. After all, not many people can say that Bob Dylan is their grandfather! What’s even more amazing about this relationship is that Pablo shares the same passion for music as Dylan.

In fact, Dylan released his first mixtape when he was just 15 years old, and he has since switched from the world of rock to the world of folk music – just like his grandfather. As if that similarity wasn’t enough, Dylan also shares the same awesome head of hair as the legendary musician.

Princess Charlotte – Princess Diana’s granddaughter

Princess Diana’s passing will haunt the world for eternity, but one saving grace is that she has left her legacy in the loving hands of her two sons. While Prince William and Kate Middleton have welcomed three adorable children into the world, there’s no doubt about the fact that their only daughter bears a striking resemblance to her grandmother.

Little Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of Princess Diana when she was just a young girl, and we bet that serves as a great reminder to Prince William when he looks at his daughter. Hopefully, these similarities will become even more prominent as the years go by.

Stella Banderas – Tippi Hedren’s granddaughter

While most people know her as the woman who once lived amongst lions in their home, there’s no doubt about the fact that Tippi Hedren is also known for her acting talent, her children, and her grandchildren.

When Tippi’s daughter, Melanie Griffiths, was married to Antonio Banderas, the couple welcomed the beautiful Stella Banderas into the world – and it’s clear to see that these two are related. Although Tippi no longer looks quite as polished as she once did, there’s no doubt about the fact that this natural beauty runs through the veins of the Hedren/Griffiths/Banderas family tree.

Ethan Peck – Gregory Peck’s grandson

Although he sadly passed away in the early ‘00s, Gregory Peck will forever be known as one of the most popular movie stars to preside over the world of Hollywood from the 1940s to the 1960s. His most famous role came in the form of Atticus Finch in the 1962 production of To Kill A Mockingbird, but it seems as though he has since passed his acting genes down to his grandson.

After making his acting debut when he was just nine years old, Ethan has since made a real name for himself – and the fact that he looks just like his grandfather has probably helped immensely. After all, they are complete doppelgangers of each other!

Abby Elliott – Bob Elliott’s granddaughter

With eyes that look like they are staring into your soul and a cheeky grin that makes you want to smile, there’s no doubt about the fact that Abby Elliott and Bob Elliot are related. However, it seems as though their looks aren’t the only thing that they have in common.

Over the course of his life, Bob made a name for himself as one of the funniest comedians in the business. Since making her own professional debut, Abby has also shown off her funnybones in comedy movies and on Saturday Night Live. With three generations of comedians in this family, we bet every family event is full of laughs.

Katie Cassidy – Jack Cassidy’s granddaughter

If you’ve ever watched Gossip Girl, you’ll probably recognize Katie Cassidy. This beautiful actress has been able to make her mark on the acting world, but it seems as though this acting talent hasn’t just come from nowhere. That’s because Katie is the paternal granddaughter of Jack Cassidy, who made waves as an actor and singer in his heyday.

Sadly, Jack passed away after a freak accident, but that doesn’t mean that his legacy hasn’t been passed on through his bloodline. Although Jack isn’t around to see his granddaughter for himself, we bet that he’d be proud of the woman who has the same eyes as him.

Cameron Douglas – Kirk Douglas’s grandson

It’s amazing to see just how similar Cameron Douglas looks compared to his grandfather when he was younger, and it’s also amazing to think of how talented both of them have been over the course of their lives. At a whopping 102 years old, Kirk Douglas has been able to share his lengthy life with his many children and grandchildren, and we bet he’s pretty proud of Cameron.

After all, Cameron can also say that he is a professional actor. However, things haven’t been so great for Kirk’s grandson over the past decade or so, as he has spent many years behind bars on narcotics offenses.

Bridget Fonda – Henry Fonda’s granddaughter

If you didn’t already know, the Fonda family are one of the most formidable families in the acting world. Yes, they seem to be taking over with their acting talent, and nobody is able to stop them! Jane Fonda probably doesn’t have a problem with this, considering she has an amazing career under her belt – and some amazing ancestors to look up to.

If she’s ever stuck for inspiration, we bet Bridget just needs to take a look at her grandfather and realize just how far she has come over the years. She probably also marvels over the fact that her jawline and her cheekbones are almost identical to Henry’s.

Alyson Le Borges – Alain Delon’s granddaughter

You probably don’t need to look too hard at these two photos to realize that the people in them are related. Their bone structure is identical, and their beautiful eyes are just as piercing. Alain Delon made a huge name for himself in France thanks to his acting career, but there’s no doubt about the fact that his fame and popularity has spread across the world over the years.

This has worked in favor of his granddaughter, Alyson Le Borges, who has since created her own impressive career. In fact, this actress and model is on her way to becoming more famous than her grandfather.

Dree Hemingway – Ernest Hemingway’s great-granddaughter

Let’s be honest; we probably don’t need to tell you who Ernest Hemingway was. As one of the most celebrated writers to ever walk this earth, we can only imagine that he has passed some pretty impressive genes down his family line. In fact, this is pretty apparent when you look at his great-granddaughter, Dree Hemingway.

Although we’re not sure if her pen is mightier than her pose, there’s no doubt about the fact that Dree has taken the fashion world by storm. The model has worked with some of the biggest brands on offer and has even made her debut as an actress.

Tuki Brando – Marlon Brando’s grandson

You probably don’t need to look too hard at the photograph of Tuki Brando to believe the fact that this handsome man has been picked up by one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world. He has since been able to forge his own career and earn his way in life, and although he may look just like his grandfather, Marlon Brando hasn’t been much of a help.

Tuki was orphaned when he was just five years old, but his grandfather soon wrote all of his grandchildren out of his will and decided to give his fortune to his friends instead. Despite this rough start, Tuki has since reigned supreme.

Arabella Churchill – Winston Churchill’s granddaughter

Winston Churchill will forever be remembered as the British Prime Minister who reigned during the course of the Second World War, and there’s no doubt about the fact that he’s known for his peace sign as well as his captivating appearance.

It seems as though these genes have since been passed down the Churchill family line, as his granddaughter also looks just as striking. Although she has not followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and made her way into the world of politics, Arabella has made it her mission to make a difference. So, she has founded her own charity and uses her platform to help others.

Steven R. McQueen – Steve McQueen’s grandson

When you think of box-office hits during the 1960s and ‘70s, there’s a high chance that many of them include Steve McQueen. This legendary actor was dubbed the “King of Cool” over the course of his career, and this was largely thanks to his rugged good looks and his friendly face.

Despite passing away at a fairly early age, Steve still got the chance to welcome two wonderful children into the world. Since then, he has also passed down his legacy to his grandson. Not only do they share the same name, but it seems as though they also share a few similarities in terms of their appearance.

Sophie Dahl – Roald Dahl’s granddaughter

There’s a high chance that you have read at least one Roald Dahl book over the course of your life. The author is known for creating weird and wonderful worlds and characters, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and The BFG.

What’s amazing about the last book is that the author based the titular character of Sophie on his very own granddaughter, Sophie Dahl. Alongside their similar appearance, Sophie has made it her mission to continue the family name and keep the Dahl family in the spotlight. She’s not only an author herself, but she is also a model.

Tony Goldwyn – Samuel Goldwyn’s grandson

It’s fair to say that Tony Goldwyn is a pretty impressive actor. After making his debut in 1986, he has since taken on leading roles in live-action and animated movies. In fact, did you know that he lent his voice to the animated Tarzan movie? Since then, he has continued his career and taken on the leading role in the political drama, Scandal.

What’s even more amazing about this actor is the fact that he is descended from the legendary Samual Goldwyn. This Polish-American movie producer made huge waves in the film industry over the course of his career, and there’s no doubt about the fact that the family resemblance is there.

Clark Gable III – Clark Gable’s grandson

After making his acting debut as an extra in the 1920s, Clark Gable worked incredibly hard to show off his worth and make his way to the top. Before too long, he had become one of the most famous men within the world of Hollywood and was pretty proud of his successes.

That might be why he decided to pass his namesake down to his son, and why his son then passed it down to his grandson. Clark Gable III is now the spitting image of his grandfather, and it seems as though it has worked in his favor. This 30-year-old is now just as successful, thanks to his modeling and acting career.

Alia Shawkat – Paul Burke’s granddaughter

If you’re a fan of comedy series’ such as Arrested Development and Search Party, then you’re probably pretty familiar with Alia Shawkat. This actress has certainly made her mark on the acting world, but what you might not realize is that she has talent running through her veins.

That’s because Alia is the granddaughter of the one and only Paul Burke. This actor won multiple awards over the course of his life, and it seems as though he has not only passed on his acting talent. While they might not look too alike, that smile certainly seems familiar in both pictures.

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s granddaughter

Whether you knew her by her full name of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis or just as Jackie Kennedy, there’s a high chance that you’re pretty familiar with her work. As the former First Lady of the United States of America, this American beauty quickly took the world by storm with her style, her dazzling smile, and her wonderful personality.

Although she’s no longer with us, fans of the former FLOTUS can rest easy knowing that she has passed down her beauty and her grace to her granddaughter. That’s because Rose Kennedy Schlossberg is the spitting image of her grandmother, and is growing more and more alike her as the years go by.

Riley Keough – Priscilla Presley’s granddaughter

Not many people can say that “The King” is their grandfather, but that’s exactly what Riley Keough can say about her family line. As the granddaughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, Riley has been blessed with some of the best genes that the world of entertainment has to offer.

Because of this, she has since followed in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents and launched her own acting career. It’s clear to see that Riley and Priscilla are related, as their facial features are extremely similar. They even share the same baby blues and an adorable and petite nose.

Max Irons – Cyril Cusack’s grandson

If you like drama movies, there’s a high chance that you have seen a movie that stars Max Irons. This actor has made quite a name for himself over the course of his 15-year career, but we have a feeling that his family name and heritage has definitely helped him along the way.

That’s because Max is not only the son of Jeremy Irons, but he’s also the grandson of Cyril Cusack. This Irish actor proved to be hugely successful over the course of his life, and it seems as though he passed his talent down the gene pool. As if that wasn’t enough, it also seems as though Cyril also passed down his striking features.

Drew Barrymore – John Barrymore’s granddaughter

Drew Barrymore is one of those actresses that has been around for as long as we can remember. She made her debut when she was just a young whippersnapper and has since grown and grown both metaphorically and literally with age.

Yet, what you might not realize is that the Barrymore lineage goes back years, and her grandfather was also a hugely famous actor back in the day. John Barrymore became a household name in the ‘20s and ‘30s, and it seems as though the acting gene is strong in this family. These two also seem to have the same nose!

John Schlossberg – John F. Kennedy’s grandson

John F. Kennedy had the pleasure of marrying Jackie Kennedy, and they welcomed a huge number of children and grandchildren into the world together. Despite the huge number of girls in their family, John Schlossberg is the only one who can call himself JFK’s grandson.

You probably already knew that, as little John is the spitting image of his grandfather when he was younger. Everything from the hair to the facial features are the same, and we bet Schlossberg is pretty proud of that fact. As if that wasn’t enough, John also seems to be following in his grandfather’s footsteps, as he’s currently studying at Harvard Law School.

Tayla Lynn – Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter

Loretta Lynn has the kind of voice that makes you automatically want to sing along, and it seems as though her granddaughter also felt the same way when she was growing up. As Tayla Lynn spent more and more time with her grandmother when she was younger, she just couldn’t help but get involved for an awesome duet.

With this in mind, it should probably come as no surprise to learn that Loretta Lynn’s doppelganger has also made her professional singing debut. Tayla was a member of the Stealing Angels country music group before they broke up in 2012, and she has since been working on her own solo music.

James Thieree – Charlie Chaplin’s grandson

Charlie Chaplin will forever be remembered as one of the most famous comedians and actors in the business, and it seems as though this humor worked in his favor when it came to the ladies. That’s because he not only fathered 11 children, but he also has over 25 grandchildren!

One of his most famous grandchildren comes in the form of James Thieree, and there’s no doubt about the fact that the family resemblance is there. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that these two photographs were of the same person. The face is exactly the same!

Assisi Lola Jackson – Mick Jagger’s granddaughter

Although Mick Jagger has had numerous children and grandchildren over the years, it’s clear to see that Assisi Lola Jackson is extremely close to her grandfather. Just look at the similarities! Assisi is the 27-year-old daughter of Jade Jagger and Piers Jackson, and although not much is known about her, we do know that she has made her grandfather a great-grandfather.

It seems as though family is extremely important to Assisi, so we can imagine that she loves to spend time with her grandfather when she can. After all, he’s an extremely busy man and probably doesn’t have too much time to spare.

Oliver Elfman – Peter Fonda’s grandson

The Fonda family seem to have a real knack for acting, as Peter Fonda has proved over the course of his lifetime. Not only has he been proud of his achievements in the world of Hollywood, but it seems as though Peter is also pretty proud of the children and grandchildren that he has welcomed into his home.

When Bridget Fonda gave birth to Oliver Elfman, Peter was over the moon. However, we bet he had no idea that his grandson would grow up to become his lookalike. If you look at the photos of Peter as a youngster and Oliver now, the similarities are uncanny.

Jenna Bush-Hager – George H. W. Bush’s granddaughter

As the 41st President of the United States, there’s no doubt about the fact that George H. W Bush will forever go down in the history book. Because of this, his subsequent family will also continue this line of fame and fortune, and Jenna Bush-Hager has the pleasure of calling George her grandfather.

Although it seems as though Jenna won’t be making her way into the White House anytime soon, she is pretty content with making her mark in other ways. As a teacher, journalist, and news reporter, Jenna has not only built up a reputation for herself, but also a hefty fortune.

Apple Martin – Blythe Danner’s granddaughter

Blythe Danner’s name has been bandied around Hollywood for decades, and that’s for good reason. Not only has she been able to create an impressive career for herself, but she also welcomed the wonderful Gwyneth Paltrow into the world. If you’ve been keeping up with popular culture, you’ll know that Gwyneth was once married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and they then had two children of their own.

One of those kids is Apple Martin, who is the spitting image of her mother and her grandmother! It’s all in the eyes with this family, and we can’t help but wonder whether Apple will follow in the family’s acting footsteps.

Amba Isis Jackson – Mick Jagger’s granddaughter

The Rolling Stones will forever be one of the most famous rock and roll bands to ever grace this earth, and it was this band that thrust Mick Jagger into the limelight. Over the course of his life, Jagger has been associated with some of the most beautiful women in the world, and eventually welcomed eight children into the world with five different women.

From those children, he has also welcomed five grandchildren, including Amba Isis Jackson. Not much is known about Amba, but two things we do know is that she is a professional artist, and also looks exactly like her grandfather! It’s all in the face with these two.

Prince William and Prince Harry – Queen Elizabeth II’s grandsons

Queen Elizabeth II reigns supreme as England’s longest-reigning monarch, and that’s certainly something to be celebrated. Over the course of her life, Lizzie has welcomed wonderful children into the world, but it’s fair to say that her grandchildren have won the crown in the popularity contest.

This is especially true for Princes William and Harry, who are the spitting image of their grandmother. While it’s no secret that Harry and William look extremely different, they still bear a resemblance to their grandmother. This will probably work in William’s favor when he eventually takes over the crown himself and becomes the King of England.

Sean Flynn – Errol Flynn’s grandson

If you watched Zoey 101 when you were younger, there’s a high chance that you saw Sean Flynn on your screen. This actor hasn’t been in much since he took on the role of Chase Matthews, but that might be because he has some pretty big shoes to fill.

After all, he’s the spitting image of his extremely famous grandfather. Errol Flynn may no longer be around, but he will forever be known as one of the most famous faces to appear during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Not only did he put his talent to good use, but it seems as though he has also passed his dashing looks down to his grandson.

Rooney Mara – Wellington Mara’s granddaughter

Rooney Mara is probably a familiar face to you because this Hollywood actress has put her name to some of the most iconic movies of all time. This includes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Side Effects, The Social Network, and more.

She’s also been dating Joaquin Phoenix for a few years and seems to be on the path to success. This might have something to do with the fact that she has a major inspiration in her family. That’s because Rooney is the granddaughter of Wellington Mara, who made waves within the world of NFL and made a huge amount of money in the process.

Emma Ferrer – Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that Audrey Hepburn was a hugely talented actress, her outstanding beauty really made her stand out from the crowd. With her feminine and petite face, and large eyes, almost everyone who set their own eyes on this actress soon fell in love with her.

Because of this, we can only assume that Emma Ferrer is over the moon to have inherited her grandmother’s good looks. In fact, it should come as no surprise at all that Emma has since embarked on her own modeling career, alongside her studies at the Florence Academy of Art.

Conor Kennedy – Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson

We’ve already seen how Jackie Kennedy passed down her natural beauty to her granddaughter, but it seems as though her brother-in-law has done the exact same thing, but with his grandson. Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson is the spitting image of his grandfather, and you can already see that he’s going to break a few hearts as he gets older.

He’s already dated Taylor Swift and is on the right path to saving the whales from poaching, so we have a feeling that he’ll be just as popular with the ladies as his father and grandfather have been over the years.

Jason Ritter – Tex Ritter’s grandson

After making his acting debut in 1989, Jason Ritter has since been able to forge a hugely successful career for himself. You may have seen him in such television shows as Gravity Falls, Joan of Arcadia, and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.

It’s clear to see that Jason inherited his rugged good looks from his father, but it seems as though he has also inherited some of his grandfather’s attributes. Tex Ritter was once a famous country music star and actor, and although Tex isn’t sporting the cowboy hat like his grandfather, the similarities in their smiles and their kind eyes are apparent.

Ali Astin – Patty Duke’s granddaughter

The Astin family tree is full of amazing individuals who have gone on to have amazing careers, and it’s fair to say that this is the case for Ali Astin. As the granddaughter of Patty Duke, it’s clear to see that their bright smile and their baby blues aren’t the only things they have in common.

Just like Patty, Ali made her mark on the acting world pretty early on in her life and is on course to continue her reign in the limelight. Although Patty is no longer around, we bet she’d be pretty proud of her wonderful granddaughter.

Zoe Kravitz – Roxie Roker’s granddaughter

There’s a high chance that you’re pretty familiar with Zoe Kravitz because this leading lady has been in more movies and television shows than we can count. While everyone knows that Zoe is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, very few people know about his side of the family.

When you realize who Zoe Kravitz’s grandmother is, it will all make sense. Roxie Roker was a beautiful actress from the Bahamas who quickly made a name for herself in her home country and across the pond. With so much talent running through her veins, it was only a matter of time before Zoe followed in her family’s footsteps.

Tatia Starkey – Ringo Starr’s granddaughter

Many people forget about Ringo Starr when they think of the Beatles, but there’s no doubt about the fact that his talent has been massively underrated over the years. The musician welcomed three children into his life with his late wife, Maureen Starkey, and it wasn’t long before he also became a grandfather.

Now, Tatia Starkey has the pleasure of calling Ringo Starr her grandfather, and she has tried to make him proud with her own musical career. As if that wasn’t enough, she has since made him a great-grandfather! In fact, he became the first Beatle to take on this role.

Theodore Howard Gabel – Ron Howard’s grandson

Ron Howard is not only one of the most famous actors in the business, but he’s also one of the most famous movie makers in the business. Yes, it seems as though there is nothing he can’t do, as we’ve come to learn that he also can’t welcome everyday children into the world!

That’s because Howard is the proud father of the famous actress, Bryce Dallas Howard. Although she now has two children, there’s no doubt about the fact that little Theodore Howard Gabel is following in the footsteps of his grandfather when he was that age. If we didn’t know better, we would say that these two photos are of the same child!

Dakota Johnson – Tippi Hedren’s granddaughter

Dakota Johnson is a huge name in Hollywood right now, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she has taken the world by storm thanks to her appearance in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. While most people know that Melanie Griffiths is her mother, most people forget that Tippi Hedren is also her grandmother.

However, it’s easy to see when you see them next to each other, as these two women share various similarities in terms of their appearance. They might not have the same hair color, but they definitely share the same smile and the same eyes.

Oana Chaplin – Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter

Charlie Chaplin welcomed countless grandchildren into the world, and Oana Chaplin is another one of them who shares amazing similarities to her grandfather. Although there’s no doubt about the fact that her grandfather will always be famous, it seems as though Oana is on a mission to create her own legacy for herself.

She made her acting debut in 2007 and has since appeared on various television shows including The Crimson Field, Taboo, and Game of Thrones. Despite the fact that she never got to meet her grandfather, it’s believed that she feels incredibly connected to him through her acting career.

Viva Vadim – Jane Fonda’s granddaughter

Jane Fonda has always been a hugely popular actress within the world of Hollywood, and although we know that she’s a little older than the average actress, it’s still amazing to think that she has grown-up grandchildren in her life.

Although we know that she has gone under the knife to put a stopper in time, there’s no doubt about the fact that she has passed down her beautiful genes to her beautiful granddaughter. Viva Vadim is now 17 years old, and it seems as though she’s the doppelganger of her grandmother when she was younger. Let’s hope that Viva is also just as successful.

Edgar Cooper Endicott – Joan Rivers’ grandson

Joan Rivers is one of those names that will always be famous. The actress sadly passed away in 2014, but that doesn’t mean that the world has forgotten about her incredible impact on the acting world. However, we can only imagine that she would be happy to know that her grandson is following in her footsteps.

Although Edgar Cooper Endicott isn’t quite a famous face in Hollywood just yet, he did appear alongside his grandmother in her Joan & Melissa comedy show. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems as though the family resemblance has also been passed down to her grandson.

Sky Blu – Berry Gordy’s grandson

If you’ve ever heard the “Party Rock Anthem,” you might know that it was performed and created by a musical group by the name of LMFA. However, what you might not know is that this group consists of the son and the grandson of Berry Gordy.

Both Redfoo and Sky Blu have created their own path in the world of music, but that’s not to say that they have forgotten their roots. Sky Blu is extremely proud of being Berry Gordy’s grandson, and we don’t blame him. This legend will forever be known as the founder of the Motown record label, as well as creating and performing his own music.

Billie Lourd – Debbie Reynolds’s granddaughter

Billie Lourd has already made waves thanks to her own acting career, but there’s no doubt about the fact that she has gone through a lot over the past few years. Just one day after her own mother, Carrie Fisher, passed away, Billie also had to mourn the passing of her grandmother.

Debbie Reynolds made a hugely significant mark on the acting world during her impressive lifetime, and we bet she would be over the moon to know that her wonderful granddaughter is now following in her footsteps. This acting talent isn’t the only thing running in this family, as Billie and Debbie are doppelgangers of each other.

Chris Pine – Anne Gwynne’s grandson

Over the course of his career, Chris Pine has had the chance to appear in some of the biggest Hollywood movies and television shows to grace this world. Not only has he starred in Star Trek and The Princess Diaries, but he’s also taken on a leading role within the popular superhero movie, Wonder Woman.

However, what you might not realize about this actor is that he has acting talent running through his veins. His grandmother was Anne Gwynne, who was able to build up an impressive collection of movie roles during her lifetime. With the same plump lips and hooded eyes, there’s no doubt about the fact that these two are related.