These Boyfriends Went Above And Beyond To Get The Perfect Photo

Boyfriends are amazing when you want back tickles or to steal their sweaters, but it seems as though they also come in handy when you want to take the perfect photo. These guys know how to get just the right angle.

We live in a digital age, and much of this digital lifestyle involves doing it for the ‘Gram and updating our social media feeds with photos of our seemingly epic and awesome lives. Despite the fact that smartphone cameras have improved over the course of the past few decades, there’s no doubt about the fact that some people need a helping hand when it comes to taking the perfect picture. Thankfully, there are boyfriends for that.

Yes, boyfriends are pretty awesome, and when we’re not stealing their sweaters or getting them to play with our hair, we’re getting them to contort into all kinds of shapes and sizes to snap the perfect photo for the ‘Gram. Of course, we’re not the only ones who do this on a regular basis, because partners across the globe are getting their boyfriends to do the same thing – and it’s hilarious to see in action. In fact, these boyfriends were told to take the perfect photo, and their commitment is something that seriously needs to be commended. Let’s all have a round of applause for them, ladies and gentlemen…

Watching the sunset

Ah, we’ve all seen this pose on our social media feeds before.

The staring-off-into-the-sunset-and-contemplating-the-world pose is one that seems to crop up all the time, but with their hands amongst their crossed legs, most ladies can’t take this photo themselves.

Because of this, they need their boyfriends to press the shutter for them – and this boyfriend seems more than happy to do that. However, what’s hilarious about this image is that this boyfriend isn’t the only one doing the dirty work. Two other girlfriends have also assumed their own poses in the water, and their boyfriends have got their knees dirty and wet to do their jobs perfectly.

Just a number

When you think of those who use Instagram and other social media platforms on a regular basis, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of younger teens and young adults who have hundreds or even thousands of followers to their names.

However, that just isn’t the case.

This couple is proving that age really is just a number in the world of social media, because you’re never too old to post a candid balcony photo. While this is actually pretty adorable, it might fill the boyfriends of the world with dread. Yes, this really does mean that you’ve got this job for the rest of your lives.

Getting down and dirty

They say that beauty is pain, but what most people don’t realize is that the perfect photo can also be painful – and it can also be pretty dirty.

The race is always on for women to create the most unique Instagram post of all time, and it seems as though they will do anything and everything to grab as many likes as they can.

While this girlfriend was more than happy to rock a handstand for the sake of her followers, we can imagine that her boyfriend wasn’t too happy about the fact that he had to lie on the ground and get up close and personal with an ants’ nest in the process. Let’s hope he managed to get the perfect shot the first time…

Living on the edge

Sometimes you need to live your life on the edge to get the rewards you want, and it seems as though this girlfriend is more than willing for her boyfriend to do just that.

While we’re not quite sure why she couldn’t just have moved around slightly, so her boyfriend didn’t have to hang off the edge of a pool, it seems as though it was done all in the name of the ‘Gram.

It’s easy to spot a committed boyfriend when you see one, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this woman has got herself a keeper. After all, hanging just inches away from the surface of the water fully-clothed and with an expensive phone in your hand is a real risk.

The right angle

Anyone who has taken photos before will know that there are various different factors that make a good photo.

It needs to be taken in the right lighting, it needs to be taken with the right background, and it definitely needs to be taken at the right angle.

This boyfriend seems to know just how important that is, because he was more than willing to set himself down on the ground and contort himself into a rather strange position to bag this photo. We bet the end result looked pretty awesome with all of those smiling faces, but we can’t help but be even more impressed with this boyfriend.

The candid shot

There’s nothing cooler than a candid shot, right? These are the kind of photos that seem to take the world of Instagram followers by storm, and they are the ones that look totally natural and unforced.

Of course, it’s impossible to take a candid photograph of yourself, which is why you need a helping hand to do just that.

This boyfriend doesn’t look too happy about the fact that he’s having to take a photograph of his girlfriend lying on the ground and trying to look candid, but it seems as though he knows just how important it is to her. Gotta keep them sweet, after all.

The celeb couple

It seems as though everyday people aren’t the only ones who get their boyfriends to take the perfect photograph of them, because celeb couples also like to get involved.

Although they may no longer be together, Selena Gomez would often get The Weeknd to take photos of her as they were going about their rich and luxurious lifestyles.

He managed to get himself in this shot which is a cool little bonus, but he doesn’t look too impressed about his new role. We can’t help but wonder if this new job role had something to do with the fact that they eventually broke up. Maybe he didn’t want “photographer” on his resume?

Playing hide and seek

Although most boyfriends don’t intend to become professional photographers, they soon morph into this job role when they find the perfect girl for them.

Of course, they do get a choice in the matter, but they also know that refusing to take a photo of their girlfriend in the bushes wouldn’t have gone down well.

So, this guy decided just to grin and bear the fact that he would have to feel itchy for the rest of the day. She was wearing the perfect outfit, she was ready to pose the day away, and she knew that the bushes were the ultimate backdrop. So, there was only one thing that her boyfriend needed to do.

All in the details

Despite the fact that many boyfriends begrudge having to be their girlfriend’s personal photographers, there’s no doubt about the fact that they ultimately get into this new role.

Don’t believe us? Well, just check out this guy!

His girlfriend wanted to take a candid shot in the street, but as we all know, there’s nothing very candid about a candid shot. These poses are all about the details, and this boyfriend just had to stop the impromptu photo shoot so he could focus on the way that her scarf was lying on her hand. This is what perfection is all about.


One of the best things about this world is that you never know where the next photo opportunity is going to come from.

While this couple were probably just going for a lovely afternoon walk, this girlfriend just couldn’t resist the chance to take a photo while sitting among the giant chess pieces on this equally giant chess board.

So, she put down her purse and her glass and perfected the ultimate pose for her boyfriend to capture. He probably didn’t want to get his knees dirty on the grass, but that’s the price you pay for living in a digital age where social media reigns supreme.

In the name of art

Let’s be honest; taking the perfect photograph really is an art. It’s something that takes a lot of practice, and it’s something that also takes a lot of creativity.

This boyfriend seems to be more than happy to give up his time in the name of art because it’s actually a pretty awesome photograph.

Of course, we’d like to think that he doesn’t suffer from hay fever and they have permission to be in this flower farm because that could be a little awkward if not. Even if this guy did suffer from hay fever, we have a feeling that he would cope with the sniffles and itchy eyes to make his girlfriend happy.

Two for one

It’s not every day that you get to party on a boat, which is why you can guarantee that anyone who goes on vacation will post a photo similar to this one during their trip. It’s just the way that the world works.

However, sometimes you just can’t rely on one person to take the perfect picture of you having the time of your life, which is why it’s sometimes better to get two for the price of one.

This lady was lucky enough to have her boyfriend and another man near to her, which meant that she could get two different photos from two different angles. We wonder which one won? Let’s hope it was her boyfriend.

Taking up time

We live in a world where every trip is a photo opportunity, and boyfriends need to realize that part of their day trip needs to be dedicated to this photo opportunity.

Sure, this man probably thought that he was going for a relaxing and exciting trip with his girlfriend to the beach, but what he didn’t realize was that it wasn’t exactly a day off.

He had to assume the role of the photographer to update her Instagram feed, and he had to time it perfectly. After all, everyone knows that the jump pose needs to be taken at the right moment. If not, it just looks like you’re flailing your legs and arms in the air.

Making it work

Everyone knows that taking a picture of people from a low angle runs the risk of giving people extra chins and making them seem bigger than they are, which is why it’s often a good idea to take a photograph from above.

While this is a great idea in theory, it can often be difficult for boyfriends to do this themselves if they’re not that much taller than their girlfriends.

So, these two decided to team up to take this photograph of their girlfriends, and take the ultimate photo with them both at the helm. They always say that two heads are better than one, and we have a feeling that two bodies are definitely better than one if you can sit on the other person’s shoulders.

All of the space

Sometimes it’s impossible to take the perfect photograph when you’re not in the right surroundings, which is why some photographer boyfriends have to improvise.

There just wasn’t enough space for him to take a photo at the right angle and with the right background in this picture, so he had to think on his feet and work something out.

In the end, he ignored the fact that he had ribs and that there was a barrier in the way because he was going to snap the perfect shot whether he liked it or not. In the end, that’s exactly what he did, and we have a feeling that his girlfriend would have been pretty happy with the end result.

Solo dancing

When you go on vacation, it’s always nice to snap photos of you and your partner having the time of your lives and enjoying your break away.

However, with the pressure of Instagram behind them, girlfriends seem to prefer having pictures of themselves instead.

After all, how else are they going to fill up their timeline with “take me back” posts a few weeks after you return? This boyfriend probably wanted to get both of them in this shot, but this girlfriend knew that sitting in the ocean and letting the waves roll over her would rack up more likes than a normal couple shot. That’s just the way it works.

Watching from afar

One of the best things about seeing boyfriends as photographers is the fact that they seem so confident in their skills.

Sometimes they don’t care about the fact that they have to lie on the ground and get grass stains on their clothes, and sometimes they don’t care that everyone is looking at them.

Sure, it’s always pretty funny to see girlfriends pose in front of the camera and do everything they can to look as good as possible, but it’s even funnier to see boyfriends doing their bit to catch the perfect shot. Just look at the man in the yellow shirt. He’s definitely a little confused as to what’s going on…

Doing it for the ‘Gram

There’s nothing quite like going on vacation and taking your flamingo along for the ride, and there’s nothing quite like capturing these shenanigans on your social media feed.

This is even more fun if you get to float around with your girl friends, but this does pose a problem.

If you’re having fun in the water, you don’t have the opportunity to take a photograph. Because of this, you need someone else to do the job for you. Thankfully, one of these girls had their boyfriend on hand to ensure that the photograph was taken perfectly. Of course, someone else then had to take a photo of the boyfriend taking a photo. It’s like Inception.

Working as a team

Sometimes boyfriends have to work together to create the ultimate photograph, and the general rule of thumb is that the more girlfriends there are, the more boyfriends you will need to take the actual photo.

In this instance, these four ladies knew that they wanted to take a photograph with the lake in the background, but they didn’t want to be in the way.

So, the men put down the drinks and decided to work as a team to snap the perfect shop. By doing this, they could ensure that the women and the water were in the photograph without missing out on a thing. You know what they say; teamwork makes the dream work.

An unusual pose

There’s no doubt about the fact that boyfriends have to put up with a lot when they have girlfriends, but it seems as though they wouldn’t want to change them for anything.

No, not even this woman who is pretending to be Spiderman!

Despite the fact that it’s a rather unusual pose, it’s fair to say that this boyfriend looks more than happy to simply sit down on the ground and let his girlfriend do her thing. He’s there to take the photo and make sure that it looks awesome, so that’s exactly what he’s going to do. It’s a job well done if you are.

Taking a break

If you’ve ever gone on a day trip to the beach with your significant other, you’ll know that you can’t go to the beach without a blanket or towels, a picnic, and a floating pineapple to put in the ocean.

Of course, all of this stuff is pretty difficult to carry, but girlfriends don’t really care about that when they spot the perfect backdrop.

These two were on their way down to the ocean when she decided to take a break for a snapshot, and this meant that her boyfriend had to juggle the pineapple and the camera while she threw her hands up in the air. We guess that’s the price you pay when you visit a stunning location.

Always behind

There are so many trends when it comes to Instagram and the poses that appear on there, but there’s no doubt about the fact that one particular pose is pretty popular.

It’s common to see women with their backs to the camera, and although they look good on the screen, few people realize what goes into this snap.

That’s because boyfriends get left out of the picture, and they even get left out of the experience. Yes, any trip you take with a girlfriend will mean that you will constantly be behind her, and she’ll constantly have her back to you. Is that something you want to put up with?

Lost in the grass

If you’re thinking about turning the girl you’re dating into your girlfriend then you might want to think of a few things before you do this. In fact, you might want to invest in a few things.

Most importantly, you should probably buy some clothes that you don’t want to get dirty.

Secondly, you might want to invest in some knee pads – because you never know where you’re going to end up. This guy probably had no idea that he would be getting lost in the grass on their day out, but that’s exactly where he found himself. So, if you’re still debating your options, make sure you prepare yourself before taking the plunge.

Stopping in your tracks

If you’re a boyfriend, there’s a high chance that you are also a photographer, but that you are also a location scout.

There’s nothing we love more than a man who will instruct a photo shoot and point out awesome locations for you to snap some of the coolest shots, and it seems as though this woman is one lucky lady.

Although these two were on a day out and wanted to make the most of their time together, she also wanted to fill up her social media feed with some new pictures that would rack up the likes. While the railing is a little niche, it’s these kinds of shots that make her feed stand out from the crowd.

Heading to the beach

No trip to the beach would be complete without an impromptu photo shoot, because there’s just something about the sand, the water, and the general backdrop that makes it the perfect place to snap a few photos.

This boyfriend obviously knew that which is why he decided to bring a proper camera rather than his smartphone.

These cameras show the world that you meal business, and they show the world that you take your role as boyfriend pretty seriously. That’s what we like to see, and this is what most women expect from their boyfriends. After all, every girl needs to candidly jump in the sand.

Getting it right

If you don’t go to the Eiffel Tower and try to pose with your fingers pinching the tip of the tower, did you really visit it?

If you don’t try to hold the sun in your hand, can you really upload that sunset picture? We think not.

The world knows that the best photos are the ones that include human interaction, and it seems as though this boyfriend is more than willing to work his magic with the camera. This woman wanted a very specific shot, and so she instructed her boyfriend on the matter. Judging by the smile on her face, we have a feeling that he’s doing everything perfectly.

Getting sandy

There’s nothing better than when girls can all decide on the pose that they want to perfect because that means that they have a clear vision of exactly what they want.

Yes, we’ve all been here. We’ve all known that we want to fill our social media feed with a picture of us lying on the sand, and we’ve all instructed our boyfriends to do the job to the best of his abilities.

These ladies were pretty lucky to have two photographers onboard, which meant that they had two different choices to upload. After all, they can’t all post the same picture on the ‘Gram. Every uploader needs to have a different angle and a different shot to mix things up.

Trying to be involved

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that most boyfriends are more than happy to become their girlfriend’s professional photographers, some of them want to be involved every so often.

It’s nice to have a few photos as a couple every now and then, right? Well, to enact his plan, this boyfriend decided to play his girlfriend at her own game.

While he was instructed to take her photo as she candidly looked out to the ocean, he decided to get someone else behind him to take a photo of him as he took a photo of her. This way, they have a photo together – even if it’s not the most romantic thing on the planet.

Health and safety

Because we live in a world where pictures need to be perfect, it seems as though more and more women are ready to put their life in the hands of their lens.

While most of us know that laying on a railway line isn’t the safest thing to do, health and safety seem to have gone out of the window with his photo shoot.

However, there’s no doubt about the fact that her boyfriend can double-up as a lookout in this kind of situation. Of course, we would never condone sitting on a railway line, but having someone to check for any trains will definitely come in handy if you do this…

Holding on

Many people will go to any lengths to take a photo that’s worthy of hundreds of likes, and many boyfriends find themselves holding on for dear life in the process.

Don’t believe us? Just look at this boyfriend.

While the girlfriend is risking her balance by leaning out of the door and holding onto the railings with both of her hands, her boyfriend doesn’t have it so easy. In fact, he has just one hand attached to the railing, and his face doesn’t exactly look too excited about that fact. But at least they managed to get a cool set of photos, right?

Branching out

Boyfriends really will go to the ends of the earth to make their girlfriends happy, and we think that this man is the perfect example of that.

Although a large portion of the people in this world have a fear of heights, it seems as though this guy decided to put his fears behind him, because this was too good of a photo opportunity to miss.

After all, it’s not every day you come across a collection of beautiful flowers on the ground and a tree that’s perfect for climbing. This boyfriend did what he had to do, and it seems as though he would have got a pretty cool snap.

Different options

Let’s be honest; you can go to a hotel that has an infinity pool and not take a photograph of yourself hanging over the edge. It would be a waste of a vacation, right?

It seems as though this girlfriend knew this for herself, which is why she asked her boyfriend and another man to get involved in her plan.

While she could have just dealt with the one option, there’s nothing better than having multiple options to choose from – especially if they’re taken from different angles. This way, she could choose which one works for the ‘Gram better. We have a feeling it will be the one taken from above.

Trying, but not trying

One of the best photos you can upload is the kind of photo that looks like you’re trying, but that you’re not trying too hard.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then just look at these girls right here. With the help of their boyfriends, they have been able to perfect this.

While they have positioned their bodies to show off their assets, they’re also turning their heads this way and that, they’re pointing at the camera, and they’re even holding a can of Pringles to show just how candid they are. Without their boyfriends, they wouldn’t be able to do this.

A close call

Capturing the perfect angle can be a struggle sometimes, and this is particularly troublesome if your girlfriend wants to take a photograph in the deep end of the pool.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that the backdrop is so much better at that end of the pool, that doesn’t mean that the photo is easy to snap.

You can see here that this woman’s boyfriend is struggling to stay afloat for the sake of this photo opportunity, but she doesn’t seem to care. So, this is a call to all girlfriends out there. Please make sure your boyfriend can breathe when they’re taking your photo.

Double trouble

For some reason, there’s a new Instagram pose out there. This is the I’m-scrolling-nonchalently-on-my-phone-and-not-looking-at-the-camera-pose, and it seems to be getting more and more popular as the weeks go by.

Of course, those who are nonchalantly scrolling through their phones don’t have the chance to take a photograph of themselves doing this, which is where their boyfriends come in handy.

If you’re not quite sure how you and your boyfriend can perfect this pose yourself, all you need to do is copy this couple. They seem to have nailed it. You can tell that this isn’t their first rodeo and that they’ve done this before.