Should You Allow Pets At Your Wedding?

You might have written the guest list, but it looks as though there’s a name or two missing off the list: our pets. While having animals guests at the big day is becoming more and more popular, should you allow pets at your wedding?

Are you allowed?

One of the most important questions to ask before you plan your pet invites is whether you will be allowed to have our four-legged friends at the big day. Although many venues now cater to animal guests as well, not everyone is onboard with the idea of having some furry friends at the event. If you are allowed to bring them along, it might be time to check out any quick exits in case of an emergency and somewhere for them to relieve themselves throughout the day.

Is there care?

The chances are the majority of your time will be taken up with the whole getting married part of your wedding – and not looking after your pet. They can make a brilliant addition to the photos and can even participate in the ceremony itself. However, you might want to talk to someone who knows your pet to see if they are willing to look after your furry friend while you are saying your vows and socializing with guests. Plus, if you allow your guests to bring their pets along, then you may need to make it clear that they are in charge of looking after their plus one.

Will anyone mind?

While it might be your wedding and your decision, inviting pets to your big day when your new mother-in-law is allergic to animals might not be the best way to get off on a good start. After all, cranky guests might soon be out to ruin your day. Having lots of children on the guest list might also be enough of a reason to leave the pets at home. After all, they say never to work with children or animals…

Will your pet cope?

Your pet might be used to a few people, but appearing at a wedding is a whole new ball game. Many can become overwhelmed by the number of people. This is also the time to think about any other animals that might be making their way to the ceremony. It’s essential to ensure there will be no clashing personalities in the venue if you want your night to run smoothly. However, if your pet is a sociable animal who will lap it all up, then could this be the time to hand them their very own invite?

It seems as though there is no one size fits all answer when trying to decide whether or not you should allow pets at your wedding. While some furry friends might soon become more hassle than they’re worth, having a guest list filled with animals can also be the perfect way create a memorable big day as well as making sure all members of the family are included – including the four-legged ones.