5 Fun and Easy Dog Tricks

Have you ever visited a friend and discovered that their dog has all these cool moves? Well, your dog can learn these tricks too. As a pet owner, teaching your dog a few fun tricks should be on your to-do list. The tricks are not only fun but also have the ability to sharpen your dog’s brain.

How to go about it

To start with, ensure that your dog is conversant with basic dog commands, including ‘Sit!’ ‘Stay!’ and ‘Go!’ These commands may be taught by enrolling your dog in a training class. However, training sessions must not exceed 10 minutes in a day. Research has shown that once the dog has mastered the basic commands, then teaching the fun tricks becomes quite easy.

1. Shake hands

The easiest trick to teach your dog is the shaking of hands. You might have seen your dog raise his paw to you when you come home. This is actually a gesture signifying that the dog wants to shake your hand. If your dog is already at this stage, then the next stage is to learn to stretch your hand toward your dog and say, ‘Shake.’ If your dog has not yet learned to raise their paw to you, teach them to raise their paw while using the command ‘Shake my hand.’

2. High five

The next logical fun trick is the high five. The slight difference between teaching your dog the first trick and the high five is that the latter involves raising up your palm and encouraging the dog to hit you with their paw. Here, use commands such as ‘Give me high five.’

3. Take a bow

This trick is quite easy because most dogs are already in the habit of bowing to pick something up or when stretching. To make it a trick, just learn to use the command ‘Take a bow’ and applaud them or give them a treat when they get it right.

4. Come when called

You may teach the dog this trick by running in front of them and then using the command ‘Come’ as you ask them to follow you.

5. Dance

This is arguably the highlight of the fun tricks you can teach your dog. You may choose to teach different dance styles, such as spinning or hopping up. For instance, to teach the hop-up style, have the dog sit beside you while facing you, hold your hand upwards with a treat so that your dog can lift its neck while sitting down and then allow it to stand on its hind legs for a moment before releasing the treat.

Things to remember

To get the best results, it is advisable to follow up the training session with some play. This way, the dog gets to link the training with play, which is fun. Most importantly, remember that you will get better results out of the training if you are persistent and patient with your dog.

Lastly, remember to applaud your dog each time they learn a trick. For instance, once you say, ‘Shake hands’ and the dog responds correctly, use words like ‘Good!’ ‘Amazing!’ and ‘Beautiful!’ while smiling at your dog.