Will Rajon Rondo Set A Historic NBA Record?

Many of us have learned Rajon Rondo’s name in the last few years. After all, he has been a part of the Celtics and the Lakers and helped to take both teams to new levels with his talents. Fans knew that Rajon joining the Lakers would be a huge leap for the team, but will Rajon Rondo set a historic NBA record?

An asset to the team

Any team that has Rajon Rondo by their side is in for a treat. The basketball star knows how to work alongside his teammates and has proven his dedication to basketball time and time again. In fact, now Rondo has joined the Lakers, many more fans have got to see how teams work like a well-oiled machine whenever Rondo is involved.

Working with the Celtics

Rondo had a huge basketball career before he signed up with the Lakers. He had been a part of the Celtics for years and was even one of the team members responsible for bringing home the winning title at The Finals back in 2008. This unbeatable team was quickly dubbed the super team of the year, with Ronda playing a major part in their success. Since then, Rondo has gone on to play with the Mavericks, Kings, Bulls, and Pelicans before landing a spot with the Lakers.

Breaking records

Winning The Finals meant that Rondo got his hand on the rings, but it’s a second win that could make his name go down in history. Apparently, Rondo knew about the chance to make history from the moment he signed up to the Lakers. If the team wins The Finals this year, he will be the only person to win rings with the Celtics and Lakers. Now, only a few games stand between Rajon Rondo and his chance to make ever-lasting memories.

Helping his team

If there is one thing that people have noticed over the years, it’s that Rajon Rondo likes to help the rest of his team. Sure, his stats might not be the best on the team, but everything flows when Rondo is involved. During his time with the Lakers, fans have seen Rondo keep the opposition busy while LeBron James scores the points. This kind of teamwork and ability to step back from the limelight make Rondo such a valuable asset to any team.

Finishing his career

No one knows what the future might hold for Rajon Rondo. However, we do know that he is still riding the peak of his career. There could be a lot left to come, but making history as the only player with rings due to his time with the Celtics and the Lakers could be enough to see Rondo’s career take a back seat. Is there anywhere to go when you’ve already reached the top?

Time will tell if Rajon Rondo and the Lakers have what it takes to bring home the winning title. If things pay off, then Rondo will be walking away with a lot more than the joy of winning.