Why Collecting NBA Trading Cards Is On The Rise Again

If there is one thing that many of us remember from our childhoods, it’s collecting sports cards. Some of us once had stacks of the things, but the times changed, and most of us forgot all about them – until now. Believe it or not, but collecting NBA trading cards is one the rise again.

A dwindling flame

Collecting basketball cards never rose to the height of baseball or football cards. However, they did have their day as many of us wanted to find our favorite NBA players to ensure we had them in our collection. It once felt as though people were going to find their retirement years thanks to their card investment. That was until people grew up, and the next generation of kids found something new to occupy their time. Suddenly, avid collectors were banished to internet auction sites as people’s interest in NBA cards dwindled.

An instant success

It looked as though NBA cards were reserved for nostalgic people wanting to hold onto and continually grow their collection. That was until April 2020. Amazingly, the month was so successful that it beat out any month in NBA trading card history. Companies have never sold as many as they did a few months ago. Why? Founder of Sports Card Investor, Geoff Wilson, believes it’s due to people being stuck inside and feeling so isolated. People suddenly had the time to find a new hobby and relive better days as they fell back in love with collecting NBA trading cards.

A steady climb

It turns out that NBA trading card sales have gradually been increasing over the last few years. People often love to relive their childhood memories, while others are just falling for the sport and want to start their own collections. It’s also thought that social media has played a huge role in so many people falling for the pastime. Once upon a time, people would have traded their NBA trading cards with their friends or at local card shops if they wanted to find a new player. Now, people can connect with others across the nation – and the world – where they can talk about their cards and passion for basketball.

Getting involved

Geoff Wilson says that he has been inundated with people asking about how to get involved with NBA trading cards and where to start a collection. Geoff says that many people state they used to collect the cards and love basketball; they just need help getting started again. Sports Card Investor is dedicated to advising people about what cards are worth, where to look for cards, and any other information hopeful collectors might need. You’ll have to look for Panini cards if you want an official NBA licensed card. Don’t forget to look out for some up-and-coming players if you want to get your hands on some future moneymakers.

NBA trading cards are making a huge comeback for so many reasons. Whether you want to start your collection or you feel nostalgic, it could be time to start collecting.