Who Can Flip The Bat The Best?

Ah, the bat flip. Sure, most of us turn up to watch the big game, but it can be hard not to fall for the athletes – especially when they pull off some impressive moves. There is only one question left to ask: who can flip the bat the best?

Fernando Tatis, Jr.

Life has been good to Fernando Tatis, Jr. ever since he signed up to the Padres. That was proved in 2020 when he scored a two-run homer and landed his iconic bat flip. Fernando amazingly managed to hit the 96.4 mph ball out of the park and couldn’t help but celebrate. The Padres were already in the lead, but this move helped propel them even further toward victory as they ended the game 11-9 over the St Louis Cardinals.

Pete Alonso

Chris Paddock quickly ate his words after questioning if Pete Alonso was up to the title of National League Rookie of the Month back in 2019. Why? The baseball legend went on to score a home run during the ninth inning of what had been a tie game. Hitting the ball that would take them into the lead was enough for Pete to get a little enthusiastic – especially as he almost hit umpire Bill Miller with when he flipped the bat.

Cody Bellinger

There is celebrating, and then there’s taking things to Cody Bellinger’s level. The baseball legend was the hope the Dodgers needed in 2020 as the NL pennant hung in the balance. The team was tied with the Braves until he hit a home run out of the park. Not only did Cody pull off the unthinkable to win the game, but he also took the time to strut toward first base as he watched his ball fly all the way out of the stadium.

Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado’s legendary bat flip came back in 2003, but the moment is still one that many fans have never forgotten. Carlos quickly became just one of 15 plates in the history of Major League to score four homers in one game. On his fourth impressive performance. Carlos couldn’t help but flip the bat in a way that made him forever go down in history. Fireworks roared, and Carlos jogged around the stadium as he knew his name was now a part of the history books.

Yoenis Cespedes

The Mets knew they were in for a treat in 2015 when Yoenis Cespedes joined the team. The baseball star helped drag the team all the way to the World Series, but it was his first time at Citi Field against the Dodgers that saw Yoenis perform magic. The Mets were already in the lead, meaning Yoenis’ three-run blast was enough to blow the game open. The crowd went wild as Yoenis flipped the bat as he jogged out of the box.

Baseball is a sport that’s seen many of us on the edge of our seats. However, players that know how to flip the bat the best often know they’ve pulled something magic out of the bag.