Tom Brady’s Fail Stole The Limelight Away From Antonio Brown’s Return

It’s normal for all eyes to be on Tom Brady during a game. However, Tom Brady’s fail stole the limelight when the world was supposed to be focused on Antonio Brown’s return to the field during the game on November 8, 2020.

Returning to the field

Antonio Brown is a name more often associated with his antics off the field rather than his performance with some legendary NFL teams. It’s reported that Brown caused plenty of drama within the Steelers before people stepped forward to talk about his inappropriate behavior, unpaid fees, and domestic incidents. The Patriots eventually axed Brown in September 2019 before the NFL suspended the player for eight weeks in 2020. Signing up to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in October 2020 gave Brown a chance to get his career back on track, but could he stick it out?

Making the switch

It’s not just Antonio Brown who has switched teams over the years. Tom Brady was once the leading face of the New England Patriots. That was until the quarterback caused waves throughout the sport. Tom had played for the Patriots for almost two decades before he upped and left his role for a time with the Buccaneers instead. It’s reported there were tensions within the Patriots, especially when it came to Tom and the rest of the team, and it wasn’t long before the world learned the quarterback was set to spread his wings and fly.

Stealing the limelight

For Tom Brady, the game against the New Orleans Saints was supposed to be a chance to show the world that he could make it anywhere within the sport. All he needed was the backup from a good team and a chance to show his talents, right? Sadly, that moment came and went during Sunday’s game. The quarterback spent most of the time fumbling with the ball and missing points as the game ended in one of the most devastating losses in Tom’s career. It seemed as though all eyes were on Tom as everyone wondered what was happening out there on the field.

Keeping his head down

So what was Antonio Brown supposed to do throughout the game? All he needed to do was keep his head down – and he did just that. Unfortunately, making sure he played the best he could and staying out of trouble meant that Brown was overlooked as no one could take their eyes off Tom and his questionable performance. All Brown needs to do is make sure he stays out of trouble if he wants to claw back any kind of career. Having Tom Brady on his team might be just what Brown needs to fly under the radar.

Playing alongside Tom Brady often means that other players are overlooked. However, it wasn’t Tom’s talents or skills on the field that stole the limelight away from Antonio Brown’s return to the field. In fact, it was the complete opposite that saw the quarterback become the talking point of the locker room.