Time Is Running Out For Sam Darnold To Prove His Talents

Let’s face it; quarterbacks are the stars of the football field. It’s often all eyes on these players, so it’s no wonder that so many people want to see some supreme talent, right? Sadly, it seems as though time is running out for Sam Darnold to prove his talents.

A lot to live up to

The New York Jets have seen plenty of talent come and go over the years. The likes of Brett Favre, Vinny Testaverde, and Joe Namath have all made the position their own over the years. However, the Jets have gone through eight quarterbacks since 2011 – and it looks as though it could be time for them to find another if Sam Darnold’s 2020 season is anything to go by. Would the team really choose to shake things up yet again before 2021 arrives?

A tough start

Darnold has been playing with the Jets since 2018, but things were off to a tough start. The Jets walked away with a handful of victories throughout the season. However, there were plenty of lost opportunities – with Darnold being blamed for many of them. The quarterback was accused of missing passes and tripping over his own feet. He had a lot to prove. Sadly, many Jets fans weren’t ready to welcome the new player just yet.

A tough season so far

The 2020 season has been no different. The Jets have failed to win any of their four games, with their game against the Colts being one of the most embarrassing of the season. To top it off, Darnold was forced to sit out of some of the Broncos game due to a shoulder injury. It looked as though Darnold was about to bring it back in the San Francisco 49ers game after he scored a touchdown. The problem? It came in the final two minutes of the game – and the Jets walked away without another win after a 31-13 loss.

Collectively to blame

The question is: Is Sam Darnold totally to blame for the Jets continual losing streak? It might not be the quarterback’s fault, after all, especially as many experts have already criticized the rest of the team. Former quarterback Chris Simms told ProFootballTalk that the problem is the team has no receivers. Simms even added that the offensive line is a “work-in-progress” while the running backs are “old.” To top it off, Simms believes the Jets are “the worst team in football” thanks to their history of creating a mismatched team. No one can win the game on their own, but is Sam Darnold leading the way for change, or is he weighing the rest of the team down?

The 2020 season is well underway, and there are still plenty of games to come. However, time is quickly running out for Sam Darnold to prove his talents. His rep sheet is impressive, and he has the talent behind him. However, the Jets need to pull together and win a few games before many fans start to get behind them once more.