There’s A Very Different Vibe Around Fenway Park Now

The sporting world is very different now to how it looked just six months ago. The MLB season had been cast in doubt for months, but fans finally witnessed the opening day they had been waiting eagerly for. Although the MLB season got underway recently, the famous Fenway Park had a very different vibe around it.

Normally Like A Carnival

If there was one thing people could say about Fenway Park during a Red Sox game, it’s that the stadium and surrounding area become like a carnival. Fans line the streets, and as many people as possible are packed into the bars nearby.

The atmosphere in Boston during a game day was always an event to be savored, but it was like a ghost town during the opening day of the 2020 MLB season. The Green Monster is normally rocking on opening day, but it’s very different with only a scattering of fans within eyeshot of the famous Fenway Park wall.

Like A Public Holiday

Baseball fans in Boston would almost treat the MLB opening day as a public holiday in years gone by. The streets would be packed with excited Red Sox fans, but this year, as the first pitch was tossed by Nathan Eovaldi, there was no reaction in the stands.

Eovaldi had thrown a 100mph strike right from the get-go, but the only crowd cheers heard in the stadium was the canned noise being artificially pumped in. Even though the artificial fan noise wasn’t real, it still drowned out the muted response heard in the bars and restaurants around Fenway Park.

Many of the bars had to remain closed for months, but now that the baseball season is back on, they have been allowed to open once more. However, because the season is shorter, the bars and businesses will be missing out on further revenue they would have otherwise enjoyed. Instead, the MLB schedule will be shortened to just 60 games.

Not The Ferocious Atmosphere People Expect

Pockets of fans are allowed inside the establishments, but it has seriously reduced the atmosphere one would expect. Most fans were seated at picnic tables on the streets, meaning they couldn’t actually see the TV screens that were broadcasting the games.

It meant many folks were left watching the Red Sox take charge of their opening day fixture against Baltimore on their phones. Even the famed chant of “Yankees suck” didn’t go down well, whimpering out before it took hold.

Outside areas in the roads coming off the stadium are now essential for the survival of the once-thriving businesses, but they are harming the enjoyment factor. Still, despite things not being the same as before, at least baseball fans are finally getting to see some action once more.

It’s not a perfect solution, but this new situation at least means fans can be close to their home stadium and see their favorite stars in action. There was one familiar sight for Red Sox fans, however: seeing their beloved team return to winning ways by beating the Orioles 13-2.