The Vancouver Canucks Could Be After Oliver Ekman-Larson

With the trading season in full swing, it’s perhaps no wonder there are so many rumors about who will be going where in the world of the NHL. Now, it seems the Vancouver Canucks could be after Oliver Ekman-Larsson. There is a lot to like about the player, but could they really get their hands on Oliver?

Showing their interest

He might still have plenty of years left on his current contract, but that hasn’t stopped the Vancouver Canucks from showing interest in Oliver Ekman-Larsson. The player is currently signed to the Arizona Coyotes. However, OEL has reportedly been offered a chance to get out of his contract and move to a new team. According to insiders, OEL has already turned down the chance to play for the Oilers and Flames. Could the Canucks be enough to change his mind?

Not out of the question

The Canucks are a team with a lot to give, meaning they have a bright future in front of them. Oliver Ekman-Larsson has a close relationship with the Sedin twins, who have played for the team, but would this be enough to make him switch roles? The Canucks are known for their love of Swedish players, such as Alexander Edler and Elias Pettersson. Adding OEL to the roster would be yet another to add to the list.

Plenty to like

Oliver Ekman-Larsson has a pretty secure future at the moment, thanks to his long-term contract with the Coyotes. That hasn’t stopped the Canucks from looking for new players to add to the team. There is a lot to like about OEL, as he is a strong player that knows his way around the ice. Adding him to the team should do nothing but boost their chances at a win.

Some downsides

Although there is a lot to like about OEL, there are also some downsides that come with the player. He is almost 30, and defensemen typically don’t have a very long shelf life. Plus, OEL still has seven years left with the Coyotes. The contract comes with an $8.25 million cap hit, meaning it could cost a lot to buy him out of his current role. Then there are the other numbers. OEL has been struggling in recent years – and there is every chance that he won’t bounce back.

Left to OEL to decide

Now, it seems that Oliver Ekman-Larsson has a tough decision to make. Elliotte Friedman says the Canucks isn’t the only team that wants OEL on their side. Apparently, the Boston Bruins have also expressed an interest in the player. Just because OEL has reportedly been offered all of these roles doesn’t mean that he has to take them. We could see a new lineup for the Canucks, or we could find that nothing changes.

The Vancouver Canucks have a lot to gain and a lot to lose as they rise their way up through the ranks. Acquiring Oliver Ekman-Larrson could be a huge boost to the team, but we’ll have to wait and see if things go through.