The Ones To Watch At The MLS Mid-Season Awards

Major League Soccer is one of the many sports that has continued to thrive in these difficult times. Although the sport is often filled with the chaos of teams and players rising and falling, it seems that some are still determined to take home a prize. These are the ones to watch at the MLS mid-season awards this year.

Alejandro Pozuelo – MVP

There is no shortage of players up for the Most Valuable Player Award at the MLS mid-season awards. It looked as though Sebastian Blanco was set to take the prize until he got injured. Now, it seems that Alejandro Pozuelo is the one to watch. The player has assisted with eight goals and scored five of his own, meaning he has contributed a lot throughout the season so far. It’s rumored that Pozuelo’s work could even see him walk away with the Supporters’ Shield, too.

Jonathan Mensah – Defender of the Year

Yet again, the Defender of the Year Award is one with plenty of contenders. However, it’s Jonathan Mensah’s work that sees him as the one to watch in 2020. The defender has pretty much been on point at every one of his games so far this season. Most of Mensah’s playing style has made him blend in with the rest of the team. That was until 2020 came around, and he showed off his true defending skills.

Andre Blake – Goalkeeper of the Year

Matt Turner, Sean Johnson, and Andre Blake have been leading the race to get their hands on the Goalkeeper of the Year Award. It looked as though his career was taking a nosedive in 2019. Thankfully, Blake has bounced back better than ever as he’s been more consistent than ever before. Now, Blake’s save percentage is an impressive 81.1%. The level of skill on the field this year also means that Blake has seen the most action out of the players up for this award.

Lucas Zelarayan – Newcomer of the Year

There have been years when the Newcomer of the Year Award is a tough call. 2020 has been a little different. Lucas Zelerayan has topped the charts with his four assists and five goals as he shows other newcomers they need to have what it takes if they want to make it in the world of MLS. It seems that Columbus Crew made a great investment with this player.

Bradley Wright-Phillips – Comeback Player of the Year

An injury meant that Bradley Wright-Phillips spent a lot of 2019’s season on the bench. However, moving away from the New York Red Bulls and into LAFC has seen the player shine. He might be 35 years old, but Wright-Phillips has seen one of the biggest comebacks of the year. After all, he has already scored an impressive three assists and an even more worthy seven goals.

The ones to watch at the MLS mid-season awards sure show the level of talent that has emerged in 2020. Will any of them be lucky enough to walk away with a prize to their name?