The MLS Players Trying Out A New Sporting Career In Europe

MLS has had to say “goodbye” to a host of notable names over the years. Thankfully, it turns out that many of them have been able to find a new career. In fact, some MLS players are trying out a new sporting career across the pond in Europe.

Alphonso Davies

It seems there is nothing this 19-year-old player can’t do. Alphonso Davies played for Canada before he was signed up to German team, Bayern Munich. The soccer star is still one of the biggest names to watch in soccer as Alphonso proves he has the vision, flair, and tenacity to make a career for himself in the world of soccer. He might be young, but Alphonso has already won several titles and awards as he continues to put Canadian soccer on the map.

Jack Harrison

Jack Harrison started out life in England before moving across the pond to the US, where he secured a spot in MLS. He continued to climb his way up the ranks before Manchester City decided they needed Jack on their team. However, he hasn’t played for the club since 2018 as Jack has been on loan to Middlesbrough and Leeds United. If he continues to make waves on the soccer pitch, there’s a good chance that another major team will snap up Jack before too long.

Zack Steffen

Like many others, Zack Steffen started his career in the US before Manchester City knew they needed the goalkeeper on their team. His talents were all it took to see him become a valuable asset for the club. Although it’s unlikely Zack will replace their first-choice goalkeeper anytime soon, the team sees plenty of action throughout the year. This should mean that Zack makes plenty of appearances as the season passes.

Tyler Adams

When it comes to experience, Tyler Adams has it all. The soccer star was an extremely polished player during his time in MLS. Tyler played with the New York Red Bulls, but eventually signed up to one of the franchise’s German team instead. Believe it or not, but the player is just 21 years old. Even so, Tyler has shown that he has what it takes to play just about any position on the field thanks to his time across the midfield, center back, and right back.

Miguel Almirón

MLS was grieving the day that Miguel Almirón left for a new career in Europe. His transfer from Atlanta United to Newcastle United set records in 2019 as it cost a whopping $26.4 million. The soccer star went on to produce two assists and four goals throughout his first full Premier League season, which might be a drop since Miguel’s days in MLS but has still impressed his new coaches with the Magpies.

MLS soccer players often climb their way through the ranks, but what about the ones that want a change of scene? It turns out that plenty of players are trying out a new sporting career in Europe – and it seems to be paying off.