The Candidates Up For The Picking By The Flyers

The Flyers are set to be picking their latest batch of candidates. The team will get the 23rd overall selection, and although this means they will probably miss out on some of the hottest forwards of the season, they should get their hands on some quality players if they maintain their position.

Noel Gunler

Noel Gunler currently plays for Lulea, but it looks as though he’s up to join the Flyers. The hockey player scored an impressive 13 points last season. However, some are worried about how well they could coach Noel. Some experts have questioned why he didn’t make it to the national team. In contrast, others are more focused on his skating skills and defensive playstyle.

Brendan Brisson

Chicago is where Brendan Brisson currently resides. He has sports in his blood thanks to being the son of sports agent Pat Brisson, but that’s not all this player has to his name. Brendan scored an impressive 59 points over 45 games last season. As well as being a great skater, Brendan is also a smart and skilled player that knows how to work the ice.

Justin Barron

It looks as though Justin Barron was once one of the more popular players to get picked by the Flyers. That was until several health issues threw Justin off his game a little. The hockey player had a blood clot last year and then had to have minor surgery on his shoulder in 2020. Apparently, Justin has been a little rusty ever since. Still, if his health keeps up, then he could finally find himself playing with the Flyers.

Ridly Greig

Scoring 60 points over 56 games makes Ridly Greig a top pick for the Flyers. The player is a tough one to beat on the ice. Team that with his speed and skills, and it looks as though Ridly is an unstoppable force. Experts are drawn to the fact Ridly can fit into almost any team. However, he has been traveling through Europe recently, meaning many teams have had a chance to watch him shine.

Dylan Holloway

Dylan Holloway is almost like watching a tornado on ice. Although he knows how to score a few points throughout a game, he is known for being a little out of control. Thankfully, this works in his favor. Dylan can bring his talents to life in all positions on the ice, meaning that even on his worst days, Dylan can shine above the rest.

Jake Neighbors

Spoiled defense and a future second-line player. Is there anything that Jake Neighbors can’t do? The hockey player scored 23 goals and scored 70 points last season. Jake doesn’t try to show off on the ice. However, he is committed to doing all that he can to help bring the team to victory.

The Flyers are set to get their hands on some quality players if they play their cards right. While there might be plenty of players on offer, it seems as though the team has its eye on some of the best future stars.