The Biggest Surprises So Far From The MLS Season

Soccer often brings plenty of drama to the table. The 2020 season has been no exception. The games have been full of twists and turns as players and refs throw plenty of wrenches in the works. The biggest surprises so far from the MLS season certainly don’t disappoint.

La Galaxy’s bounce back

It once felt as though LA Galaxy was down and out. That was until they left the Orlando bubble. Ever since, this team has given everyone a reason to stop and watch what they’re doing. The most impressive part? The club has been flying high mostly without Jonathan dos Santos and Javier Hernandez. The team’s defense once left a lot to be desired, but that has been replaced with a team that has learned how to work together better than most others. LA Galaxy certainly has had one of the most impressive turnarounds since their time on the field at the beginning of the year.

Colorado Rapids’ disappointing run

Many people think the Colorado Rapids have what it takes to succeed and leave the club to it. However, 2020 has been different. It seems the team is playing a little off-color to the style we are so used to seeing. The Rapids are scoring around the same amount as this time last year, so what gives? Many fans think that offense techniques should be down by now, but it seems the Rapids have missed out on many points thanks to their lack of planning. People sure are wondering what happened to the wonder team from last year.

NYCFC’s lack of attacks

Some fans blame coach Ronny Delia for the recent downfall of this team. Others blame the attacking players. Whatever the case, it seems that NYCFC has left a lot to be desired. The team’s new coach made some questionable choices when it came to positions and tactics. However, it’s the playstyle that’s got many people taking. The club has scored just 10 goals in 12 games compared to their usual heavy offense strategy. Although NYCFC makes up for it with their defense style, it seems some changes might have to be made to pull them back to the top.

Orlando City SC’s return

For years, fans have had to watch Orlando City SC fall at each hurdle. That was until boss Oscar Pareja stepped onto the scene and changed the game. He has taken the team to new levels and appears to have injected a new lease of life into the players. The defense players have picked up their game and rarely give anyone a chance to get past their line of defense. At the other end of the field, their strikers give the rival team no room to breathe as they are always there hoping to score their next goal.

The MLS season is always filled with plenty of drama, but who knew that 2020’s season would be filled with so many surprises? With still so much more to come of the season, it seems there could be a lot more on the cards.