Stephen Curry Looks Set Rival Kobe Bryant With His Impressive Career

Let’s face it; Kobe Bryant will forever be one of the greatest names in NBA history. However, there is someone hot on the tail of the late basketball star as it looks like Stephen Curry is set to rival Kobe Bryant with his impressive career.

Starting things slow

Stephen Curry has certainly made himself a player to watch in the last few years, thanks to his impressive track record. However, even the NBA star admits that things started slowly when the 2020 season kicked off in December. Things appeared to be a little flat for the athlete as the Golden State Warriors were setting all the wrong records. That was until something changed, and the team has been on top of their game ever since, largely thanks to Stephen Curry and his talents on the court. It’s normal for fans to sit back and watch Curry do his thing. However, there’s something about his recent performances that’s seen people take a closer look at what’s changed and how Curry could be set to break Kobe Bryant’s records.

Becoming the aggressive attack

No matter what happens, scoring hoops in basketball and blocking your opponents is how to win the game. Stephen Curry is no stranger to landing a few points, but the athlete played differently on Sunday, January 3, 2021. Suddenly, Curry became the aggressive attacker the team needed as he took 31 shots throughout the night. The Golden State Warriors don’t have the most offensive team, meaning Curry had a lot of work to do. Amazingly, the team knew that getting the ball to Curry and letting him do his thing was the best way to make sure they walked away with the victory – which they did. Even an off-shot from Curry was bound to be better than some of the best from the other players on the team.

Rivaling Kobe Bryant’s records

Watching Stephen Curry do his thing wowed many people at home, but that wasn’t all the basketball star managed to do throughout his time on the court. It turns out they really were record-breaking numbers as Curry is now set to take on Kobe Bryant. Stephen Curry scored a whopping 62 points in the game, making him the second-oldest player ever to score at least 60 points. The other? Kobe, who scored 60 points at 37 years old in his final career game. As if that wasn’t enough already, Curry managed to land these points in the first 36 minutes of the game. This means he’s one of the only players to score at least 62 points in the first 36 minutes, shortly behind Kobe Bryant as he landed 62 in a mere 33 minutes.

No one will ever be able to replace Kobe Bryant, the true Black Mamba of the court. However, Stephen Curry’s basketball talents and his determination to lead his team to victory mean Kobe has some competition. Thankfully, there is always room in the hall of fame to honor every great name from the sport.