Resistance Band Workouts That Personal Trainers Love

Lifting weights isn’t for everyone, but there are ways you can get a toned body without them. Resistance bands are some of the most popular ways to strengthen your muscles, and these are the workouts that personal trainers love.

Banded Lateral Walk

Leg day is hard for a reason, but with resistance bands, you can work those underused muscles in a more gentle way. Banded lateral walks sculpt your glutes, including the muscles at the side of your glutes that often don’t get worked.

You will need a loop resistance band that should be placed below the knees of both legs. Then, walk from side to side while standing in the squat position. Take four steps to one side, and then four steps back to where you started.

Three times will be one circuit, and ideally, you will complete three to four circuits of this exercise for it to be effective.

Triceps Extension

One of the great things about resistance bands is how versatile they are. This exercise works the same muscles that dumbbells target, but also increase your range of movement at the same time.

Start by standing with one foot slightly in front of the other and slip your resistance band underneath the back foot. Then, it’s a case of bringing the band all the way up and above your head before lowering your arms to a 90-degree angle.

Keep your elbows close to your head and continue raising and lowering your arms. Eight to 10 reps should complete one circuit, with three or four circuits the ideal number.

Resistance Band Deadlift

Deadlifts are an essential of weight training, but thankfully there is a way to incorporate them into your resistance band workouts too. The exercise works as a full-body workout with extra attention on your abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

To start, use a traditional resistance band and place both of your feet on the band at hip-width apart. Gently bend your knees and stop when your torso is roughly parallel with the ground.

Now, gather the band in both hands until it’s tight. To perform the resistance band deadlift, drive your hips forward while lifting your torso back up. Eight to ten reps are seen as an ideal circuit, with three circuits being the optimum.

Resistance Band Squat Jump

Squats are another exercise that works multiple parts of your body simultaneously, and they are ideal for resistance bands. To perform a resistance band squat, place a loop resistance band around both of your thighs, just above the knees.

Do a squat and engage your core as you jump straight up. On the way down, lower yourself back into the squat position, ensuring that both feet land flat on the ground. Performing 10 reps will give you a good workout, repeating up to three times.

These resistance band workouts are all loved by personal trainers because they work just as well as using weights while also working smaller muscle groups. Considering how cheap resistance bands are, they are the perfect addition to any home workout.