Meet The Top 5 Quarterbacks To Watch In 2020

A new season means a new host of quarterbacks to watch in 2020. With football season in full swing, many people’s eyes have been drawn to the stars of the field. There is plenty of talent still to be seen in 2020., so who are the ones to watch out for?

Carson Wentz

He was once the MVP. That was before Carson Wentz turned into a broken quarterback who looked as though he had passed his day. Amazingly, it seems that Wentz has turned it all around and used this as the force he needs to prove his worth. Wentz has been with the Eagles since 2016, meaning he should feel at home with his team by now. The team has already won two and drawn one of their four games so far. Could this be the comeback that Wentz needs?

Matthew Stafford

Unfortunately, an injury ended Matthew Stafford’s 2019 season when he was in his prime. Many appear to have forgotten that Stafford was set to land 10 interceptions, 38 touchdowns, and throw for 4,998 yards before he had to take a seat. By the time he was injured, Stafford was already one to watch for the year. Many months have passed, and it seems that Stafford is about to pick up where he left off. If he remains uninjured, Stafford could go a long way with the Lions in 2020.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is arguably one of the most famous names in NFL – and for many good reasons. However, by the end of 2019, it looked as though this quarterback legend had reached his peak and was riding a steady decline. That’s all set to change in 2020 as Brady is now playing with the Buccaneers. This means he has an incredible receiving group behind him. This could be all Brady needs to come back fighting, making him one to watch this year.

Ben Roethlisberger

There are plenty of red flags when it comes to Ben Roethlisberger. His age, his elbow surgery. Will anything go his way? Although he is 38 years old and still working off major elbow surgery, Ben has racked up some impressive stats over the years. If Ben makes it through the rest of the 2020 season without any injuries, there is a good chance that he could climb his way back into the top 10 quarterbacks by the end of the season.

Patrick Mahomes

If anyone stands a chance at knocking Tom Brady off the top spot, it’s Patrick Mahomes. The quarterback is one of the most talented football players ever to grace the field. It just so happens that he gets to take the prime position, too. Patrick is certainly one of the quarterbacks to watch in 2020 as it seems he has a lot to prove – and not much more work to do to become a legendary household name.

With the 2020 season well underway, it looks as though there are plenty of quarterbacks to watch as each game comes and goes.