Meet The Kraken – The New Seattle NHL Team

After months of speculation, the wait is finally over as the NHL’s 32nd team was revealed on July 23. It should prove to be a momentous moment for hockey fans in Seattle as the famous city welcomes its newest sports franchise, the Kraken. The franchise is looking to make a big impression in the NHL, and it intends to intimidate the opposition into surrender. This is everything we know so far about the latest NHL franchise.

Months Of Waiting

Ice hockey fans were made to wait for news about the latest franchise to join the big leagues. There had been months of speculation, then nothing but radio silence as fans were given very little information. The waiting is finally over.

The Seattle Kraken will be taking to the ice for the first time during the 2021-22 NHL season. Hockey fans in Seattle have been waiting patiently for a hockey team to call their own for decades, and finally, that day is almost upon them once again. The wait is almost over, and it seems like the Kraken are looking to pay homage to both the past and the city of Seattle.

Building The Hype

After releasing information through social media, the Seattle Kraken began to explain more about its identity to the world. The kraken was chosen to represent the franchise because it is a symbol of “the fiercest beast in the world.”

Seattle wants to send one message to all of its opponents; “Abandon all hope.” The newest NHL franchise also released details of its new colors (deep sea blue and ice blue), logos, and the thought process behind the branding of the Kraken.

Honoring The Past

One thing the Seattle Kraken wanted to do with its new logo was to honor the past, and the city’s original hockey team, the Metropolitans. The main logo is an ‘S’ which honors the Metropolitans who used to play with the ‘S’ emblazoned across their jerseys. The Metropolitans were actually the first hockey team to ever lift the Stanley Cup, but they folded back in the 1920s.

The logo also features a single tentacle which is there to represent the “deep waters of Puget Sound,” where giant octopus are known to lurk. Seattle’s secondary logo is an anchor that is shaped like the Space Needle tower at the top, one of the city’s most notable landmarks.

Time To Build The Excitement

The Kraken are set to be the newest expansion team to join the NHL in 2021. Until then, expectations will grow, with hopes that the Kraken can follow in the footsteps of the Vegas Golden Knights, who competed for the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season. The Kraken will be the first professional hockey team to play in Seattle since the Totems folded in 1975.

Hockey fans in Seattle look like they are in for a treat when the Kraken rises from below the surface to grace the NHL in 2021. Until then, let the speculation mount about which players will take to the ice at the Climate Pledge Arena.