LeBron James Is Back For The Season With “No Weaknesses”

LeBron James has grown to become one of the most prominent names in basketball. The star has been in The Finals more than many of us can count, but it’s not the winning that matters – it’s the journey to get there. At least, that seems to be the stand LeBron is taking as he is back for the season with “no weaknesses.”

Back once again

Believe it or not, but 2020 marks LeBron James’ 10th time in The Finals. Over the years, he has walked away with three wins – his latest being in 2016. This basketball star has played on both sides of the team and knows what it’s like to take on some of the greatest basketball players of all time. 2020 will be another honor to add to LeBron’s belt, but it’s more than that. This year is the first time the Lakers will play in The Finals since they lost their teammate, Kobe Bryant, at the beginning of 2020.

That memorable moment

The moment that sticks in LeBron James’ head is the 2007 Finals game against the San Antonio Spurs when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers lost out on the win by just one point, but that wasn’t the point. The game saw LeBron play alongside some future Hall of Famers, including Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan. LeBron apparently noticed the way the athletes approached each game. He said they weren’t just happy to be there – they wanted to be a great team and incredible individuals. In LeBron’s mind, they never made a mistake.

Shaping his game

LeBron James was just 22 years old when he played in the memorable Finals, but that moment has stuck with him ever since. The basketball star admitted that he spent years holding onto the dream of reaching the ultimate goal, even though most people never get there. LeBron wanted to make sure he took every opportunity he could to learn as he apparently loves to “be a student! At the fame. Learning from other people and taking on the traits of the greats has led LeBron James to where he is today.

Back with no weaknesses

So what does that all mean? LeBron James has not only watched how other great athletes have honed their skills, but he’s learned how to apply them to his own game. Over the years, he has learned from life and all of the lessons that have come his way. Now, LeBron is at a point where he feels he has “no weaknesses” in his defense or offense strategies. LeBron believes there is nothing he can’t do out there on the court, even if the ball doesn’t go in every time.

LeBron James has been a force to be reckoned with for years. Now, with his passion to make Kobe Bryant proud and all of his years of learning, it looks as though he could be one of the greatest threats on the basketball court. Only The Finals will tell if the weaknesses are truly gone.