Jets Trade Jamal Adams For Two First-Round Picks

Although it’s still unclear if the 2020 NFL season will get underway, franchises are having to carry on like it’s business as usual. That means making moves for players from other rosters to bolster their own. The Jets are now looking to rebuild after trading Jamal Adams for two first-round picks.

Letting Adams Go

The New York Jets were determined to keep hold of their star safety, Jamal Adams, just weeks ago. That stance has evidently changed for the Jets, as they traded the 24-year-old to the Seattle Seahawks. Although losing Adams is a blow, the Jets look to have negotiated a pretty strong deal.

Getting A Good Deal?

They are losing their star safety but gaining two first-round picks from the Seahawks in the next two drafts. The Jets also pocketed a third-round pick and Seahawks safety, Bradley McDougald. In return, the Seahawks are getting a fourth-round pick from the Jets in the 2022 draft.

Adams had dreams of playing in Texas, his home state, and he wanted to play for the Cowboys. That dream move didn’t come true, but Adams has moved to a franchise more likely to be in Super Bowl contention than the Jets.

At Odds With Each Other

It’s not a huge surprise that Adams is moving to another team following a rocky postseason between player and franchise. The safety has been openly criticizing the team for not extending his deal, with his frustrations boiling over. Adams has also been questioning the leadership skills of Jets head coach Adam Gase.

The safety has emerged as one of the best in the NFL in his position, and his ambitions began to grow with his rise in skill. In the last two seasons Adams has made the Pro Bowl, and he was contracted until 2021 with the Jets. That’s all in the past now as Adams and the Jets are moving on from each other.

The move looks to be a smart one for Adams, who immediately announced his intent to the Seahawks fans to lead them to the Super Bowl. In fact, Adams claimed he was a “man on a mission” who vowed to give his new city and fans “everything he has.”

Parting Words

After the deal was finally announced, Adams took to social media to thank all of the Jets fans who had cheered his name over the years. The safety said the fans from New York would hold a special place in his heart, and he thanked fans for all of their love and support.

Adams’ former teammate, Jets running back Le’Veon Bell said he wasn’t mad, but motivated after the news was announced. Adams then tweeted to Bell that he would be seeing him on game week 14 when the Jets meet the Seahawks.

Jamal Adams is moving on from the franchise that brought him into the NFL, and now he’s going to be starring for the Seahawks. It’s over to the Jets to make the most of the draft picks they gained to build a dominant roster of their own.