Jets Quarterback Walks Away With An Injury After Loss To Broncos

NFL fans rejoiced as the New York Jets and Denver Broncos went head to head at the beginning of October. Although the Jets ultimately lost the game, the team walked away with more than a loss. Their quarterback also sustained an injury during the game that could cause his career to take a pause.

Bringing it back

The Jets were in for a devastating loss as their game against the Broncos took a turn for the worst. The team was ultimately able to bring it back as they ended the night on 28 to 37. Although they were able to claw back some vital points throughout the rest of the game, their quarterback, Sam Darnold, was out of the game by the first quarter following a tackle.

Taking the hit

There were less than two minutes left in the first quarter when Darnold took the hit. The quarterback was tackled by the Broncos’ linebacker, A.J. Johnson. It appeared as though the hit took Darnold by surprise as he met the unforgiving field with quite a force. The quarterback was seen holding his arm and collarbone as it appeared he was in a lot of pain. There were no penalties handed out as officials agreed that Darnold was “swung down” into the ground rather than being lifted up and driven down. However, his pained reaction meant that he was off to the locker room for a once over.

Making it back to the field

Joe Flacco was called in to replace Darnold as he got checked over by the team of first aiders. This was the first time Flacco went to play on the field this season, and is the first time that he has ever been called in as a backup. It looked as though Darnold was going to be written out of the rest of the game. Thankfully, he eventually made it back to the field. His arm was swinging by his side as he took his place at the side of the field to watch his teammate carry on fighting for the winning title. Darnold eventually took back over on third-and-5 during the second quarter.

Announcing the injury

At the end of the game, Coach Adam Gase announced that Darnold had sprained his shoulder. Thankfully, it was less of an injury than everyone first believed. Still, there is no telling if Darnold will need some time to recover from his new injury. The quarterback isn’t the only one who has been injured at the MetLife Stadium in the last few weeks – but will he be the last? All we know if that Coach Gase couldn’t believe his quarterback was out before the game had even begun.

It looks as though Darnold is ready and raring to go at the next game against the Arizona Cardinals, scheduled to take place on October 11. Hopefully, the sprained shoulder will soon become a thing of the past. In sports, you need to learn to shake things off if you want to stay in the game.