Even A Strong Finish Couldn’t Save Adam Gase From Getting The Ax

Coaches come, and coaches go. Sadly for Adam Gase, his time at the Jets has come to an end just a few days into 2021. The news of Adam getting the chop didn’t surprise many, even if the team managed to claw a strong finish to the season.

Announcing the news

CEO and chairman of the New York Jets, Chris Johnson, took to the media on Sunday, January 3, 2021, as he announced Adam Gase would no longer be serving as coach for the team. Chris explained that he had grown close to the coach, but the team needs “to move in a different direction.” It didn’t take long for people to conclude this meant a direction that takes the Jets as far away from Adam as possible. The CEO did add that Adam had a big job when he took the team on in 2019, but things haven’t gone in the coach’s favor.

A bad start to the season

It can be tough for any new coach. It can be even harder when everyone expects instant results and wants to see their favorite team grab the winning title. That was the case for Adam Gase when he signed up to the Jets, but that didn’t stop the coach from trying. Sadly, his plan didn’t work. The Jets started badly as they lost the first 13 games of the 2020 season. That number only grew throughout the rest of the season before the Jets lost their final three games in a row.

Adam Gase wasn’t a fan favorite

It wasn’t just the numbers that got people scratching their head; many also wanted to know why Adam Gase was allowed anywhere near the media as the coach often lost fans’ confidence with his statements. Adam certainly ruffled feathers as he’s not afraid to share his opinion – even if it means placing the blame elsewhere. Before he coached the Jets, Adam worked with the Miami Dolphins. Now, many players from both teams have accused the coach of deflecting blame when the team is down on their luck or struggling to score any points.

Looking to the future

It seems Adam hasn’t earned a reputation for being a team player. The coach used to work as an offensive coordinator. That was until he spread his wings and became the head coach for the Miami Dolphins. Sadly, Adam only lasted three seasons before he was fired and has spent the last two with the New York Jets. The Jets allegedly thought Adam could shape Sam Darnold into a franchise quarterback, but the plan blew up. At 42 years old and with two failed attempts at being a head coach under his belt, many think that Adam Gase’s time as a coach is officially over.

Adam Gase has a lot of talent and eye for detail under his belt. Sadly, his plans haven’t always paid off and ultimately cost him his role with the New York Jets. Only time will tell who will step up as Adam’s replacement.