Daniel Bard Gets First MLB Win Since 2013

In a world where one good performance makes you a king, and a bad one makes you a chump, there are not so many amazing comeback stories. Daniel Bard might just be one of the best comeback stories in the history of baseball after just getting his first MLB win since 2013. The star lost form and retired, before finding his groove to take to an MLB mound once again in 2020.

The Comeback Of A Generation

Daniel Bard making the roster for the Colorado Rockies in their MLB opening day fixture against the Rangers was a win for the once-forgotten pitcher. The fact he helped lead the Rockies to an actual win made Bard’s return even sweeter.

After seven years away from the big leagues, he entered the competition to complete a comeback from a player everyone thought was past it. Bard had suffered from a serious case of the ‘yips’ during his demise, and it seemed like he had completely lost what once made him a star.

Like A New Pitcher

When he returned to the mound in July, it seemed like Bard was a completely new pitcher. The star managed to strike one batter out while allowing two hits to take the Rockies to the win. This marked the first time Bard had managed to win a game in MLB since May 29, 2012. One of the most impressive stats from Bard’s return was the fact that 20 of his 25 pitches were strikes. He even managed to hit a 99mph pitch, proving his arm speed hasn’t lost it.

Bard’s Downfall

Unfortunately for Bard, the times at the mound haven’t always been so good. The player was once one of the most exciting relief pitchers in the league, but after throwing his last MLB pitch in 2013, he was sent down to the minor leagues. Bard’s form had gotten so bad he barely featured in the minor leagues, resulting in the pitcher retiring from the sport in 2017.

Picking Himself Back Up

That’s when Bard found a new career, as a pitching coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks. During his spell as a coach, something in his game clicked, and Bard found himself throwing like the good old days. He eventually found himself being able to throw the ball accurately once more while playing catch with some of the players.

Once Bard got a taste for pitching once again, it wasn’t long before he found himself in front of MLB scouts, where he scored a minor league deal with the Rockies. His love for the game had grown again, and Bard forced his way back onto an MLB roster in time for the 2020 season.

Daniel Bard completed an amazing comeback and helped the Rockies to the win on his return to MLB action. It was a long road for the star to make it back to the top, but it was a journey worth making. Bard looked like he had never been away, after throwing as well as he did when he first arrived on the scene.