Chris Stewart Is Hanging Up His Hockey Stick For Good

The NHL has seen a host of impressive players come and go over the years. Chris Stewart has been the one to watch for many, but it looks as though his time on the ice has come to an end as he announced he is hanging up his hockey stick for good.

An incredible career

Chris Stewart has had an incredible career over the years since he started playing professionally in 2007. He signed up with the Albany River Rats and went on to play with the Philadelphia Flyers, Minnesota Wild, Buffalo Sabres, and the Nottingham Panthers, to name just a few teams. During his time with the Colorado Avalanche in 2009 and ‘10, Chris set some of his most impressive stats, including 64 points, 36 assists, and scoring 28 goals. Sadly, all good things have to come to an end as Chris Stewart recently announced that his time as a professional player on the ice has come to an end. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that he’s about to walk away from hockey for good.

Helping others

It’s not just Chris Stewart’s playing style that has made him one to watch over the years. The hockey player has also been known to help out other players when they need it the most. Scott Laughton and James van Riemsdyk both called Chris when they needed advice about NBA players boycotting games in August 2020. The best bit? Chris is often praised for his sportsmanship on the ice and how he conducts himself both in the locker room and in interviews after games. It seems as though Chris Stewart really has become the whole package over the years. Losing him as a player has come as a huge disappointment to many teams.

Making the announcement

Chris announced that he was retiring from his time as an NHL player in September 2020. Thankfully, he already has another job offer lined up as Chris will soon be working with the Philadelphia Flyers as their player development coach. Apparently, Chris always knew that he wanted to stay involved with the sport once he decided to hang up his hockey stick. Over the years, Chris has worked with the Flyers and built a relationship with the managers. It seems as though it was a no-brainer for him to step up to the new role. Thankfully, the team’s manager, Chris Fletcher, is excited for Chris to join the team behind the scenes. He says the pair have known each other for a long time and think he will be a “valuable asset” when it comes to training and molding the younger players on the team.

Although Chris Stewart will no longer be showing off his talents on the ice, his legacy will continue to live on long past his retirement. Now, he gets to work with a new team of up-and-coming hockey stars that could go on to become legends in their own right. Like many athletes, it seems that Chris isn’t ready to walk away from his dream sport just yet.