Can LeBron James Nab His Fourth Ring This Season?

LeBron James has cast an intimidating shadow over the NBA during his time on the scene. The basketball star is the guy who everyone else is compared to, and he is going to go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game. For all of his dominance, James may feel his lack of championships will haunt him, so is the time right for the King to earn his fourth ring?

Last Chance Saloon?

LeBron James has been playing basketball at the highest level for well over a decade, but there is only so long he can keep it up. James keeps himself in peak shape and is always ready whenever called upon, but can his 35-year-old body really keep going for much longer? He is already older than Michael Jordan was during his ‘Last Dance’ season, so it seems LeBron’s shots at winning the title are running out.

Never Count Him Out

Most other athletes would have begun to degrade by their mid-30s, but James is still going strong. He is playing his first season as a starting point guard, and he seems to be thriving by running the show. James has dragged the Lakers to the top spot in the Western Conference, and he will be hoping to complete the job in this strange NBA season.

Rested And Ready To Rumble

James may have been carrying the Lakers to a certain extent this season, and should the NBA season have remained uninterrupted, he may have run out of steam. However, the league took an enforced four-month break, which may be a blessing in disguise for James and the Lakers.

It now means James and co. can take to the court with their batteries recharged, knowing they can give everything to progressing through the playoffs. Thanks to this mid-season break, James has had a rest, and he can go 100 percent for the shortened remainder of the season to make some personal history.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis has also enjoyed a relatively injury-free season by his standards. The former New Orleans Pelicans star has struggled to stay on the court for an entire season throughout his entire NBA career.

This season is one of the rare ones that has seen Davis remain on the court for long periods. It was the only the third time he has played more than 85 percent of his team’s games in his eight-year career.

There is no guarantee that Davis’ injury history is completely behind him, and in future seasons he may be a casualty of his body once again. If James is going to win his fourth ring, then having Davis alongside him is going to be critical. With Davis in great shape this season, it’s time for the Lakers and LeBron to strike while the iron is hot.

LeBron James will undoubtedly return to the NBA like a man possessed. He may sense that his time is running out for a fourth championship ring, so he’ll go all-out for victory when the NBA resumes.